8w7 vs 8w9- Similarities and Differences

8w7 vs 8w9

8w7 vs 8w9. The maverick vs the bear. When it comes to the power and strength of the enneagram of personality, it doesn’t get better than these two variants.

If you are a type 8, you’ll want to know if you’re an 8w7 or 8w9. This article will talk about their similarities and differences.

First, let’s briefly talk about both personality types.

Enneagram 8 wing 7 (8w7)

8w7s are the aggressive variant of type 8. They are the personality type where type 7 is the stronger wing. Thus, some of their actions are influenced by this wing.

They have all the usual traits of type 8 such as ambition, work ethic, and bravery. The presence of type 7 also means that they are big spenders and love to see the big picture. A great example of an 8w7 is Donald Trump.

You can click this link to see the full detailed description of the enneagram 8 wing 7.

Enneagram 8 wing 9 (8w9)

8w9s are often nicknamed the bear. They are usually less extroverted and are more concerned about keeping the peace. While this is true, they are ready for confrontation whenever it comes.

8w9s will also have the usual traits of type 8s. However, they won’t be as shouty as the 8w7. Rather, they’ll have firm boundaries and a back made of steel. A great fictional character that’s an 8w9 is Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders.

You can click here to get a detailed description of enneagram 8 wing 9.

Similarities Between 8w7 and 8w9

Most of the similarities between the 8w7 and 8w9 are based on the traits of type 8. However, while they might be similar on the surface, how they approach each trait might be completely different.

Here are some of their similarities

1.   The Love of Power

Type 8 is a sucker for power. So, it’s not a surprise that both 8w9s and 8w7s will love power. Their love for power is usually based on one thing- control.

For 8w7s, power gives them control over their lives. It also ensures that no one can control them. For 8w9s, power allows them to control their surroundings. It also allows them to avoid conflict.

Both type variants will enjoy power plays. They might also find being a politician very rewarding.

2.   Anger Prone

Type 8 is big on anger. Thus, both 8w9 and 8w7 will have issues with anger. Their first resort will be to confront the source of anger head-on. However, as we shall see in the differences, their wing can greatly distort how they show anger.

It’s also important to know that 8w9s will have higher levels of anger. Here’s why. Type 8 and type 9 are in the anger triad. Type 7 isn’t.

So while 8w7s might be more confrontational and showy, you should be more scared of 8w9s.

3.   High Work Ethic

Type 8s have a great work ethic. They usually have a plan and stick to it until the end. 8w7s and 8w9s share this trait.

8w7s are more activity-oriented. They can work non-stop all day and still have time to party. For 8w9s, it’s more about stamina and endurance. Regardless of how it’s displayed, work ethic is the one constant thing.

4.   Sheer Will Power

When it comes to 8w7 vs 8w9, willpower is shared. They have tremendous willpower. For 8w7s, this power helps them to brute force their way towards their goal.

For 8w9s, it does more than this. It allows them to set quiet boundaries and stick to them. 8w9s are more stubborn and unyielding when they feel you are trying to run them over.

Their willpower is at the center of this ability.

8w7 vs 8w9- What’s the Difference?

Hot and swift angerHot anger mixed with burning resentment
More activity-orientedStrength is more about endurance
Seeks power for freedomSeeks power for peace
Possibly the most ruthless enneagram typeAmbitious only if it does not cause conflict
More likely to be assertiveMore likely to be turbulent

1.   Showing Anger

The first real difference is in the way anger is shown. For 8w7s, their anger is hot and swift. They will see the problem, face the problem, argue, and scream (sometimes). Then, they’ll get over it.

This is probably because type 7 is their wing. Type 7 is more witty and cheerful. Thus, 8w7s are less likely to keep resentment in for long. They simply want to move on with their lives.

For 8w9s, things are a bit complicated. While their first instinct is confrontational anger, their wing makes things more intense.

Type 9 tries to repress their anger. Thus, they will accumulate resentment over time. Once they are fed up, you’ll see both confrontational anger and revengeful resentment. This is further complicated if you have hurt their loved ones or inner circle.

The level of revenge carried out is determined by how unhealthy they are.

2.   When Facing Conflict

Another difference is how they approach conflicts. 8w7s will be confrontational and will approach all conflicts head-on. Even when they try to show restraint, it’s very difficult. A slight provocation can throw that all away.

8w9s are more likely to use diplomacy first. This is true even when they are burning with anger. Their wing allows them to see people’s perspectives. Thus, they will always seek to make peace first.

3.   Response to Adversity

8w7’s response to adversity is more aggression and push. They take this as a great opportunity to show how dogged they are. Because they are type 7, one of the reasons for this approach is also fear. This can be fear of being controlled or not having enough resources.

Thus, a mixture of fear and anger will push them to overcome new obstacles.

8w9’s response to adversity is more of endurance and stamina. This can manifest in different ways. It can be enduring other people’s flaws. It can also be standing their ground and protecting their boundaries.

The point is clear- their approaches are fundamentally different from each other.

4.   Their View of Power

While 8w9s and 8w7s love power, their view of it is different. For 8w7s, they want the power to gain freedom. Again, this might also change depending on the MBTI type. For ENTP 8w7s, they seek independence. For ENTJ 8w7s, they seek control.

However, the crux of the matter is that 8w7s use power to ensure they can do whatever they want.

For 8w9s, it’s more about keeping the peace. Having power and the right resources brings respect. Thus, people feel drawn to them and respect their wishes. Most times, this happens without conflict.

In their opinion, this cannot be achieved without the right dose of power.

5.    Energy Levels

Their energy levels are also different. As earlier stated, 8w7s are more activity-oriented. They can power through projects and work long hours. Because of their wing, they’ll likely have a lot of projects open at the same time.

8w9s are more particular about the projects they open. Their wing is not the type that enjoys overextending themselves. Thus, 8w9s pick their projects carefully. However, they have the same ambition as 8w7s.

6.   Ruthlessness

The level of ruthlessness is also different. For 8w7s, they are ruthless to the core. They simply do not care what you think of their goals. They want something. They get it. Want to pick a conflict about it? Bring it on. 8w7s believe confrontations are a form of intimacy.

So, trying to use this to change their mind might go wrong. 8w9s care more about the opinions of their loved ones.

So, while they have strong ambitions and targets, they will try to avoid causing conflicts. However, when the chips are down, 8w9s can choose their ambitions over others. However, it has to be important.


So that’s it on 8w7 vs 8w9! The truth is that both personalities have the other wing present in a weakened state. So, don’t be surprised if you identify with some traits on both sides.

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