7w6 vs 6w7- Similarities and Differences

7w6 vs 6w7

The 7w6 vs 6w7 argument can make you go insane. Yet, there’s a way to figure out for sure whether you’re a 6w7 or 7w6.

That’s what this article addresses in detail. First, who are the 7w6 and 6w7?

Who is the Enneagram 7w6?

Enneagram 7w6 are spontaneous people with a touch of caution. This personality type is charismatic and popular. They know how to have fun and can also be extremely creative.

The presence of their wing means they can be skeptical. Thus, 7w6s might hold back if they think their actions are likely to end in disaster or pain.

Seong Gi-Hun (no. 456) in Squid game is a perfect example of Enneagram 7w6. You can click on that link for an in-depth description of the Enneagram 7w6.

Who is the Enneagram 6w7?

Enneagram 6w7s are loyal people with a touch of adventure. They care a lot for their friends and loved ones. They also show a lot of caution when approaching uncharted waters.

Because of their wing, 6w7s usually have moments of recklessness that can wreak havoc on their earlier attempts to be careful.

Mike Wheeler in Stranger things is a classic example of Enneagram 6w7. You can click on that link for an in-depth description of the Enneagram 6w7.

7w6 vs 6w7- Similarities

1.   Significantly Extroverted

Both types are more inclined towards being extroverted. One reason why is because of their love for people. 7w6s are cheerful people who enjoy sparring with others.

6w7s enjoy being with friends. Thus, there’s an inclination to interact with others. This is even more pronounced if the extroverted feeling (Fe) function is developed.

While this is true, 6w7s can also be introverts.

2.   Bouts of Paranoia

Both types will have trust issues backed up with paranoia. This makes them suspicious of others and wary of new projects.

While this is true, this is more evident with 6w7s. 7w6s might seek to distract themselves from their emotions.

3.   Both are Likely to be Popular

6w7s are loyal and will do anything for their friends. Plus, they can hold a good conversation. Like most type 7s, 7w6s can have contagious optimism.

They will also be able to express themselves better.

4.   The Fear Factor

Both types 6 and 7 are in the fear triad. So, they access their emotions through fear. However, the way they cope with fear is different.

So, while 6w7s and 7w6s might react differently to a particular situation, fear remains the underlying factor.

This can also play a role in their career choice and romantic relationships.

What is the Main Difference Between Enneagram 6w7 and 7w6?

The main difference between 6w7 and 7w6 is in their priorities. 7w6s are more interested in not being deprived of their needs or staying happy before being cautious. However, 6w7s are more interested in being safe or secure before any other thing.

7w6 vs 6w7- Sorting Out the Differences

1.   Core Motivations

The core motivation of both types is a great starting point. 6w7s are interested in staying secure. They never want to be vulnerable or insecure. This thought touches all aspects of their lives.

For 7w6s, they are more interested in being happy. They don’t want to be deprived of what they want. This desire also influences their decisions.

So, here’s the thing. When both types are faced with the same circumstances, 7w6 will reach a decision based on their happiness or need while 6w7’s decision is based on staying safe.

2.   Managing Money

Both types have completely different approaches to financial management. 6w7s are more careful with their finances. This might be because type 6 worries about not having enough money for future problems.

However, because of their wing, they are prone to occasional splurges. If their wing is especially strong, this becomes more noticeable. These splurges are usually big and uncontrolled.

7w6s are more likely to spend money on experiences and products that make them happy. They are also more likely to engage in impulse buying and can struggle with debt.

If their wing is strong, they might show some restraint. Both types are not the best budgeters in the world.

3.   Adventure vs Caution

7w6s put adventures before being cautious. They usually have the fear of missing out (FOMO). Thus, they go on all types of adventures just to feel happy.

6w7s put caution before adventures. They are more likely to calculate the cost before diving in. 6w7s will pull out if they feel it’s unnecessary or too risky.

4.   Optimist vs Pessimist

7w6s are optimists. They usually have big ideas and projects. Even in very challenging situations, they can remain optimistic.

Because of their wing, they are often aware of the risks of failure. However, their optimistic nature is usually in control.

6w7s are usually pessimistic about ideas and projects. In their case, their wing allows them to see the potential of the idea or situation.

However, they are often too scared or wary to be optimistic. After all, if you remain pessimistic, you reduce expectations.

5.   Approach to Anxiety

Anxiety is present in both types. However, they approach it differently.

For 6w7s, anxiety is a daily struggle. They continuously think about anxious thoughts and feelings. Their occasional reprieve comes when their wing takes over.

7w6s are more likely to distract themselves when they are anxious. However, they might feel anxious at night when the world is silent and all they have is their bed.

6.   Rebel vs Authority-Seeking

Their reaction to authority is also different. 7w6s are more likely to rebel against authority figures. 6w7s, on the other hand, are more likely to seek these authority figures. Here’s why.

Type 6 is a very anxious type. Hearing the assurances of authority figures is more likely to put them at ease. Type 7 is not a big fan of tradition. Authority figures are usually the biggest fans of tradition.

So, there’s your 7w6 vs 6w7 comparison! Which type are you?

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