17 INFJ Anime Characters We Absolutely Love

INFJ Anime Characters

INFJs are the advocates of the MBTI typology. They are warm and amazing people. If you are a big fan of anime and INFJs, then you’ll definitely want to know the INFJ anime characters that we have found.

So, here are 17 INFJ anime characters that we think you’ll absolutely love.

The Best INFJ Anime Characters Right Now

1.      Eustass “Captain” Kid (Eustass Kid)

At first glance, you’ll probably think that Eustass is definitely not an INFJ. He’s rude, violent, and seems to like revenge a tad too much.

However, he also has a warm and sensitive side. His behavior is like a defense mechanism formed from the trauma of past events. We also see Eustass has a curious side too. He also goes big on his dreams proving just how intuitive he is.

We definitely think that Eustass is an INFJ.

2.      Alice Gehabich (Bakugan Battle Brawlers)

If you are a big fan of the Bakugan anime series, then you probably know Alice. She is part of Dan’s team and very quiet, to say the least.

However, you can sense how intelligent she is when she provides great insight into their enemies or the next move.

She is an INFJ and a crucial part of her team.

Here’s a video of her in action

3.      Mira Fermin (Bakugan: Battle Brawlers)

Mira is a textbook version of the INFJ 3w4. She is the leader of the Bakugan resistance and she performs this role perfectly.

She can be whatever she wants to be to achieve her targets. If there is anything we can be sure about, it’s how insanely talented she is.

Here is a video of her in action in the Bakugan anime series.

She fully deserves to be on the list of INFJ anime characters.

4.      Gyomei Himejima (Demon Slayer)

The first impression you might get from this character is intimidation and bossiness. However, Gyomei is also quite warm and sensitive.

He is also depicted as being soft-spoken and calm. While this is true, Gyomei hates anyone who tries to force their beliefs on others.

We think that his ideals and calm nature show that he is an INFJ.

5.      Norman (The Promised Neverland) 

Calm and kind are the words often used to describe Norman. However, we can clearly see how complex the character is. Throughout the anime series, he faces a lot of issues on morality that are peculiar to him.

These issues can easily lead to others misunderstanding him. Norman also shows us a bit of what could happen if an INFJ embraces their dark side.

With Norman, you get a glimpse into the life of an INFJ.

6.      Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)

Sosuke is depicted as a manipulative character who is self-absorbed. He is soft-spoken and very polite. This is a classic example of an INFJ who is immature or facing the INFJ dark side.

He is also shown to be curious and an avid reader. He is quite the man if you ask me. If you want to see him in action, you should probably watch Bleach.

7.      Yuki Sohma (Fruit Basket)

Yuki is depicted as a charming Prince that everyone loves. However, no one really knows the real Yuki. He has issues with complacency, clumsiness, and laziness.

He has also faced a lot of problems with child abuse and trauma while growing up. This is a recurrent problem for INFJs. They might have many friends, but very few people actually know who they really are. That’s tough to deal with.

8.      Mayuri Shiina (Steins Gate)

This anime character is often described as someone childish. However, we take a different perspective on this notion. Mayuri is just really different from the people around her.

In this series, she even states how different she feels. She is also drawn to aesthetics and finds them really cute. We think she deserves to be on the list of INFJ anime characters.

9.      Jinora (Avatar: Legend of Korra)

If you are a big fan of Avatar, there’s no way you don’t know about Jinora. She is depicted as smart and reserved.

She is also passionate about the world and likes to study a lot. We definitely feel she is an INFJ-A. She is quite assertive and doesn’t really mind saying her mind.

She could also easily be an INTJ. However, we stick to our beliefs here.

10.  Pocahontas (Pocahontas)

Pocahontas is quite a popular story. She is a reserved lady who would do anything for her father and family.

She is also quite creative and skilled in warfare and pretty much anything that interests her. We have no doubt that Pocahontas was an INFJ.

11.  Ren Krawler (Bakugan)

Ren Krawler is a recurring character in this anime series. He has very few friends that totally understand him. He is reserved and skilled at what he does.

Through this anime series, Ren Krawler is portrayed as someone who has a lot of respect for those he fights for and his superiors.

Ren Krawler is no doubt an INFJ in our books.

12.  Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/Hero)

Kiritsugu faces a lot of issues and difficulties right from childhood. He is someone who struggles to find his true identity.

This sounds a lot to us like an INFJ 4w5. He also seems to feel really deeply. This shows in how he approaches the issue when his previous partner turns out to be an evil apostle.

We truly understand how this character feels. We also think Kiritsugu is clearly an INFJ.

13.  Kiba (Wolf Rain)

Kiba is probably the most important character in this series. We think he’s an INFJ for several reasons. First, he has that brooding and aloof look that we know that INFJs seem to have.

He is cool and soft-spoken. This does not mean that he is a pushover. He has a hot temper which shows he definitely is not afraid of showcasing.

14.  Saki Watanabe (Shin SekaiYori)

Saki is depicted early on as being shy and reserved. She is often alone and does not seem to socialize a lot. However, things change when she gets to know her classmates.

She starts associating more and people warm up to her. Those are definitely qualities of an INFJ.

15.  Seishin Muroi (Demon Corpse)

This character is a monk in this anime series. He is quite spiritual, gentle, and soft-spoken. While this is his outward appearance, no one really knows who he is or what he really desires.

He makes decisions following by his own morals and sense of good and right. He is definitely worthy to be on our list of INFJ anime characters.

16.  Satoru Fujinuma (Erased)

When you first meet Satoru, the first thing that comes to your mind is just how shy and reserved he is. He often goes along with small talk even though he doesn’t feel any connection with the person.

While he might show conflicting emotions at times, it is clear that Satoru has a deep concern and a kind heart. We strongly believe that Satoru is an INFJ.

17.  Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats)

Kanada is depicted as an aloof or distant person that rarely shows emotions. She often stares at people in a way that is quite similar to the INFJ stare.

She finds it difficult to open up to others and find peace working on her garden. Kanada is definitely an INFJ.

So there you have it! Those are 17 INFJ anime characters/cartoons we could find. We hope you enjoyed every bit of it.

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