15 ESTP Anime Characters We Absolutely Love

ESTP anime characters

A force of nature. Those are perfect words to describe the ESTP. We love the ESTP and all they bring to the table. Because of this, we have compiled the best ESTP anime characters we could find.

So, here are the best ESTP Anime characters right now.

Top ESTP Anime Characters that Rock Our World

1.     Ares (Blood of Zeus)

Ares is a minor character in the blood of Zeus. While he doesn’t have a major role, we see his logical side throughout the series.

We also see his brute determination as he picks Hera’s side in the conflict between the gods. Because Ares is an enneagram 8w7, he is less impulsive in his decision-making. We have no doubt that Ares is an ESTP.

2.    Speed ‘O’ Sound Sonic (One Punch Man)

This character lives for the thrill and action. He comes alive when fighting enemies. However, we get a glimpse at how an unhealthy ESTP might look like in reality.

He is depicted as cynical and is often blood thirsty. This character is willing to take risks to achieve his aim. However, he is not as reckless as an ESTP 7w8.

We have no doubt that our speed guy is an ESTP.

3.    Calamity Mary (Magical Girl Raising Project)

Calamity Mary is quite the character. She is brave and free-spirited. You can also sense her logical side throughout this anime series.

She’s also quite ruthless in her dealings and can do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. For Calamity Mary, it’s more about power and having dominance. Her biggest fear is to lose that power.

Sounds like an ESTP to me.

4.    Badger (Vinland Saga)

Badger appears on the Vinland saga. While he is not one of the main characters, we get a sense of his extroverted nature, courageous attitude, and much more.

There’s not a lot to say about this character. However, we like what we see. Definitely an ESTP.

5.    Ninja Ninja (Afro Samurai)

This character is bold and very assertive. You never have to guess what’s on his mind as he says it all.

Ninja Ninja is quite talkative and also very witty. While this is true, he maintains his mystery and privacy which is intriguing.

While he is probably an imaginary character, he has a lot of influence on the series. He deserves to be on the list of ESTP anime characters.

6.    Daniel Kuso (Bakugan: Battle Brawlers)

Daniel Kuso is the main protagonist in this anime series. Daniel is an assertive and bold character who stands up for what he believes in. He is also fiercely protective of his friends.

However, we also see some of his flaws throughout the series. In the beginning, he is impulsive and very reckless. This leads to a lot of disasters. He also is overly confident sometimes. However, his actions show significant signs of logic at play.

There’s no doubt that Daniel Kuso is an ESTP.

7.    Envy (FMA: Brotherhood)

This is a textbook example of an unhealthy ESTP. Envy is ruthless. He enjoys hurting people and is devoid of any real emotions.

He is also very aggressive and wants to be the best. However, around those he likes, this character can be witty and funny.

Envy is also very impulsive. He makes decisions on a whim. We have no doubt he is an ESTP.

8.   Garou (One Punch Man)

We promise we have nothing against ESTPs. However, this is yet another antagonist who is an ESTP. Like all unhealthy ESTPs, he has a lot of envy for those who are popular or superior to him.

Garou is very confident and assertive. He truly believes in his abilities and can use them to devastating effects. While he is quite cynical, he loves kids and has some sense of morality.

Garou is an ESTP.

9.   Juuzou (Tokyo Ghoul)

Juuzou is confident and very aggressive. This character is depicted as emotionless and takes pleasure in hurting others.

He also loves to fight with his hands. He is confident and likes to confront others headlong. It’s undeniable. Juuzou deserves to be on this list of ESTP anime characters.

10.   Leone (AkameGa Kill)

Leone is depicted as a calm and chill character. She is free-spirited and does not seek people’s validity. She is also not very conventional as she doesn’t follow societal rules for ladies.

She can be aggressive and enjoys the thrill that comes with drinking alcohol. However, Leone is an extremely just character. She is confident of her abilities and likes to confront her antagonist head-on.

Leone is an ESTP.

11.   Isaac Foster(Angels of Death)

Isaac who is also known as Zack can be described in one word. Impulsive. He is reckless, bad-tempered, and makes decisions on a whim. Zack is confident of himself and his actions.

He loves violence and is very aggressive. He also does not regard emotions as important. Thus, he feels little or no remorse for his actions.

Isaac Foster is an ESTP.

12.   Mahiru Fuwa ( Blast of Tempest)

Mahiru is one of the protagonists in this anime series. He is consumed by the need for revenge after his family is killed. While he is impulsive, Mahiru is self-confident. He also finds it hard to listen to what others have to say.

Mahiru makes his own decisions with zero apologies. Mahiru deserves to be on this list of ESTP anime characters.

13.   Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Faye Valentine is depicted as arrogant and lazy. She also has a string of other flaws such as being aggressive and violent.

As you have probably noticed, being physical is a trait that is associated with ESTPs. While she has a lot of flaws, she also has some strengths.

She cares about her friends even in moments where she’s distrustful of them. While she rubbishes her own emotions, she has a soft side for Spike.

We believe Faye is an ESTP.

14.   Thorkell (Vinland Saga)

Thorkell is a character who lives for the thrill and action that comes with fighting. He is a commander who was fundamental to the invasion of England.

While he enjoys fighting, he is also very relaxed and calm. He enjoys witty conversations and has loads of sarcasm to give. Thorkell is free-spirited and never afraid to state his opinions.

His only flaw might be not knowing when to give up.

15.   Jet (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Jet is depicted as someone who is motivated by revenge. He is charismatic, witty and a persuasive figure. Despite his anger towards the fire nation, he is a just person. He is concerned when he sees vulnerable people.

He is also very paranoid and distrustful which makes him look like an enneagram type 6.

So there you have it! These are the 15 best ESTP anime characters right now. We hope you had a blast reading about them.

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