12 ISFJ Anime Characters/Cartoons We Absolutely Love

ISFJ Anime Characters

ISFJs are the guardians of the MBTI world. With kind, gentle, and sweet words, you can be forgiven if you adore them. We love the ISFJs and what they bring to the table. If you love anime, you are going to love this compiled list of ISFJ anime characters.

So, here are the very best ISFJ anime characters right now.

Top ISFJ Anime Characters that will Leave You Smiling

1.    Mumen Rider (One Punch Man)

Mumen Rider is a textbook representation of an ISFJ. This character is depicted as a very caring and kind person. He genuinely cares about those he meets and tries to help them.

He is also someone who is interested in justice and doing the right thing. We think that Mumen rider is an ISFJ 1w2.

This firmly puts him on our list of ISFJ anime characters.

2.    Arnheid (Vinland Saga)

Arnheid is depicted as a slave of Ketil in this anime series. While her situation is not ideal, she tries to stay out of conflict and trouble.

She is also very hard-working and honest. Arnheid is sincerely genuine and carries the traits of an ISFJ. Plus, she’s clearly introverted.

Arnheid is an ISFJ.

3.    Natsuhiko Hyuuga (Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun)

We see some of the negative traits of the ISFJ in this character. This character is depicted as a very shallow and not too bright person. He’s always looking to get on the good side of his friends even when it requires doing terrible things.

He also cannot take a hint when people don’t like him. While he looks like he has a good heart, he doesn’t form his own values. Natsuhiko deserves to be on this list of ISFJ anime characters.

4.    Kasumi Miwa (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Kasumi is depicted as an easy-going girl in this anime series. When compared with her friends, she is considered more conventional and traditional. She is kind, introverted, and polite.

We also see how much Kasumi cares about her family. She tries to find work that will give her the time to support her younger siblings. Her thoughts are well-organized and structured.

We have no doubt that Kasumi is an ISFJ.

5.    Cinderella (Cinderella)

One of the most traditional and textbook illustrations of an ISFJ will always be Cinderella. She’s honest, genuine, and very hardworking.

We see a lot of ISFJ’s caring and nurturing attitude in this cartoon. We also firmly believe that Cinderella is a 9w1.

Cinderella deserves to be on this list of ISFJ anime characters.

6.    Kanao Tsuyuri ( Demon Slayer)

Kanao Tsuyuri is an introvert who has been scarred by the abuse she went through during her younger age. While this trauma has left her feeling emotionless and indecisive, we still see how kind she can be when she deals with Tanjiro’s injuries.

With Kanao, you’ll get a glimpse of what the ISFJ dark side looks like and what trauma can do to this personality type.

7.    Princess Yue (Avatar:The Last Airbender)

Princess Yue is depicted as a kind and sweet person. She gives out a lot of reassurances by her very nature.

People often believe that there is hope when she’s around. Thus, she takes up that motherly figure with her subjects.

Princess Yue is also very loyal. This attribute is very evident in her dealings with her people. She is also very conventional and follows their norms- even when it involved an arranged marriage.

These factors ensure that she has a place in our list of ISFJ anime characters.

8.    Hitoka Yachi (Haikyu)

Hitoka is depicted as a timid and shy girl. Thus, she is introverted and clumsy. We also see that she has a bit of paranoia. This makes us believe she is also type 6.

Hitoka can be judgmental in her comments and thoughts. However, she always apologizes for this trait. Just like most ISFJs, she battles with feelings of doubts about her self-worth and importance.

She is also well-organized and structured. Hitoka Yachi is an ISFJ. We also think she’s a 6w7.

9.    Sawako Kuronuma (Kimi ni Todoke)

This character is depicted as hardworking and responsible. At first look, she seems to have it all. Hardworking and valedictorian of her class, everything seems to be in place. However, she has problems with expressing herself properly. This falls perfectly in line with the ISFJ tertiary function, extroverted intuition (Ne).

When not developed, ISFJs can struggle to communicate with their friends and loved ones. This makes Sawako desperate as her extroverted feeling (Fe) function wants to socialize.

We have no doubt that Sawako belongs on this list of ISFJ anime characters.

10.                   Ryota Suzui (Kakegurui)

Ryota is depicted as a calm and level-headed person. He is also clearly an extroverted introvert. We also see that this character suffers from low self-confidence. However, having the right friends around helps him deal with this problem.

While he might seem timid, this does not make him less smart. He does really well in class and picks up on his surroundings easily.

We have no doubt. Ryota Suzui is an ISFJ.

11.                   Furukawa Nagisa (Clanned)

Furukawa is a textbook version of an ISFJ. She is depicted as self-sacrificing, selfless, and kind. Think Mother Theresa. She is also very shy and reserved when around people. Her selfless nature allows her to help both friends and strangers alike.

ISFJs, as you probably know are extroverted introverts. This also applies to Furukawa. While she’s naturally introverted, she also enjoys socializing and can be hyperactive. We see this clearly when she visits the Dango family.

She also enjoys singing as a hobby. We are very certain that Furukawa is an ISFJ.

12.                   Haku (Naruto)

ISFJs are nicknamed the guardian. This idea is what governs Haku. He strongly believes that as protectors or guardians, you become stronger.

He also has a good heart. This is shown in his battles. Haku almost never inflicts fatal blows to his opponents, preferring to neutralize them instead. Apart from his ISFJ traits, we also see type 2’s issues here.

Haku generally believes that he is not useful or needed. Thus, he strives to be of use in any way that he can. This is actually the core desire of the enneagram type 2.

Haku deserves to be on this list of ISFJ anime characters.

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