6w5 vs 6w7- Differences and Similarities

6w5 vs 6w7

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If you’re a type 6, the 6w5 vs 6w7 comparison will interest you. It can be really tough figuring out what your preferences are.

This article will help you do just that. We’ll consider what to expect from both personalities, their differences, and their similarities.

What are 6w5s Like?

Enneagram 6w5s are loyal people with a touch of logic. They approach situations with caution and are more likely to be introverted. The core desire of 6w5s is to be secure. They also want to be self-sufficient.

If their wing is strong, 6w5s might be curious and very analytical. Click that link for a detailed description of the Enneagram 6w5.

What are 6w7s Like?

Enneagram 6w7s are cautious people with a touch of adventure. While they yearn to be cautious and responsible, there’s always an adventurous vibe about them.

If their wing is strong, 6w7s can be charismatic, talkative, and very popular. Click that link for a detailed description of the Enneagram 6w7

Similarities Between 6w7 and 6w5

1.   Both Skeptical

Both types will be very skeptical. As you probably already guessed, their similarities will come from sharing the same dominant type.

Both types will find it difficult to believe in a new idea or project. For the 6w7s, they might not engage with this new idea until proven workable.

For 6w5s, they are more likely to investigate or learn more about the idea. Once this has been done, they decide whether it is worth their time or not.

Both types are unlikely to give a previously failed idea another chance.

2.   Both Cautious

The basic desire of type 6 is to be secure or safe. Thus, both 6w5 and 6w7 are very cautious people. Taking unnecessary risks doesn’t appeal to them.

This tendency to err on the side of caution is present throughout their lives.

3.   Loyalty Runs in their Veins

Type 6 is nicknamed the loyal skeptic. Thus, you can expect 6w7 and 6w5 to be very loyal to those they care about.

Their loyalty might also extend to other concepts or ideas such as religion and their favorite celebrities.

4.   Prone to Fear and Anxiety

The weaknesses of both types are also the same. They are both in the fear triad. However, how they show this fear is very different.

6w5s are more likely to use the phobic defense mechanism. This is aided by type 5 who likes to withdraw from fearful situations.

6w7s are more likely to be counter-phobic. This is backed up by the expressive type 7.

5.   Distrustful

Distrust and suspicion are part of type 6. So, it affects both types alike. This can have a negative effect on their decisions and life choices.

Romantic partners and friends may also struggle to gain their trust. That never ends well.

6w5 vs 6w7- What’s the Difference?

More extrovertedMore Introverted
More AdventurousMore Laid Back
Core desire of their wing is to be happyCore desire of their wing is to be self-sufficient
More impulsive with financesAdept savers
More likely to be people-pleasersLess likely to be a peoples’ pleaser

1.   Introverted or Nah?

The first main difference is where they are on the introversion and extroversion spectrum. 6w7s are usually more extroverted than 6w5s. This is mainly because of their wing.

They are more likely to be popular and have a lot of friends. 6w5s will be more introverted. They will love their alone time. Despite this, they will be more opinionated than 6w7s.

2.   Adventurous vs Laid Back

This is all down to their wings. 6w5s will be more laid back and cautious. Because of type 5, they are more likely to double down on their fears and withdraw.

6w7s are more likely to shrug their fears away. They are also more likely to go on adventures and take more risks.

6w7s are more likely to make big life-changing decisions such as immigrating to a new country or a career change.

3.   The Lure of People-Pleasing

This follows the first point. Because 6w5s are more opinionated, they are less likely to be people-pleasers. They will usually assert themselves and care less about what people think.

This is more pronounced when they are paired with thinker MBTI types. Examples include the INTJ 6w5 and the ISTJ 6w5.

6w7s are more prone to people-pleasing. Type 7 is more likely to use diplomacy when dealing with heated situations. 6w7s might be the loudest of the two but are more likely to be people pleasers.

4.   Planning vs Spontaneous

While both sides will err on the side of caution, 6w7s are more spontaneous and impulsive. 6w5s are more likely to be planners.

This also affects the way they handle money. 6w5s are more likely to be adept savers. They will worry about losing their self-sufficiency. This will serve as motivation to resist outrageous spending.

6w7s will also have an air of financial control. However, they will splurge the cash whenever their adventurous side takes over.

Thus, their moment of madness is enough to undo all their fine work.

5.   How They Show Their Anxiety

As earlier stated, both variants are anxious. However, they show their anxiety in different ways. 6w7s are more upfront about it.

They might look nervous or be panicked when things go wrong. 6w5s, on the other hand, are less expressive.

This makes them prone to depression and other mental issues.

6.   The Core Desires of their Wings

Finally, the core desire of their wing is another difference. For 6w5s, they value self-sufficiency and competence. This is one reason why 6w5s are drawn towards teaching or academics.

6w7s want to be happy and contented. They don’t want to feel deprived. Thus, 6w7s are drawn towards adventures and having a great time.

So, that’s all we got for the 6w5 vs 6w7 comparison. Are you a 6w5 or a 6w7? Regardless, you’re awesome!


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