3w2 vs 2w3- Similarities and Differences


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3w2 vs 2w3 can be confusing especially if you have a strong wing. Reading this article will be helpful in solving your dilemma.

We’re going to dissect what makes both personality types tick.

What are Enneagram 3w2s Like?

Enneagram 3w2s are ambitious people who enjoy helping others. They want to be recognized and accepted for their achievements. 3w2s are goal-oriented and pace-setters.

They are passionate about their careers and try to be the best of the bunch. Because of their wing, they can be amazing friends.

While their motives for teaching and helping might be in doubt, they genuinely enjoy it.

Taylor Swift is a classic example of a 3w2. You can click that link if you want an in-depth description of Enneagram 3w2.

If you’re struggling between 3w2 and 3w4, here’s an article that might help.

What are Enneagram 2w3s Like?

Enneagram 2w3s are kind and generous people. Their core desire is to be helpful and to be seen as helpful. In their opinion, not being helpful makes them dispensable. They never want to be dispensable to friends and loved ones.

So, they always put in the extra shift. Because of their wing, 2w3s are also ambitious and goal-oriented. However, that usually comes second to their need to be helpful.

Maddy Perez from the TV show Euphoria is a good example of an Enneagram 2w3. You can click that link to know more about the Enneagram 2w3.

3w2 vs 2w3- Similarities

1.   Shame Triad

Both types are in the shame or heart triad. As this name implies, they are burdened with the desire to avoid shame or embarrassment.

This translates to the need for approval and recognition. Once they have that, they are happier.

 Type 3 wants recognition for their achievements. Type 2 wants recognition for the shift they put in for their friends and community.

This applies to 3w2 and 2w3 respectively.

2.   The Need to be Helpful

While the levels or extent might be different, most types want to be helpful. They are generous with their time and energy.

3w2s are mostly helpful because it looks good on them. Plus, they don’t mind. 2w3s are helpful because it forms their very core.

3.   Both Likely to Be Extroverted

Both types will most likely be extroverted. 2w3s are cheerful and friendly. They try to make new friends or be as polite as possible.

Their core desire to be helpful is only fulfilled when they actually interact with others.

3w2s are extroverted as this is the only way to increase their influence. Networking matters a lot to them.

4.   Loyal Friends

Both types are very loyal to their loved ones. They do what they can to help them. They are very similar to type 6s in this regard.

The difference is that 3w2s will put themselves first when the chips are down.

What’s the Main Difference Between Enneagram 3w2 and 2w3?

The main difference between 2w3 and 3w2 is in their main priority. 3w2s want to be successful. They want to be recognized for their achievements. 2w3s are more interested in being the perfect friend or companion. Helping others comes first in their lives.

3w2 vs 2w3- Other Differences

1.   The More Important Thing

3w2s and 2w3s have very different desires. 3w2s want to be successful and to appear successful. Success to them usually includes being wealthy, having nice or flashy things, and prestige.

It might also include other things depending on their background. 2w3s are more focused on their friends and community. They want to be the perfect helper who is appreciated and admired. This is what they want to be successful at.

While both types might have overlapping goals or desires, this is the most important.

2.   Sensitive or Not?

3w2s and 2w3s are both sensitive people. However, their initial reaction is very different. 2w3s are more outwardly emotional.

Their hurt is easy to sense. For 3w2s, it’s more complicated. 3w2s adapt to the changing circumstances. So, they are usually able to mask their feelings. This is especially evident when they are networking.

People usually think 3w2s have thick skin.

3.   Hardworking for Different Reasons

Both the 3w2s and 2w3s are hardworking. However, their reasons are very different. 2w3s work hard to become indispensable.

They want to be needed and praised by others. It’s not a matter of having prestige. It’s more about being accepted by others.

The main way they achieve this is by others with their tasks.

3w2s are work hard to achieve their goals. They put themselves first and are confident about their abilities. They work hard to become successful financially. In their view, that is the only way they can be accepted.

4.   Their View of Money

Type 2s are not overly interested in money. This might change if their wing is strong. However, they see money as a way of helping others.

I once tested this theory by asking my type 2 friend why he wanted to make money. His answer was simple and direct. He wanted to help the people he cared about.

Type 3s are different. They are highly motivated to make money. Money is a symbol of success and their core desire is to be different.

The difference is clear.

5.   People-Oriented for Different Reasons

Both types are interested in people, but for different reasons. 2w3s are interested in others because they want to be liked. They do things for people with the hope that they will be appreciated.

Talking and interacting with others defines their life in so many ways.

3w2s, on the other hand, see people as a way to get closer to their goal. They see them as a chance to network.

6.   Companionship vs Networking

2w3s are always searching for companionship and friendship. They are the perfect friends. They’ll do anything for those they love.

As earlier stated, 3w2s are more interested in widening their influence. What better way of doing this than to network with every successful person they meet!

So that’s it for the 3w2 vs 2w3. Which one are you?


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