50 Signs You are an Introverted Extrovert

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Have you ever felt that you don’t particularly fit into the extrovert or introvert mold? Do you sometimes feel that you are in between? If you do, you probably might be an introverted extrovert.

However, guessing never works. Let’s see if we can find out if you are one. I have compiled 50 signs that might just prove you are an introverted extrovert. First, who really is an introverted extrovert?

introverted extrovert

Who Is An Introverted Extrovert?

An introverted extrovert is someone who is at their core an extrovert but still shows certain traits of an introvert. For many introverted extroverts, this can be very confusing.

You might also be wondering if you are an extroverted introvert. To find out more about extroverted introverts and how to know if you are one, you should click that link.

Introverted extrovert or extroverted introvert?

Note that introverted extroverts and extroverted introverts share many qualities. Thus, some signs might be the same. To get the difference, you have to consider some of the main differences between them.

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So, let’s see if we can help you identify if you are an introverted extrovert or not.

50 Telling Signs That Proves You Are an Introverted Extrovert

1.      You Belong To One of These MBTI Types

If you are an introverted extrovert, you are probably an ENFP, ENTP, ESTJ, or an ENTJ. These are the personality types that are considered to be of this category. So, if you are one of those personality types, it’s very likely you are one. If you haven’t taken the MBTI test yet, you can take it by clicking on that link.

2.      You Recharge by Going out To Meet People

Introverted introvert

As an introverted extrovert, you recharge when you go out to meet new people. This is different from the introverted extrovert who goes into their shell to recharge fully.

3.      You Can Spend Lots of Time Alone

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While they are energized by people, they are also drained by them. This means that introverted extroverts will often spend days indoors after vigorous social events. In this sense, it’s a paradox being an introverted extrovert.

4.      You Talk A Lot When Passionate About a Subject

Once a topic that you love is being discussed, your world immediately lights up. This probably leads to you talking with so much passion about that subject. People who have never witnessed this before will be shocked and very surprised.

5.      You Prefer To Be Around People When Reading

While you like to read individually, you still like to have people around. This aids the reading process in a strange but successful way.

6.      You Don’t Mind Staying At Home during the Weekends

introverted extrovert

You absolutely love staying at home during the weekends. This gives you alone time and allows you to think about all the things you want to achieve. You actually need this time to stay healthy

7.      You Talk Way Less Than a Typical Extrovert

You often see the way extroverted extroverts talk and you are quite shocked. This reinforces your belief that you cannot be a typical extrovert.

8.      You Can Become Quiet and Shy When You Are With Strangers

While you are at home with your circle of friends, you can become very quiet and shy around strangers. This is especially true if you think the stranger is cool.

9.      People Think You Are An Open Book. They Are Wrong

People often realize you love a good conversation when they first meet you. People also think they know everything about you. They are wrong. They know only what you want them to know. You have a good portion of your life under lock and key.

10.  You Hide Your Vulnerability behind Sarcasm and Jokes

You have a very soft heart. This makes you feel very vulnerable at times. So, you choose to hide this behind a barrage of jokes and sarcastic comments. This can give people a very wrong impression of you.

11.  Introverted Extroverts Prefer Hanging Out In Smaller Groups

You prefer smaller groups to larger groups. This allows you to immerse yourself in the conversation. It also allows you to bond more with people.

12.  You Don’t Like Having a Lot of Social Responsibilities

An Introverted extrovert absolutely dodges social responsibilities. You definitely do not want to be the chairman of an occasion and you would prefer not to be thrown in the limelight for too long.

13.  You Would Rather Not Be the Leader of Any Activity

You would rather be an adviser to a leader rather than be a leader. ENTJs are probably the exception to this rule

14.  You Prefer To Talk Face To Face or Text Rather Than Call

Calling just isn’t for you. You simply do not like it. You prefer to text or to talk face to face. However, if you are talking to someone you love, you might not mind one bit.

15.  You Can Do Small Talk But Only When Necessary

Small talks are painful for introverted extroverts. While you are capable of it, too much small talk can leave you drained. This means you have to proceed back to your alone time.

16.  Your Alone Time Is Untouchable

You need alone time to be healthy. Without that period, you can easily get cranky and irritated. So, a piece of advice here. Take as much time as possible to recover.

17.  You Have Fun with Your Imaginations

Your head is simply an amazing place. You can spend hours just imagining things and using your creativity. Sometimes, your head can be a good place to run to when the world seems too rough to cope with.

18.  You Are Comfortable With Silence

While silence is especially difficult for extroverts, you deal with it really well. In some situations, you actually crave this silence. It’s a good way to concentrate and make the best use of your talents.

19.  Your Love Language Is Probably Quality Time or Physical Touch

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You probably have quality time or physical touch as one of your love languages. This is because you value stimulating conversation and meaningful intimacy. However, this is true with only the right person.

20.  You Probably Have Over 1000 Texts on Your Phone

You have a problem with text messages. While you absolutely prefer to text, you still have so many messages that you haven’t replied to. Now, it’s too late to reply.

21.  You Are Not the Life of the Party

You like to participate in the party. However, you are not the life of the party. You simply do not want that. You want a lesser role. A role that enjoys all the highlights but doesn’t grab the limelight.

22.  You Probably Have an Ambivert for a Partner

When choosing a partner, you’ll probably go for an ambivert. Ambivert is the combination of introverted extroverts and extroverted introverts. You probably will do well with people who have near equal levels of introversion and extroversion

23.  You Can Easily Mask Your Emotions with a Fake Smile

Your emotions are under strict watch as an introverted extrovert. You have no issues masking pain, sadness, and jealousy with a contagious smile. No one beats you at that game.

24.  How You Relate To People Changes Depending On Who They Are

You probably have a particular attitude for everyone. This largely depends on who they are to you. You are probably more honest with people you love and more artificial with those you don’t care about.

25.  Just Like the Extroverted Introverts, Introverted Extroverts Can Communicate Effectively

You have a clear and precise way of communicating that draws people to you. It also means that many people understand what you want without you having to explain yourself repeatedly.

26.  You Are Very Charismatic

You are often seen as charismatic. People love the aura you have and feel you are very approachable. This gives you the ability to influence most of their decisions.

27.  This Often Means Introverted Extroverts Are Liked

All this translates to people instantly liking you. This means that you will often become their number one source of support especially when they have problems. This often leaves you with more obligations than you might like.

28.  Introverted Extroverts Have a Hidden Temper

You might seem very easygoing on the outside. However, you have a boiling temper inside you. You probably keep this in check as you see it as a sign of vulnerability to show too much emotion. However, for MBTI types with the feeling function, this might be different.

29.  Your Friends Will Argue About You Being Extroverted or Introverted

Your friends probably argue about you and your personality. You will quickly find that your introverted friends think that you are extroverted while your extroverted friends think that you are introverted.

30.  You Will Also Be Confused

You will also be confused because you don’t seem to fit into any of the categories. Then, you will probably discover more about personality types and it will all make sense.

31.  You Are Most Likely Interested In Personality Types

You want to know what makes you tick. So, learning about personality types and the enneagrams will very appealing to you. You might even become addicted to it.

32.  Intellectual Conversations Matter to You a Lot

Most introverted extroverts describe themselves as sapiosexuals. This means that intellectual conversations are very important to them. Most of them fall in love with the intelligence of their partners.

33.  You Are Adept At Public Speaking

Because you are great with communication, you are also great with public speaking. Many people have no issues listening to you and are excited when you start talking. You also have enough charisma to drive people to take the right action.

34.  You Have a Perfect Sense of Humor When You Are In the Mood

When you are in the mood, you have an unbeatable sense of humor. You can get everyone rolling on the ground laughing uncontrollably. However, when you are not in the mood, things can be very different

35.  You Get Bored Easily

Boredom comes very easy for you. For that reason, you are always looking to do something new. This can range from reading a book to climbing a mountain!

36.  Your Favorite Genre of Movies Are Romance, Sci-Fic, and Fantasy

If you love watching movies, your favorite genres are romance, science fiction, and fantasy movies. This does not mean that you don’t enjoy other movies. However, you simply find these genres to be much more interesting.

37.  Introverted Extroverts Find It Hard To Trust People

Trusting people is really difficult for you. This is probably because you have been betrayed a lot of times. Not trusting people can put a strain on your closest relationships.

38.  Introverted Extroverts Love Poetry and Well-Written Books

You have a lot of creativity flowing through your veins. This allows you to enjoy things such as poetry and songs. Understanding the lyrics means a lot to you.

39.  You Are Part of a Tight Circle of Friends

Introverted extrovert

Despite being an extrovert, you have a very small group of friends. You are very loyal to them. One reason why the circle is so small is that you find it hard to trust people.

40.  You Absolutely Detest Being Betrayed

Being betrayed by someone you care about hurts more than an enemy’s shot. If there is anything that can someone out of your good books quickly, it’s an act of betrayal.

41.  Intuition Runs through Your Veins

You are very intuitive. This allows you to spot the dots and patterns in many situations. You will make a great detective if you ever decide to go into that career line.

42.  You Have No Problems Being Assertive

You have no problems being assertive about something you believe in. Extroverted introverts, on the other hand, might be a bit hesitant about speaking up. The exception to this might be those who are enneagram type 1.

43.  To Avoid Talking, You Are Going to Zone off And Pretend to Be Listening

To avoid listening to people, you probably nod like you are listening and zone off. This allows you to save yourself from the conversation without hurting anyone’s feelings.

44.  You Can Enter Your Extrovert Mode When the Topic Excites You

When you are passionate about a topic, you enter the full-blown extrovert mode. You can also talk at length about the topic. Some introverted extroverts will talk until their mouths hurt.

45.  You Are Often Mistyped As an Introvert

People often think you are an introvert when they meet you. This is because you really don’t know how to interact with strangers. Meeting new people can also make you shy and a bit timid.

46.  You Are A Bit Clumsy

Introverted extroverts are a bit clumsy with things. However, this usually happens when they are shy or are in the public.

47.  You Absolutely Love Adventures

You love a good adventure. It even gets better when you are out with friends and loved ones. You have the fun of your lives. You might even become a bit hyperactive.

48.  You Love To Travel

You absolutely love to travel. For you, seeing new places is a great way to feel energized. There is an energy about you when you travel that just cannot be denied.

49.  You Are a Foodie Even In Disguise

You don’t really go all foodie on people. However, you secretly love food and simply want to eat good food. However, you probably won’t admit this to anyone.

50.  Introverted Extroverts Are Very Liberal

You are probably very liberal. You find it hard to judge people for their actions or decisions. This makes it easy for you to interact and flow with several persons.


So here are the signs that can prove that you are an introverted extrovert! Note that you probably won’t relate to all the signs as people are quite different. However, if you relate to a majority of them, then you are likely an introverted extrovert.

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