7 Signs That You Have the INFX Personality Type


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The MBTI is one heck of an eye-opener. However, it can also be confusing. For example, some identify as the INFX personality type because they simply cannot pinpoint their MBTI type.

Thankfully, we’ve got your back.

This article discusses the INFX personality type in closer detail.

Who is the INFX Personality Type?

The INFX personality type is actually two personalities. These are the INFJ and the INFP. In other words, the INFX personality types have these three functions in common.

  • Introversion- This means they get energized when they spend time alone.
  • Intuition- They prefer to deal with abstract ideas and knowledge
  • Feeling- They base their decisions on their emotions.

Because they share these similarities, certain traits are present in both types. Here are sure-fire traits you’ll have if you are an INFX.

7 Signs That You are an INFX That is Undeniable

1.   Abstract Thinkers

As stated earlier, INFXs are abstract thinkers. They prefer to talk about ideas or unconventional issues. For most INFX, talking about literature, animals, science, or random thoughts appeals to them.

This is because of their intuitive side. INFXs will struggle with small talk. If you know an INFX, make their lives easier by avoiding it.

2.   Future-Oriented

This follows the last point. INFX spend a lot of time in their head. Part of this time is spent thinking about the future. This is why they are more likely to daydream than all other MBTI types.

Their imaginations and thoughts are often mixed with reality and fantasy. That’s just how they like it.

3.   Warmth

INFXs are feelers. This means they are sensitive people. It also means they care about others and are easily moved. Thus, you’re bound to feel warmth when you are around them.

While true, some INFX variants might initially appear aloof or distant. However, things will quickly change once you know them better.

4.   Career Paths

INFXs’ career paths usually revolve around their passions and interests. They’ll rarely make a career decision solely for financial gain.

INFX cannot fathom spending their life doing something they hate. Most INFXs enjoy brainstorming or some form of creativity.

Some of the most popular writers and designers have been INFXs.

5.   Super Introverts

INFXs are more than introverts. Most are super introverts. Now, this does not mean that they don’t talk or interact. It just means that their social batteries are easily drained.

They crave alone time more than other MBTI types. INTXs are probably the only introverts that are more introverted.

6.   Financial Outlook

INFXs usually have a different approach when it comes to finances. While they want to have some of form of financial security, they’re not obsessed with money.

This personality is usually content with being comfortable. This also explains why they hardly overexert themselves in their careers.

While this is true, there are always exceptions. Their enneagram type might cause such an exception.

7.   Idealistic

INFXs have an idealist view of the world. They see things as they should be, now how they are. So, when it doesn’t go the way they thought it would, it can lead to a range of emotions.

INFXs can fight back, get depressed, or give up, depending on the situation. However, they are more inclined to give up if things aren’t ideal.

How to Figure Out Your Exact Personality Type

Figuring out that you’re an INFX personality type is the first step. However, you must know your exact personality type to discover more about yourself.

Here are some ways you can do this.

1.   Know Your Cognitive Functions

As stated earlier, INFJ and INFP are the two INFX types. While they might seem similar on the surface, they’re actually very different.

One of the biggest differences is their cognitive functions. INFP leads with introverted feeling (Fi), while INFJ leads with introverted intuition.

The INFJ does not use FI. Instead, extroverted feeling (Fe) is their auxiliary function.

Knowing your cognitive functions can help you determine your exact personality type.

2.   Get Your Friends Involved

If you’re struggling to figure out your type, you could ask your friends what they think. When you do this, you’ll get a more accurate picture if you ask a close friend.

You get a headstart by letting them pick the descriptions that fit you best.

3.   Do Some Research

Research is the fastest way to learn more about your MBTI type. For example, you know it boils down to INFJ and INFP. So, while not read everything you can find about both types?

Reading about them will help you know which sounds like you better. You could read more about the enneagrams. The enneagrams+MBTI gives you the complete picture.

4.   Take a Personality Test

The easiest and laziest way to do it is to take a personality test. While there are many good tests, it has their downsides.

First, most people find it hard to answer questions about who they are instead of who they want to be. So, it’s easy to get mistyped. Secondly, the questions asked in some tests might not make much sense.

You are always better off researching the various MBTI types.

Commonly Asked Questions About the INFX Personality Type

Are INFXs rare?

INFP and INFJ (the types that make up the INFX) are two of the rarest personality types. This means that INFXs are relatively rare compared to other types, such as the ISFJ.

While this is true, this does not make them better than other types.

Is INFJ Still the Rarest Personality Type?

No, INFJ is no longer the rarest personality type. That title now belongs to the ENTJ.

Are INFPs Always Single?

No, INFPs are not always single. Everyone wants someone who understands them and makes them feel loved. INFPs are no different.

In addition, INFPs are big romantics. So, they are usually looking to find a partner.

Are INFXs Shy?

Most INFXs are shy. A combination of several factors causes this. Some might not know how to initiate a conversation. Others might be introverted. However, get close to INFXs and watch their shyness melt away.


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