4w5 vs 4w3- Similarities and Differences

4w5 vs 4w3

The 4w5 vs 4w3 dilemma is perfectly understandable. Picking your wing can be difficult, especially if both wings are well-developed.

This article will help you see the differences between the 4w5 and 4w3. It would help if you understood that you have traits of both wings.

What we’re looking for is the dominant wing. So, let’s begin by briefly touching both types.

What Does an Enneagram 4w5 Look Like?

4w5s are independent people with a touch of curiosity. This personality type is creative and tries to do things their way. They desire uniqueness and are usually on a search for self–identity.

Because of their wing, they are curious and have an interest in research. They are also more logical and analytical.

Johnny Depp is a classic example of a 4w5. You can click that link to read a detailed description of the Enneagram 4w5.

What Does an Enneagram 4w3 Look Like?

4w3s are unique and ambitious people. These are the aristocrats of our society. They ooze elegance and usually stand out in a crowd.

4w3s are in touch with their inner selves. So, they are usually aware of their strengths and flaws. Because of their wing, they are also very popular among friends and acquaintances.

The level of support they get can be surprising because they are usually introverts.

Lady Gaga is a classic example of a 4w3. You can click that link to read a detailed description of the Enneagram 4w3.

4w5 vs 4w3- Similarities

1.   Introverted

Both types are predominantly introverts. This means they get their energy from spending time alone. Deny them this, and you’ll have a depressed person.

While they are both introverted, their levels of introversion are not the same, as we shall soon see. However, what’s clear is that both types will not be extroverts.

The only exception here might be the presence of an extroverted MBTI type.

2.   Craves uniqueness

Both types have the core desire to be unique or different. They want to have an impact on the world in their way.

For 4w3s, they focus mainly on their ambitions and appearance. 4w5s focus more on learning new things and applying them differently.

While their approaches are different, the end goal is the same.

3.   Creativity Galore

4w3s and 4w5s are both very creative people. While this is true, they might express their creativity in different ways.

4w5s are more likely to be drawn to the arts and academics. Thus, they might prefer writing or some form of research.

4w3s are likelier to use their creativity in the entertainment or corporate industry.

4.   Self-Absorbed Issues

Both types will have issues with being self-absorbed. This means there are times when both types will be wrapped up in their bubble.

They might feel they are unique, and things that affect them happen to no one else. This trait can hold them back from getting past obstacles when things go sour.

What’s the Main Difference Between the 4w5 and the 4w3

The main difference between the 4w5 and 4w3 is their level of introversion. While 4w3s are great at publicly displaying their talents, 4w5s are more reserved and prefer to research their hobbies alone.

4w5 vs 4w3- How Can You Tell Them Apart?

1.   Level of Introversion

As earlier stated, both types are introverts with different levels of introversion. For 4w3s, their wing demands ambition and attention.

They want to interact with others and be known. Thus, 4w3s are usually more social. They are more likely to be extroverted introverts. People are more likely to understand and appreciate them. This is what they desire anyway.

4w5s are more introverted. They are more likely to be super introverts. They truly value their alone time and might spend it reading or simply doing their own research.

Research here does not necessarily mean academic research. It might simply be something they are passionate about.

2.   Ambition vs. Information

Their secondary desires are also important. For 4w5s, they crave information. They believe that information makes them seem more competent.

By gathering the right information, they might also be able to secure their income. 4w3s are more ambitious. They have set goals they want to achieve.

In their view, achieving these goals makes them seem more successful to others. That is appealing to them.

3.   People-Pleasing Tendencies

4w3s are more likely to be people-pleasers. Here’s why. Type 3 is all about networking. They want to be among the very best. So, they have to attract the very best.

This can mean doing things they don’t really like. If their wing is strong, 4w3s might find themselves in this situation. 4w5s are less likely to be people-pleasers.

This personality type wants to be left alone. They are more detached and unbothered by people’s personal opinions

4.   Emotions vs. Logic

Type 4s are more sensitive or emotional. However, 4w5s are more logical. Logic plays a vital role in their decision-making process. This is even more evident if their wing is strong.

4w3s are more emotional. This shows when they do not get their way. They can get angry or extremely competitive. Either way, you are more likely to see their emotions on display.

5.   Soft Power vs. Independence

4w5s are the true definition of independence. Type 4 craves uniqueness, while type 5 craves self-sufficiency.

This creates a person who wants to be different and independent. They do not want to be a burden on others and take steps to avoid this.

4w3s are not as independent because they value soft power. Thus, they sacrifice a bit of their independence to get that soft power.

Because they might seem quiet and mysterious, they quickly become popular.

6.   Managing their Money

Both types approach money in different ways. 4w3s are more likely to splash the cash than their counterparts. Their buying tendencies also differ.

You can expect 4w3s to spend their money on clothes and things that boost their appearance. 4w5s are more likely to spend money on their hobbies.

Both types will make emotional purchases. 4w3s are more likely to buy things they don’t need, while 4w5s are more likely to save.

Because of this, 4w3s are more likely to struggle with debt in the long run.

7.   Work-Ethic

Type 4s are not naturally known for their work ethic. This is evident in both types. However, 4w3s will be more action-oriented. Type 3 has goals it needs to meet, and usually, some timelines come with that goal.

4w3s know that they have to work hard to meet their goals. Their work ethic is usually way higher if their wing is strong.

4w5s are more likely to be complacent. They live in their heads and might struggle even to get started. This can hinder them in their careers.

So, that’s all for the 4w5 vs 4w3 comparison! Which one are you?

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