8 Signs You’re an INXP Personality Type


If you’re reading this article, you’re probably undecided on your MBTI type. So, you finally settled for the INXP personality type.

This article discusses the INXP personality type and how to narrow down your MBTI type further.

Let’s go!

What Does INXP Mean?

The INXP personality type is a person that has introversion (I), intuition (N), and perceiving (P) functions. When this is considered, two MBTI types fall into this category.

They are the INFP and INTP. INXP personalities seem so popular because many people cannot pick between the thinking and feeling functions.

If you identify as the INXP personality, here are some traits that might describe you perfectly.

8 Signs That You’re an INXP

1.   Spontaneous

There’s no better word to describe the INXP personality type than spontaneous. These personality types love to make decisions on the go. They also do not like to have plans set in stone.

They strongly believe that remaining flexible and adaptable can take you further. While this can be true, it can also have its downsides. INXP personalities might seem unreliable and quite impulsive.

2.   Creative

The INXP personality has a truckload of creativity. While some may value creativity that shows emotions and warmth, others might pride themselves on thinking outside the box.

Regardless of what they pick, creativity is at the hub. Backed by either emotions or logic, this personality type is a true gem in their workplace.

3.   Future-Oriented

Because they are intuitive, they tend to be future-oriented. They think and plan for the future a lot. Their vivid imaginations and thoughts contribute to this.

This also affects their approach to life. This personality type hardly lives in the present. Their fixation on the future might make them miss out on important memories.

4.   Unconventional

Rules and norms is not their cup of tea. INXP personality types like to break norms. They want to try new things and experiment. Traditions and rules are simply in their way.

They also do not want to do things just because everyone thinks its right. Their curious minds just won’t make sense of it.

5.   Curious

This follows the last point. INXPs are very curious. They want to know why things work the way they do. They want to understand the world on a deeper level.

This gets worse when the topic is something they are interested in. This has its downsides. INXP personalities can get so lost in their research or project that they forget their loved ones.

6.   Super Introvert

INXP personality types are usually super introverts. They love their own company and even crave it. Because they are introverts, they recharge when they are alone.

This means that this personality type will need a lot of space and time alone. This might be difficult for their partner and family to understand.

7.   Conversations

Conversations with an INXP personality type tend to focus on abstract concepts. They love to explore thoughts and topics that focus on possibilities.

While this can seem smart, it can be a struggle to converse with some other types. When the conversation drifts, they can easily zone out or lose interest.

8.   Love Language

Quality time and physical touch are usually among the top 3 love languages for the INXP personality. They value intimacy and want to connect with their partners.

Thus, if you are dating an INXP, ensure you don’t shy away from these love languages.

What is the Difference Between INFP and INTP?

The difference between the INFP and INTP on the surface level is how they make decisions. INFPs make decisions based on their emotions, while the INTP uses logic when making decisions.

On a much deeper level, they are very different personality types.

More Tools To Help you Figure Out Your MBTI Type

If you believe you’re an INXP, chances are that you can’t figure out your exact MBTI type. Here are some things that should help.

1.   Learning About Cognitive Functions

Learning about cognitive functions will help you see how different INFP and INTP are. For example, the INFP leads with introverted feeling (Fi), while INTP leads with introverted thinking (Ti).

This means that INFP places their internal values first when processing and absorbing information. On the other hand, INTP uses their internal logic to filter the information they absorb.

They are incredibly different.

2.   Understanding The Enneagram

Learning more about the enneagram might also help. For example, INFPs are more likely to be type 4, type 9, or type 6, in that order.

On the other hand, INTPs are more likely to be type 5, type 9, and type 4, in that order.

Reading More About the MBTI

The MBTI is vast. Chances are that you’ve read some stereotypical ideas about both types and can’t make your mind up.

So, try to do more research on the INFP and INTP. You can click on those links to see the articles on both types.

Commonly Asked Questions About the INXP Personality Type

What Enneagram is INFP?

INFPs are usually type 4, type 9, and type 6, in that order. However, these are just the most likely combinations. INFPs can be any enneagram type.

Can INFPs be Enneagram 8?

Yes, INFPs can be enneagram 8s. However, it’s a rare combination.

Can INFPs Act Like INTPs?

Yes, INFPs can seem or act like INTPs. This usually happens when you don’t really know them. Both types can seem awfully alike on the surface. However, they are very different.

Can INTPs Become INFPs?

No, INTPs cannot become INFPs. If you feel your personality type has changed, it’s possible you mistyped it earlier, or you’re unhealthy right now.

Who is More Introverted- INFP or INTP?

INTP is the most introverted MBTI type. Thus, they are more introverted than INFPs.

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