3w4 vs 4w3- Key Similarities and Differences


3w4 vs 4w3. It’s easy to get confused when it comes to these two types. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

This article discusses the similarities and differences between enneagram 3w4 and 4w3. First, let’s briefly describe each personality type.

What are Enneagram 3w4s Like?

Enneagram 3w4s are goal-oriented people with a sprinkle of elegance. They are interested in being successful. This also comes with a desire to be recognized for their achievements.

Because of their wing, they are also fiercely unique and creative. This personality type might also be passionate about music, education, or writing.

The combination of both enneagram types means they are image conscious. This affects the way they dress or how they behave publicly. Nicki Minaj is a classic example of an enneagram 3w4.

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What are Enneagram 4w3s Like?

Enneagram 4w3s are self-aware and goal-oriented. They strive for uniqueness and are usually more sensitive. 4w3s want to be different. This shows in how they dress and in their actions.

Because of their wing, they also come with a need to be successful. This pushes them to achieve more than a typical type 4. The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

Lady Gaga is a great example of an enneagram 4w3.

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3w4 vs 4w3- Similarities

1.   Shame Triad

First, type 3 and type 4 are in the shame triad. The common theme in this triad is the need to be enough. They want to meet the expectations of others, plus they compare themselves with others.

3w4s and 4w3s feel shame on a deeper level when they fail or look ordinary. The only difference here is how they handle it. For 3w4s, their first instinct is to deny this feeling and then distract themselves with work or something else.

For 4w3s, they accept this shame and withdraw into their head or imagination. Regardless of how they react to it, it’s deeply painful.

2.   Image Conscious

This follows the last point. 3w4s and 4w3s are very image conscious. To them, first impression matters. Body or mouth odor, bad clothes, or a bad appearance doesn’t sit well with both types.

For 3w4s, they are image-conscious to show further how successful or cool they are. For 4w3s, they are image-conscious to show their uniqueness.

3.   The Need to Stand Out

Both types need to stand out from the crowd. However, their desire is for different reasons. While 3w4s want it to look successful and be acknowledged, 4w3s do it because they believe they are truly different.

The need to stand out defines their lives in many ways.

4.   The Ultimate Show Personalities

Both personalities are show-offs but in different ways. 3w4s are always showing off what they have. However, this is done subtly. For example, they might chip in their achievements during conversations.

For 4w3s, they might not show off every time. However, when they do, they make it pretty obvious.

What’s the Main Difference Between Enneagram 4w3 and 3w4?

The main difference between 4w3 and 3w4 is their core motivations. While 3w4s are more interested in being successful and looking the part, 4w3s desire uniqueness and independence.

Their priorities are very different.

3w4 vs 4w3- Sorting Out the Differences

Higher work ethicMore likely to be complacent
More extrovertedMore Introverted
Less self-awareMore self-aware
More likely to be people-pleasersMore likely to have healthy boundaries

1.   Level of Introversion/Extroversion

As a rule, 3w4s are more extroverted than 4w3s. 3w4s feel the need to put themselves out there.

This personality type wants to be closer to people who can get them success. In our world, this is called networking. To achieve this, they must have the social batteries to interact and pretend if necessary.

4w3s are less bothered about this. They are more conscious of themselves and how different they can be. As a result, this personality type is more creative and reserved. While this is true, networking also comes easily when they deem it necessary.

2.   Work Ethic

3w4 has an amazing work ethic. This personality type realizes that success is only possible when they work hard. Plus, they usually have a lot of projects and hobbies.

Having a good work ethic is also a source of pride for them. For 4w3s, things are a bit different. While they can work hard, they really crave their alone time. This time might be spent lazying around or pursuing their hobbies.

4w3s are just more likely to be complacent.

3.   Self-Awareness

4w3s are very self-conscious of their needs and emotions. They are in touch with their emotions and know their values. While the presence of their wing might reduce the intensity, this trait is present.

3w4s are different. They are more interested in the emotions and values of others. They use this knowledge to influence people.

Because of this, they can easily lose touch with how they feel. Thus, it’s often a struggle to know what they truly want.

4.   Sensitivity vs. Adaptability

This follows the last point. Because 4w3s are more self-conscious, they are more sensitive to criticism. They are also more emotional.

3w4s are more likely to adapt to changing circumstances. They’ll adjust accordingly if the person they try to woo is harsh. Rinse and repeat.

4w3s find it more difficult to pull this off.

5.   People-Pleasing Tendencies

3w4s are more likely to please others. This is again down to their need to look and act successful. For example, they might seek to please people they admire.

For 4w3s, they are less likely to be people-pleasers. They have a desire to be independent. People-pleasing will not help them in their quest.

6.   Stress vs. Growth Patterns

The stress and growth patterns of both types differ. 3w4s, when in growth, look and behave like type 6. When in stress, they look and behave like type 9.

When in growth, 4w3s look and behave like type 1, while they look and behave like type 2 when stressed.

That’s all we have on the 3w4 vs 4w3 comparison. What enneagram type are you?


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