13 ESFP Anime Characters/Cartoons We Think You’ll Love

ESFP anime Characters

ESFPs bring so much thrill and fun to any situation or adventure. They can make anything come alive in the blink of an eye. You can’t deny that they are quite lovable. For this reason, we have compiled a list of all the ESFP anime characters we could find. 

Disclaimer- Obviously, none of these anime characters have done a personality assessment before. Thus, no one knows for sure the personality types of these characters.

Top ESFP Anime Characters Right Now

1.      Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)

We start with the main protagonist in AOT. Eren Yeager is depicted as stubborn, passionate, and someone who doesn’t mind a good adventure. 

He is also very impulsive and reckless. We believe that Eren Yeager is an ESFP. He could also be an ISFP. 

Despite his flaws and strengths, one thing is sure- he is protective of those he cares about and wants to do the right thing. We believe he is also a 6w7 on the enneagram of personality.

Here’s a video of some of his best moments in the anime series. 

2.      Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Just like Eren, a case can be made for Yuji Itadori as an ESFP or ISFP. However, we decided to stick with ESFP. First, this character is quite extroverted and comical.

He also has a lot of passion and can throw tantrums when angry. While this is true, Yuji doesn’t have a problem sacrificing himself for the greater good. 

He is also disgusted by evil or unethical dealings. We see this throughout the anime series. Clearly an ESFP in our books. 

3.      Doctor Hartman (Family Guy)

Drama often follows ESFPs wherever they go. Doctor Hartman is no different. We see some of the worst incompetencies of the ESFPs in this character. 

Hartman is also lazy and quite incompetent as a doctor. He is quick to anger and doesn’t hesitate to sue people if necessary.  

He’s very extroverted and assertive. This character struggles to see past the current reality of things and can be quite impulsive. 

We think Doctor Hartman is an unhealthy ESFP. 

4.      Misa Amane (Death Note)

Misa Amane is a textbook version of an ESFP. She is outgoing and loves the limelight. This happens a lot through this anime series as she is quite popular. 

Misa is also depicted as very impulsive and reckless. She is dramatic and can act like a child in serious situations. 

However, there’s simply no denying her intelligence and creativity. She is also very good at what she does. Just like most ESFP anime characters, the first impression of this character might make you doubt her competency. 

However, that is usually far from correct.

5.      Julie Makimoto (Bakugan: Battle Brawlers)

If you’re a big fan of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers like I am, you’ll definitely know who Julie is. She is a super extrovert and loves to chatter. You just can’t miss it. 

She is also scatter-brained and very impulsive. While these are all true, Julie is also excellent when she does battle. That follows the trend for most ESFP anime characters. 

Underestimate them and they’ll make you pay. 

6.     Grell (Black Butler) 

This character is very expressive and flamboyant. Grell has very strong opinions and doesn’t hesitate to express them. 

Grell is also very dramatic and impulsive. We see this in their tendency to make rash decisions. Grell usually turns to violence without fully thinking of the consequences. 

This character also doesn’t mind being the center of attention. They also have a thing for theatrical acts. 

7.   Ty Lee (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Ty Lee is depicted as an extroverted and bubbly girl. She is also described as someone that wants attention for who she is and represents. 

This makes sharing a home with her identical twins (appearance and traits) really difficult. She eventually leaves and is able to pursue a career as an acrobatic performer. 

Ty clearly has all the traits of an ESFP. We have no doubt that she deserves to be on this list of ESFP anime characters. 

8.   Ayame Sohma ( Fruits Basket)

Ayame is depicted as an extrovert. He is also quite confident in his abilities. Just like an ESFP, Ayame is not afraid of the limelight. Instead, he tends to hug it a lot by bragging continuously about his achievement.

Despite his obvious flaws, he has a lot of love for his family. He also yearns to have a closer friendship with his brother. 

Ayame is also someone who is not afraid of saying his mind. This usually leads him into trouble. Definitely an ESFP. 

9.   Black Star (Soul Eater)

Black star is an assassin. However, he’s weird for an assassin. He loves to talk and hug the limelight. Make him the center of attraction and you’ve made his day. 

Black star is also very determined and focused. He is also seen as self-centered. However, we cannot deny that he gets the job done. We believe that Black Star is an ESFP 8w7. 

10.   Hand Demon (Demon Slayer)

The Hand Demon is quite the character. He is considered ruthless and cruel especially towards the human race. While this is true, there’s a special side to the Hand Demon. He is incredibly extroverted and cheerful. 

A perfect example is when he explains how he kills demon slayers to his victims. He looked happy in a sadistic way. He is good with his hands and loves to be the center of attraction. 

We have no doubt that Hand Demon is an ESFP.

11.   Roger (American Dad)

If you’ve watched American Dad, then you probably know Roger. Carefree, extroverted, and bubbly, it’s hard not to like Roger. 

He also has a lot of vices. He drinks a lot, is quite impulsive, and can be very dramatic. With him in the show, everything is a bit more unpredictable. 

We love Roger for what he brings to this show. Roger is definitely an ESFP. 

12.   Gyokko (Demon Slayer)

Gyokko loves himself. That much is clear with the way he constantly praises himself and his action. He is also an extrovert. 

You also see a lot of the usual ESFP’s flaws with this character. He is quite impulsive and has a lot of emotional outbursts. 

Sometimes, he’s petty or jealous. Other times, he’s enraged and doesn’t mind committing murder. Simply put, Gyokko is quite the volatile character. 

13.   Jasmine (Aladdin)

Aladdin is an all-time favorite. Jasmine is one of the more popular princesses and is definitely an ESFP. She is extroverted, loves adventures, and is not afraid to give you a piece of her mind. 

She is also impulsive and is willing to take risks. She gets on a magic carpet and takes a ride around the world without thinking twice. 

If that’s not impulsiveness, I don’t know what it is. 

So there you have it! Those are the 13 ESFP anime characters we could find. We sure hope you had a blast. 

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