7 Signs You Have an XNXJ Personality Type

XNXJ personality type

The MBTI is useful for understanding why you act the way you do. Yet, it can also be very confusing. The XNXJ personality type is a product of this confusion.

This article discusses the XNXJ personality type and how to figure out your exact MBTI type.

Who is the XNXJ Personality Type?

The XNXJ personality type is actually a combination of various MBTI types. It comprises all personality types with N (Intuitive) and J (judging) functions in their stack.

Thus, if you identify as the XNXJ personality type, you can’t seem to make up your mind on the following types.

  • ENTJ
  • INTJ
  • INFJ
  • ENFJ

This is perfectly normal. Here’s why. These personality types all share some common traits and inclinations.

Let’s talk about some of them.

7 Signs of the XNXJ Personality Type That are Undeniable

1.   Structured

All XNXJ personality types are structured. This is down to their judging function. Thus, they have reliable schedules that they try to follow.

They also love planning when it comes to travel or just daily activities. With this personality type, there’s little room for being spontaneous.

This does not mean they cannot be spontaneous. It just doesn’t come to them like the xnxp personality types.

2.   Organized

This follows the last point. These personality types stay organized. This can be in their personal or workspace.

It’s also shown in how they dress. Their organization allows them to remain efficient in their daily lives.

Being organized is non-negotiable.

3.   Future-Oriented

Because they are intuitive, they focus a lot on the future. Thus, XNXJs are usually highly creative people with a lot of ideas.

They also have vivid imaginations. Backed up by their judging function, they can usually streamline their ideas to find the perfect fit.

4.   Introversion/Ambiverts

None of these types are super extroverts. ENTJ and ENFJ are introverted extroverts to a large extent, while INTJ and INFJ are super introverts and extroverted introverts respectively.

So, the bottom line is all XNXJ personality types need time to recharge. They crave some alone time and perform better when they have it.

5.   Unconventional

The XNXJ personality type is not a firm respecter of rules just for the sake of it. They want these rules to be justified and reasonable before implementing them.

This makes them social rebels and might frustrate other more conventional types. On the other hand, it makes them more innovative and forward-thinking.

6.   Mostly Born Leaders (INFJ Might be an Exception)

These personality types are born leaders. They seek to inspire others to greatness. INFJ and ENFJ use compassion and firm guidance to lead others.

On the other hand, ENTJ and INTJ use their charisma and logic to lead their followers to greatness.

In some situations, the INFJ can be the exception because of their overriding need to be independent. However, when put in a leadership position, they do extremely well.

7.   Independent

All XNXJ personality types are fiercely independent. They do not want to be controlled by anyone.

They want to live life on their terms and be free. While the enneagram type might affect their independence levels, this need is present nevertheless.

How to Figure Out Your Exact MBTI Type

Want to figure out your exact personality type? Here are some things you should consider

1.   Enneagram Type

One difference between these personality types could be their enneagram type. For example, the ENTJ has type 8 and type 3 as their more likely enneagram type, while the INFJ has type 4 and type 5 as their more likely combination.

However, any MBTI type can identify as any enneagram type.

Knowing your enneagram type and how it affects your MBTI type can be a real eye-opener.

2.   Cognitive Functions

Another way could be learning more about your cognitive function. For example, understanding how Ni and Fe affect the INFJ and ENFJ can help you decide where you fall.

Here’s a great article that tackles cognitive functions. You can also find the differences between Ni and Ne and Fe and Fi by clicking those links. 

3.   Take the MBTI Test

The more obvious way to determine your MBTI type is to take a test. However, you’ve probably already done that.

The problem with MBTI tests is that they are fairly inaccurate and stereotypical. A better way of looking at tests is finding a foundation to learn more about yourself.

However, you still need to do the research yourself.

4.   Idealism vs Realism

Understanding the differences between these two concepts can reduce your research. INFJ and ENFJ are idealists. This means they look at the world as it ought to be. They expect life to play out how it should.

This also shows in their relationship and career paths. INTJ and ENTJ are realists. They are more realistic and pragmatic about their chances. Thus, they often have tougher skin and are more adaptable.

Commonly Asked Questions About The XNXJ Personality Type

Can Your Personality Type Change?

Your personality type does not change. However, your environment and other factors can positively or negatively influence your personality type for short periods.

One such factor is stress.

Where Do Personalities Come From?

Your personality is a mixture of genetics and your environment. Other things, such as your beliefs and childhood trauma, can be telling.



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