3w2 vs 3w4- Similarities and Differences

3w2 vs 3w4

When you’re a type 3, it’s natural to want to know your wing. 3w2 vs 3w4 is an argument that might leave you polarized.

This article will help you understand the similarities and differences between the 3w2 and 3w4. First, let’s start with a brief description of both type variants.

What is Enneagram 3w2 Like?

3w2s are goal-oriented people with an inclination to help. This type has big goals and is not afraid to pursue them. Because of their wing, they will also be inclined towards teaching and helping others.

3w2s are generous people. This trait often endears them to the larger community. 3w2s often exploit this popularity to their favor. They are masters of persuasion and usually have enough goodwill to succeed.

Kim Kardashian is a good example of an enneagram 3w2.

You can click this link to see a detailed description of the 3w2.

What is Enneagram 3w4 Like?

3w4s are ambitious people with a touch of elegance. Just like their counterparts, 3w4s want to succeed at all costs. Because of their wing, this personality type will be emotional and self-absorbed.

3w4s ooze creativity. This is especially pronounced when they have a strong wing. They can be found in most industries including the corporate and entertainment world.

Cho Sang-woo who was no. 218 in Squid Game is a classic example of a 3w4. You can click this link for a detailed description of enneagram 3w4.

3w2 vs 3w4- Similarities

1.   Goal-Oriented

Type 3 is very ambitious and goal-oriented. Thus, it’s not a surprise that both 3w2s and 3w4s have this in common.

Both types will have their personal goals and prioritize them. They will also have the work ethic and determination to get it done.

However, there might be some differences in how they go about it. 3w2s are more likely to be action-oriented as they try to achieve it. It will be out there for the world to see.

3w4s might be less expressive but make incredible progress on their own.

2.   People-Oriented

Both 3w2s and 3w4s have a keen interest in others. For 3w2s, helping others and charming them is their main way of getting ahead. Don’t be surprised if they have lots of contact and good networking skills.

3w4s are also interested in people. However, this may be streamlined to those who share their passions. They might also seek to charm others with their appearance.

3.   Highly Competitive

Both types will have a fierce competitive streak. Winning is awfully important to them. For 3w4s, not winning can make them envious and ashamed.

For the 3w2s, it can invoke feelings of worthlessness and bring out their manipulative tendencies.

4.   Usually Bursting With Charisma

If there’s one thing you cannot deny, it’s their charisma. Most people find this type inspiring and great leaders.

They are usually very persuasive and loved. Most 3w2s will be great public speakers and will show a keen interest in others.

3w4s will be more invested in becoming the best in their field through creativity. Both will have influence and strive to be the ultimate winners.

What are the Differences Between 3w2 and 3w4?

More extrovertedMore introverted
Core desire of their wing is to be helpfulCore desire of their wing is to be unique
More likely to be manipulativeMore likely to be self-absorbed
Moderate people-pleasersMore likely to be independent

1.   Introvert or Extrovert

3w2s are more likely to be extroverts. They are more likely to be expressive and friendly with others. Because they have type 2 as their wing, they will naturally seem more bubbly or cheerful.

3w4s, on the other hand, are more likely to seem distant and introverted. Type 4 which is their wing is more interested in being independent.

So, while they can get cozy with others, maintaining their space is important to them.

2.   Interest in Fashion

Both types will be keenly interested in how they are perceived. However, this will be more pronounced with 3w4s.

Type 4 yearns to be different. This trait will ensure that their looks and appearance are different from the rest. 3w2s will also dress well. However, they are more interested in impressing others than in looking different.

Regardless of the differences, both type variants usually look amazing.

3.   Core Desires of Both Wings

As earlier stated, type 4 wants to feel different. This need affects the choices they make and even their careers. Type 2, on the other hand, is more interested in being helpful.

They want to feel needed by their friends and family. Thus, 3w4s are more likely to pursue uniqueness in their quest to be successful while 3w2s are more likely to use people to achieve success.

4.   Self-Absorbed vs Manipulative

3w2 vs 3w4 can also be differentiated by looking at some of their main flaws. 3w4s are more likely to feel entitled or self-absorbed. They believe in their superiority and expect things to always work in their favor.

3w2s try to achieve their goals by helping others. So, when people don’t give them the recognition they feel they deserve, things can get ugly. 3w2s will tap into their manipulative powers and try to fish out those compliments.

The stronger their wing, the stronger the possibility of this happening.

5.   The Extent of People-Pleasing

3w2s are usually moderate people-pleasers. This is because of their wing’s desire to help others. However, their reason for people-pleasing is not because they cannot say no.

3w2s help others for other motives such as maintaining their self-image. For 3w4s, they care less about what others think. Thus, they are usually mild people-pleasers, if they are at all.

6.   The Extent of Showmanship

Showmanship is the hallmark of the 3w2s. They use their cheerful and bubbly nature to brag about their achievements and their plans.

For 3w4s, showmanship is reduced. 3w4s are more interested in showing how their plan or project is different and better than the mainstream.

So there you have it with the 3w2 vs 3w4 comparison. Hope this helps you find your type.


  1. That is such an accurate comparison of the wings 2 and 4! I’ve finally figured it out.


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