7 XNXP Personality Traits that are Undeniable


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If you’re a big fan of the MBTI, you’ll know it can be difficult pinpointing your personality type. The product of this is the xnxp personality. You might think you’re one because you exhibit some of the xnxp personality traits.

This article discusses the xnxp personality type and how to figure out your exact MBTI type.

What is XNXP Personality?

The xnxp personality is actually a combination of personalities. It refers to personality types that have both intuitive and perceiving functions. These MBTI personality types are usually called NPs in the MBTI community.

So, the xnxp personality type includes the following MBTI types.

  • INFP
  • ENTP
  • ENFP
  • INTP

Because these personality types have the same two letters, certain xnxp personality traits apply to them. We shall consider some of them below.

7 XNXP Personality Traits That Are Unmistakable

1.   Big Picture Personalities

These personality types are all intuitive. This means they prefer to focus on the big picture. They are also future-oriented. This has its pros and cons.

On the one hand, it allows them to plan, stay creative, and have vivid imaginations. However, it can also make them less detail-oriented and lost in the future.

The problem is life is what happens in the present, not the future.

2.   Extremely Curious

Xnxp personality types are also very curious. Their curiosity is usually directed toward their passion or hobbies. These personality types can dig deep and do thorough research when needed.

The best part is that they actually enjoy it. Their curiosity makes them knowledgeable. However, it can also land them in trouble.

3.   Spontaneous

All of these types have the perceiving function. Thus, one of the xnxp personality traits is being impulsive or spontaneous.

They make quick decisions sometimes without thinking them through. They also do not like rigid structures or schedules. They want to explore their options, and staying spontaneous allows this.

4.   Career Preferences

Xnxp MBTI types want a career that allows them to be creative and expressive. These personality types usually move from one industry to another. They also want to do what they love.

When it comes to their work environment, they prefer flexible schedules. They might also prefer remote work over 9-5.

Because they are intuitive, they are modern-thinking and embrace technology easier.

5.   Enneagram Types

Xnxp MBTI types also have similar enneagram types. They are more likely to be type 5, type 7, or type 9 than any other enneagram type.

While this is true, people are different. Thus, they can also be other enneagram types. These types are just in the majority.

6.   Introversion/Ambiverts

All xnxp personality types are either introverts or introverted extroverts. Thus, they all crave a measure of alone time to recharge.

ENFP and ENTP are often mistaken to be introverted because of how withdrawn they can be.

7.   Unconventional

Xnxp personality traits cannot be complete without talking about unconventional they are. This stems from their intuitive nature.

These personality types are more open to breaking the rules. They do not follow the rules just because it’s the norm. They need to see why it works. Xnxp types are always looking for new ways of doing things.

While this is admirable, it can lead to clashes with other more conventional types.

How to Figure Out Your Exact MBTI Personality Type

So, you know that you’re an xnxp personality type. How can you find your exact type? Here are some ways to do this.

1.   Cognitive Functions

The best way to do this is by paying more attention to your cognitive functions. While there are four MBTI types that are xnxp, they have different cognitive functions in different orders.

For example, INFP leads with introverted feeling (Fi), while INTP leads with introverted thinking (Ti). Simply understanding these cognitive functions and how they relate to you can be immense.

Once you figure out your primary cognitive function, you are almost there.

2.   MBTI Test

Another option is to take the MBTI test (I’m sure you’ve done this before). While most tests are inaccurate, there are some good ones you can try. I currently have no recommendations on MBTI tests, but a good google search should provide some results.

Taking an MBTI test gives you a foundation to research more about specific types. It also narrows down your search.

3.   Sifting the Stereotypes

You also have to know what being an MBTI type means. Many articles you’ll see will have a lot of stereotypical traits. So, make sure you can sift through them. Knowing more about cognitive functions might help.

Understanding how an MBTI type behaves is key to your self-discovery.

4.   Being Honest with Yourself

Finally, you have to be honest with yourself. When taking the MBTI test, make sure you pick answers according to who you are, not who you want to be.

Doing that ensures you get the most accurate description possible. There’s also this notion that some MBTI types are cooler than others. That’s not true. So, accept who you are and look to improve.

If you’re an xnxp type, welcome to the MBTIverse.


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