17 INTP Anime Characters/Cartoons We Absolutely Love


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INTPs are the thinkers of the MBTI typology. This type is known for their logic and insane thinking capabilities. If you are an INTP and an anime fan, then you are definitely going to want to know the INTP anime characters.

Fortunately, we share the same sentiments. I have compiled 17 INTP anime characters I could find. I hope you find this list priceless.

17 INTP Anime Characters we think You’ll Love

1.      Toge Inumaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Toge Inumaki is portrayed as a quiet and isolated figure. This is probably because he has been cursed and given a cursed tongue. However, his actions throughout this anime show that he is quite the thinker.

Combine this with his creativity, and we are pretty sure we have an INTP on our hands. Toge Inumaki is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen.

2.      Shikamaru (Naruto)

If you are a big fan of Naruto, this is your moment. If there’s anything that Shikamaru is known for, it’s his brilliance.

Despite being portrayed as someone lazy, his logical mind is often enough to win him the war or any combat that he engages in. Shikamaru is also very quiet and is definitely an introvert.

There’s no doubt in our minds that he is an INTP.

3.      Hades (Blood of Zeus)

If you have had the chance to see the Blood of Zeus on Netflix, you’ll realize that Hades is quite the thinker.

He is also quiet and calculating. While he does not feature excessively on this show, we are definitely sure that he is an INTP.

Here’s a video showing Hades in action in Blood of Zeus.

4.      Child Emperor (One Punch Man)

Child Emperor is referred to as the youngest hero in this anime show. However, this does not make him the least smart. On the contrary, Child Emperor possesses quite the brain.

He also can read situations and find out how best to react to them. If I had to pick someone to analyze a situation for me, I’d pick him.

Child Emperor is clearly an INTP.

5.      Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

If you’ve watched family guy before, you’ll definitely need no introduction to Brian Griffin. Brian is an extremely intelligent Labrador.

We see glimpses of his intelligence in almost every episode. While he is introverted, he has a sharp wit. If we had to place bets on which MBTI type Brian was, we’ll definitely pick INTP.

6.      Nico Robin (One Piece)

Nico Robin is portrayed as a historian and the introvert in her crew. If there is one thing you are bound to notice about her, it’s her seeming lack of emotions.

She’s often described as calm and understanding.

7.      Choji “Marucho” Maru (Bakugan: Battle Brawlers)

Anyone who loves the brawlers will definitely love Marucho. He’s often seen analyzing battles that happen right before him.

You can just sense how smart and logical this guy is.

Here’s a video that shows Marucho in action.

8.      Mako (Avater: Legend of Korra)

Mako is a fire bender Avater and a good one at that. He is often touted as the inspiration for his brothers. Mako is depicted as someone aloof or brooding.

He also shows little or no emotional attachment especially at the beginning of the show. Mako’s thinking ability and stance throughout Avater make us believe that he is definitely an INTP.

9.      C.C (Code Geass)

If two words can be used to describe C.C throughout the show, it’s privacy and insensitive. We hardly ever get a chance to know her true name.

The only time that it’s said, we hardly hear it. We also notice C.C has a knack for logic and thinking. We think she’s an INTP.

10.  Cher (Wolf Rain)

Cher is portrayed as good-looking and elegant. She is also a scientist. To her, science is pretty much the best way to get answers. So, she turns to it throughout this anime.

Cher is also very calm and driven. Throughout, we hardly see her emotions. We did get a frown here and there. As far as INTP anime characters go, Cher is definitely one of the more obvious ones.

11.  Ginko (Mushishi)

Also known as Yoki, this is the main character or the protagonist in this anime. He is depicted as someone who is laid back and is definitely an introvert.

He also has a knack for solving the Mushi cases. One notable thing about Ginko is how clever he is. He uses this intelligence when he faces a lot of difficult issues or situations.

INTP anime characters cannot be complete without mentioning this guy.

12.  Pieck Finger (Attack on Titan)

Pieck is known for having the power of the cart titan at her disposal. She serves as a warrior in this anime show.

From the show, it’s clear that Pieck is quite intelligent. With the ability to quickly analyze a situation, she can move quickly and accurately. We thought Pieck might be an ENTP or an INTJ.

However, we believe that she is most likely an INTP. Her quick analytical mind and her reserved nature made us change our minds

13.  Aika Fuwa (Blast of Tempest)

She is one of the main characters in the Blast of Tempest. Aika is usually portrayed in a bad light because of her personality. She is depicted as someone cold and extremely calculating.

She is also quite introverted and has little or no friends. For most people throughout this anime show, Aika is not someone that should be messed with.

We see all the signs of an INTP in Aika Fuwa. Therefore, we deem her worthy to be on this list of INTP anime characters.

14.  Kusuo Saiki (The Disastrous Life of Saiki)

Kusuo is the main character in the show. In the beginning, one of the first things we notice about Kusuo is that he is an introvert. He also doesn’t seem to have a lot of friends or talk much with his classmates.

However, that changes throughout the show. We also see the transformation of Kusuo into the INTP personality.

When young, Kusuo showed a lot of emotions and was pretty free with people. However, Kusuo during his teenage years is more reserved and doesn’t like talking much.

To avoid this, he often uses his telepathic powers. Yes, it’s that intense.

15.  Rio Futaba (Seis Hun ButaYarou)

Blunt and reserved, Rio Futaba has all the qualities of an INTP anime character. She is one of the protagonists in the show and is currently in high school

Rio is also portrayed as someone who enjoys sarcasm and uses a direct style of communication. She also seems to love the sciences as she excels mostly in Physics.

Throughout the anime show, we see Rio Futaba develop to become a fully rounded INTP. We think it’s beautiful.

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16.  Killua Zoldyck (Hunter X Hunter)

When Killua was younger, you’d have thought this character was an extrovert. However, things change as he grows up.

He has quick thinking ability and is very analytical. Killua is also depicted as someone who can be blunt and a bit insensitive when dealing with others. He is also ruthless in his decisions showing that he really is quite logical.

We strongly believe that Killua is an INTP.

17.  Shiro (No Game No Life)

This is the main female protagonist in the anime show. At just 11 years old, Shiro shows intelligence well beyond her years.

She is often depicted as someone who is calculative and extremely logical. To add to this, she is a very good chess player. She has never lost.

At the age of 11, she is also adept in several languages. Such is the level of her intelligence. We are absolutely awed by this. I have no doubt she is an INTP.

So there you have it. INTP anime characters are especially exciting as they bring a lot of steel and logic to the table.

We absolutely love them.


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