4w5 vs 5w4- Key Similarities and Differences

4w5 vs 5w4

4w5 vs 5w4 is one of the most confusing comparisons in the enneagram of personality. I know people who have struggled with both types for years.

Hopefully, this article will settle the confusion forever.

First, it’s important to have a good understanding of what both types stand for.

Who is the Enneagram 4w5?

Enneagram 4w5 are independent people with a touch of curiosity. They are introverts who simply want to be let alone. They are creative people who want to attain a level of prestige uniquely.

Because of their wing, 4w5s also have an analytical side. If their wing is strong, they can seem very logical and detached. As you probably know, mistyping arises in types with a strong wing.

The Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Universe and J.K Rowlings are classic examples of an enneagram 4w5. Click that link to read an in-depth description of the enneagram 4w5.

Who is the Enneagram 5w4?

Enneagram 5w4 are analytical people with a touch of emotion. They derive joy in problem-solving or investigative tasks. This could be as little as researching their hobby or as big as solving a crime.

Because of their wing, they have a pronounced emotional and creative side. Thus, 5w4s are normally interested in literature, music, or something related. 5w4s might think they’re 4w5s when they have a strong wing.

Albert Einstein and Sherlock Holmes are classic examples of enneagram 5w4. Click on that link to read an in-depth description of the enneagram 5w4.

4w5 vs 5w4- Similarities

1.   Both Introverted

Type 5 and type 4 are the introverted types in the Enneagram. Thus, any combination of these two types will be super introverts. The only real exception here is the addition of an extroverted MBTI type.

For example, an ENTP 4w5 or an ENFJ 4w5 might be an introverted extrovert. However, most times, both types will be introverts.

2.   Both Fiercely Independent

Both 4w5s and 5w4s have a strong desire to be independent. They want to live on their terms and do not want to be burdened. While this is true, they might do this for different reasons.

For 5w4s, they want to be independent because they hate depending on others. For 4w5s, they want to be independent because it’s a form of uniqueness.

3.   Both Have Lower Energy Levels

Because they are introverts, both types will generally have lower energy levels. This usually affects their work ethic.

One big reason for this is that type 4, and type 5 enjoy living in their heads. This reduces their action-oriented nature. 4w5s might be seen as lazy by other high-energy types.

4.   Both are Likely to be Seen as Creative

Both types ooze creativity. For 5w4s, it’s more solution-driven. Thus, they are masters of thinking outside the box. So, they make good engineers, economists, and attorneys.

For 4w5s, their creativity is more nurturing and full of warmth. Thus, 4w5s are amazing writers, painters, and singers.

What is the Main Difference Between Enneagram 4w5 and 5w4?

The main difference between enneagram 4w5 and 5w4 is their core motivation. While 4w5s want to be unique or different from others, 5w4s prioritize self-sufficiency.

4w5 vs 5w4- Sorting Out the Differences

1.   Thinking vs Feeling

The first real difference lies here. For 5w4s, their logic comes first. While they might have bouts of emotional distress, it’s not what’s before them.

They look to make more objective decisions than emotional ones. This is especially evident when the chips are down. 4w5s, on the other hand, are more emotional. They welcome their feelings and base most of their decisions on them.

Even if they have a streak of ruthlessness, emotions remain their priority.

2.   Shame vs Fear

While both share similarities, they are in different triads. Type 4 is in the shame triad, while type 5 is the fear triad.

Thus, type 4 accesses shame first. They do not want to seem ordinary or be embarrassed. When this happens, they become self-absorbed or withdraw. Type 5 accesses fear first. This is what draws them to make their decisions.

Thus, 4w5s focus on how to avoid shame while type 5 focuses on how to ensure their fears never become a reality.

3.   Their Outlook on Money

The way they view money is also slightly different. 4w5s are less interested in making a lot of money. When they do splash the cash, it’s mostly on emotional purchases. Because of their wing, they might spend money on video games and experiences.

5w4s are more likely to make money to become self-sufficient. They want just enough money to get what they want and be comfortable. Video games, streaming, and experiences are what 5w4s will spend most of their money on.

Because of their wing, there will be one or two emotional purchases.

4.   Problem-Solving vs Creativity

5w4s are more analytical. They focus on problems and find ways to solve them. Because of their wing, they solve these problems in very creative ways.

On the other hand, 4w5s ooze creativity. They do not look to solve problems but to create something unique. In summary, 4w5s are more artistic, while 5w4s are more analytical.

5.   Self-Absorbed vs Detached

Their major flaws are also different. For 4w5s, they struggle with being self-absorbed. When this happens, they might become entitled or put their interests first, regardless of the situation.

Because of their wing, they might also detach themselves from their environment when they have issues.

On the other hand, 5w4s are more detached. They spend a lot of time exploring their hobbies and interests. This might put a strain on their relationship with others.

6.   Romance

The way both types approach romance is different. 5w4s are less expressive with romance. While this is true, they are not clueless. They know how to be romantic but will rather put logic first.

4w5s, on the other hand, are more expressive in romantic relationships. Because of their wing, they can find beautiful ways of expressing themselves. It also means that they are also very emotional about love.

So, there’s everything we know about the 4w5 vs 5w4 comparison. Which one are you?

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