50 Signs That Proves You are an Extroverted Introvert


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In the middle of the wide gap between introverts and extroverts lies the ambiverts. These are people that use the energies of both the introvert and extrovert world to a certain degree. I like to categorize them into two categories. These are the extroverted introverts and introverted extroverts. However, let’s focus on who an extroverted introvert is.

Who Is An Extroverted Introvert?

Extroverted Introvert

An extroverted introvert is at his or her core an introvert. The main difference here though is that they can also access the extroverted world in smaller degrees. This means that as much as they need lots of alone time, they also want to go out and have fun with friends.

It can be challenging figuring out if you are an extroverted introvert. To help you understand who you are better, we have compiled a list of 50 signs. These 50 signs are sure-fire ways to know if you are an extroverted introvert or not.

50 Signs That You Are Definitely an Extroverted Introvert

1.      You Crave Alone Time after Intense Socializing

Extroverted Introvert

Extroverted introverts love to go and socialize. They can talk and laugh with friends throughout an event or party. However, once that party is over, they crave alone time. This allows them to recharge and come out all guns blazing.

2.      You Like To Interact With People to an Extent

signs you are an extroverted introvert

For introverts, interactions with others are kept to a minimum level. However, extroverted introverts really have no problems with interactions with others. However, they only interact with those that they find appealing and are on the same wavelength with.

3.      You Choose Your Conversations Carefully To Remain Stimulated

Extroverted Introvert

While they love to interact with people, extroverted introverts will interact only on topics that appeal to them or are stimulating. They want to dive in and would be happy if they find out you love the same thing they love.

4.      Extroverted Introverts Often Zone Out Of a Social Event

Extroverted Introverts

One moment, you can be having lots of fun at an event. The next minute, you are absolutely ready to leave and go home. That is the life of an extroverted introvert.

5.      You Can Be Charismatic and Withdrawn

When meeting you for the first time, people often feel that you are very charming and charismatic. However, as time goes on, you might start to withdraw from people.

6.      People You Meet Connect With You Immediately

As stated above, people absolutely love what you bring to the conversation. This ensures that they want a repeat of the awesome conversation they just had. It’s an instant connection. Extroverted introverts find that people often want to have another conversation with them.

7.      You Have a Tight Circle of Friends

Extroverted Introverts have a tight circle of friends

Despite your ability to charm people without even batting an eyelash, you keep a remarkably tight circle of friends. These are people you are willing to die for.

8.      You Find It Hard To Keep the Energy of Talking After the First Meeting

Charming people is easy. You exhibit such boundless energy at first. However, keeping that energy is difficult. All you really want to do is withdraw and read your favorite novel. Is that too much to ask?

9.      You Hate Small Talk

Small talks are doable for you. However, you don’t necessarily like it. You like deep conversations about topics you like. There’s nothing more stimulating than those types of discussions. They leave you feeling giddy with excitement.

10.  You Are One of These MBTI Types

The MBTI types are divided into 16 personalities. If you are an ISFJ, INFJ, INFP, or ISFP, then you are more likely to be an extroverted introvert. The majority of these types identify themselves as introverts but show an inclination towards extroversion.

11.  You Know How to Escape

Social situations can sometimes look like a slow painful mental death. Because of this problem, extroverted introverts have figured out sure-fire ways to escape from this. They use this when necessary. You have to admit. It comes in real handy sometimes.

12.  You Hate Being the Life of the Show

You don’t mind having the limelight for some time. However, you simply hate to be the life of the show. It’s mentally exhausting and you really wish everyone will leave you alone. You are involved in social events just enough to be noticed but less than enough to be the life of the show.

13.  You Like To Read Books

woman in red shirt reading book

Books and movies are your favorite way to detach yourself from reality. You also need it to recharge quickly. So, embrace your reading nature. It’s incredible.

14.  People Mistype You as an Extrovert

Extroverted introverts are often willing to socialize for large periods with others. This might make them seem like an extrovert. If you face this problem with people, then you are probably an extroverted introvert.

15.  You Prefer To Say Your Mind than To Beat Around the Bush

Saying your mind is what you prefer to do. It’s even more stressful for you to use tact or just dodge the question. To you, straightforwardly answering questions makes all the difference.

16.  You Are Stimulated By Your Environment

The environment you find yourself in determines how you respond to interactions. If you are in an environment that stimulates your mind, then you are more likely to be chatty. If it does not, then you will most likely withdraw into your shell.

17.  You Go Full Extrovert When You Are Fully Recharged


When you have gained enough rest and are fully recharged, your energy levels can match a full-fledged extrovert. During that period, you are down for any adventures that are available. You are also relatively charming to even strangers.

18.  You Are a Sapiosexual

If you are an extroverted introvert, you are most likely a sapiosexual. This means that you are attracted to intellectual and deep conversations. You absolutely want to learn from your partner. You also value education and the ability to be street smart.

19.  You Need Time To Recharge

While you can turn the world upside down when you are in the mood, you need time to recharge. During this period, texting and chatting with others takes a lot of effort on your part. Your closest friends have come to accept this fact.

20.  You Have a Habit of Changing Your Mind at the Eleventh Hour

You have this annoying habit of changing your mind at the last minute. This might be partly because of your ability to go hot and cold on an idea or issue. Again, this depends on your mood. That is the price you pay for being an extroverted introvert.

21.  To Avoid Talking, An Extroverted Introvert Will Ask Questions All the Time

To avoid talking and losing more energy, you have perfected the art of asking questions and simply listening. Most people don’t realize this as people tend to want to talk more about themselves. Do you know the best part? You might not even be listening!

22.  You Prefer Texts to Calls

Extroverted Introvert loves texting

You prefer texting to calling. Calling takes a lot of mental energy from you. You would simply prefer to text. This gives you time to think about your own response. It also means that you don’t have to reply at once. You also have the chance to multi-task.

It’s like living the dream for an extroverted introvert.

23.  You Can Still Call Those You Connect With and Talk For Hours

man in black top using red phone by glass wall

While you prefer texting, calling and talking with those you love is simply one of your past time. You can talk for hours on the phone when you feel connected or simply enjoy the topic being discussed. However, once things start to wane in the discussion, you feel a certain need to go off the phone.

24.  You Like To Work with People around You

You like to work and read by yourself and not in groups. However, you like the environment to be filled with people. That way, you get the best of both worlds. It also allows you to reach out to others when you have the eureka moment.

25.  You Don’t Initiate Conversations with Strangers

You are certainly charming. However, you find it hard to start conversations with strangers. However, when you are with your friends and in full extrovert mode, this might be easy to do. When you do pull it off, it’s perfect.

26.  You Can Talk For Hours about a Topic You Love

woman sitting on swing

You hate small talk. However, once the conversation hits a topic that you absolutely are passionate about, you simply can’t shut up. Your friends will wonder what the hell just happened to you. When you do this, people around you get to see a different part of you.

27.  The World and Your Friends Get Two Different Versions of You

There are largely two versions of you; the one that your friends see and the world that the world sees. Most likely, your friends are completely shocked when strangers think you are awfully quiet. That’s just the way we roll.

28.  You Are Uncomfortable With Being Overly Assertive

While you have strong opinions and beliefs, you are not entirely comfortable with being assertive. However, when you are with your friends, this becomes way easier. You also find it easier to support someone who has the same opinions with you.

29.  You Can Relate To both Introverts and Extroverts

You can tell that a majority of people are simply extroverts or introverts. However, you can relate to both functions. This makes you seem unique and different. This makes you an extroverted introvert and by extension, an ambivert.

30.  Your Closest Friends Have Arguments about Whether You’re An Introvert Or Extrovert

You have friends who think you are an extrovert and those who think you aren’t. This leads to heated conversations. Remarkably, they don’t even seem to remember you can simply tell them who you really are. You are always intrigued by their opinions.

31.  Some Weekends Are Just For You and You Won’t Have It Anyway Else

Extroverted Introvert

Some weekends, you simply do not want to go out or do anything. Those weekends are simply yours. You spend the entire weekend being lazy or just reading a book. There’s nothing more relaxing than being by yourself.

32.  Too Much Time Alone Completely Drains You

While you love to be alone and relax, you also don’t want to be alone for too long. If that happens, you can easily become drained of all the energy you got back. As an extroverted introvert, you need a bit of both world to be truly alive.

33.  An Extroverted Introvert Compensates for Other People’s Personalities

You often find yourself changing your attitude based on other people’s personalities. If they seem to be more talkative, you stay quiet. If they seem to be quiet, then you probably try to dominate the conversation. Yes, it’s a hard world for an extroverted introvert.

34.  You Are Intuitive

If you are an extroverted introvert, then chances are that you are very intuitive. You can spot the differences and patterns in many situations that others might not pick up. This allows you to make smart and accurate decisions.

35.  You Are Interested In Personality Types

You are probably interested in personality and how it affects the way we think. That’s also probably why you are reading this article. If this is how you feel, you’ll find a bunch of resources on this website that can help you along that journey.

36.  You Have Quality Time among Your Top 2 Love Languages

Most extroverted introverts have quality time among their top 2 love languages. This is largely because they enjoy stimulating discussions, and the only way to get this is to discuss with someone. Their partner is probably the closest person in their lives.

37.  You Have a Good Sense of Humor

You don’t have the best sense of humor. However, you have a good dose of it. You can make others laugh when you are in the mood. The best part is that you really don’t have to put in a lot of effort to get this done.

38.  You Have Boundaries

An extroverted introvert usually has very healthy boundaries. This means that they have a code on what they share about themselves. Even their closest friends don’t know absolutely everything about you and that’s okay. Friendship is built on trust.

39.  You Hardly Have To Think Of What to Say

You hardly find yourself at loss on how to respond to a statement. An extroverted introvert will always have something to say no matter the situation. However, however the answer you give totally depends on how interested you are in the topic and whether you agree with the statement.

40.  You Have an Excellent Way of Communicating, Most Of the Time

Most of the time, you have an amazing way of communication. This does not mean you find it easy to communicate at all times. However, when you do choose to communicate, what you are trying to say and convey is crystal clear.

41.  You Are Not Overly Sensitive

Because of their large dose of intuition, extroverted introverts usually are not overly sensitive. While you can be emotional, you know when to draw the line and understand that entitlement pretty much sucks. That helps you put things into perspective.

42.  You Always Find A Way to Pick Yourself Up

Life will certainly throw stones at pretty much anyone. However, you have just a bit of both personalities to find a way back up. This might be down to the immense creativity. This is one of your biggest qualities.

43.  You Can Spend Hours Just Scrolling Through Your Favorite Social Media Platform

people using phone while standing

When you are in recharge mode, you can spend hours scrolling through your favorite social media. This makes you especially vulnerable to the doom scroll problem. To reach your potential, you will need to find ways to improve your productivity levels during this time.

44.  You like Working on Your Own Terms

Work for you is flexible. To bring out the best in yourself, you prefer to have a flexible lifestyle. This means that you do not particularly enjoy the 9-5 grind. However, this does not mean that you cannot pull it off if needed.

45.  You Find It Easy to Read People’s Intentions

You find it easy to read what people really want. This is true as you find it easy to spot smaller details that give such things away.

46.  You Always Know When the Tone of A Conversation Changes

When you choose to have a genuine conversation with someone, you are truly invested in it. This allows you to fully tap into all intonations and gestures. You can easily spot when the tone of a conversation changes and when the other party is no longer interested.

This can happen even when you are on the phone or when texting.

47.  You Find It Hard To Trust People

You find it hard to trust people. One reason why is because of your ability to subconsciously read their intentions and actions. This can also lead to very bad and hasty conclusions. It’s always a good thing to give people the benefit of a doubt

48.  You Love Team Work As Well As Working Alone

In your workplace, you strive whether working alone or as a team. This makes you a wonderful addition to any organization you find yourself in.

49.  You Love a Good Adventure

Despite your need to be isolated, you really love a good adventure with your loved ones. Whether it’s traveling or simply going for a hike, good adventures are forever burnt into your heart.

50.  You Love Learning More About Yourself

Finally, you find ways to keep improving. That means you are constantly trying to understand who you are and why you act the way you do. Understanding that allows you to be comfortable in your skin and love yourself for who you are.

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I promised 50 ways to know if you are an extroverted introvert and I certainly delivered. If you experience a majority of things mentioned, you are certainly an extroverted introvert. Do you know the best part? We absolutely love you!


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