1w2 vs 2w1- Similarities and Differences

1w2 vs 2w1

1w2 vs 2w1 comparisons can be confusing. I know all about that. This article will help you understand the similarities and differences between both enneagram types.

First, let’s briefly talk about both enneagram types.

What are Enneagram 1w2s Like?

These are helpful perfectionists. 1w2s are more interested in doing what is right. These are people others might refer to as “goody two shoes.”

Because they have type 2 as a wing, they are interested in helping people. Helping here might include teaching people or giving them their money and resources.

1w2s have all the typical traits of type 1s. However, they are usually less assertive or strict. The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing. Hermione Granger in Harry Potter is a perfect example of an enneagram 1w2.

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Who are Enneagram 2w1s Like?

Enneagram 2w1s are kind and generous people. They are always ready to help. Because they have type 1 as a wing, they usually have high morals. They want to do the right thing.

This can make them seem a bit idealistic. Because of how kind they are, people usually try to take advantage of them. 2w1s has all the typical traits of type 2. However, they are less accommodating. Anna in Frozen is a classic example of an enneagram 2w1.

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1w2 vs 2w1- Similarities

1.   High Morals

Both types will have an emphasis on morals. For 1w2s, morals and ethics will help them do what’s right. 2w1s use their high morals or ethics to help others.

In others, their high morals are one of the reasons why they remain generous.

2.   Both Interested in Justice

Both types will be keenly interested in promoting justice. They will seek to correct wrongful acts and help those in distress.

You can expect both types to be interested in volunteering and other related events. These are the things that make them happy.

3.   The Push Towards Perfection

Perfectionism is present with both type variants. However, the reasons for wanting perfection are different.

For 1w2s, perfection allows them to meet the high standards they’ve set for themselves. For 2w1s, they need perfection to make everyone happy. This guarantees they get the appreciation they need.

Without perfection, 2w1s might feel they neglect a part of their life.

4.   Good Work Ethic

For both types, working hard is non-negotiable. Here’s why. 1w2s have high standards. They also have a lot going on in their lives. 2w1s are always busy. They need to help others and also focus on their families.

With these factors in play, there’s no room for complacency. Both types realize that and work hard to meet expectations.

The downside is that they can easily neglect their health.

What is the Main Difference Between 1w2 and 2w1

The main difference is in their core motivations. While 1w2 desires being good or morally upright, 2w1 is more concerned with helping others and being appreciated.

1w2 vs 2w1- Sorting Out the Differences

Enneagram 1w2Enneagram 2w1
More Rigid with their beliefsMore Flexible
Less likely to be people-pleasersThey are more likely to be people-pleasers
Believe they are always rightMore likely to accept other opinions
In the anger triadIn the shame triad

1.   Rigid vs. Flexible

The first difference is how both types approach situations. For 1w2s, they are rigid with their options and actions.

They usually believe there is one way of doing things and stick to this belief. For 2w1s, things are a bit different.

While they prefer a certain way of doing things, they are also open to other ways. This is because type 2’s need to help and accommodate others.

2.   People-pleasing Tendencies

This follows the last point. Because 1w2s are rigid, they are less likely to be people-pleasers. While they can be mild people-pleasers because of their wing, it’s not a big problem.

2w1s, on the other hand, are bound to struggle with saying no. They will have issues setting healthy boundaries and might burn themselves out. This tendency might reduce if their wing is strong.

3.   The Need to Be Right

1w2s demand perfection from themselves. They also believe fiercely in their values. So, they enter any conversation or activity believing they are right.

Having a different opinion can make them see you in a different light. In worst-case scenarios, they can be highly judgmental.

2w1s are more likely to adapt to changing ideas or circumstances. They do not have a strong desire to be right. They just want to help.

While this is true, 2w1s might resort to gossip if they believe their ideas are right.

4.   Shame vs. Anger

Another core difference is the triads these types belong to. 1w2s are predominantly in the anger triad. Type 1 accesses emotion through anger. However, in their case, they internalize this anger.

In other words, they become angry at themselves. When angry, they can easily lash out at others.

2w1s are predominantly in the shame triad. So, they are more concerned about how others see them. In their case, they might feel they are never good enough or are dispensable.

It can take a toll on them in worst-case scenarios or cause depression.

5.   Helping Others

The extent to which both types go to help others differ. 1w2s will help others because of their wing. However, they will draw the line at some point. This line might be doing what’s wrong or over-extending themselves.

2w1s are different. They can go all the way for you if they trust you. While this might seem amazing, it has its problems. Others can manipulate 2w1s without having a clue.

6.   Disintegration and Integration

Enneagram types are fluid when they are in stress and growth. For 1w2s, they look and behave like a 7w8 in growth. When stressed or unhealthy, they look and behave like 4w5s.

2w1s look and behave like 4w3s or 4w5s when in growth. When stressed or unhealthy, they behave or look like 8w9s.

So, that’s all we got with the 1w2 vs 2w1 comparison! Which type are you?


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