8w9 vs 9w8- Differences and Similarities

8w9 vs 9w8

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8w9 vs 9w8. You’ll be forgiven if you can’t seem to find a difference between both personalities. They are the same in many ways. However, their fundamental differences are the key to finding a difference.

In this article, we’ll look at the 8w9 vs 9w8 comparison in more detail.

Enneagram 8 wing 9 (8w9)

8w9s are nicknamed the bear. They are usually less extroverted and are more concerned about keeping the peace. While this is true, they are ready for confrontation whenever it comes.

8w9s will also have the usual traits of type 8s. However, they are less extroverted than their 8w7 counterparts. They’ll have firm boundaries and a back made of steel. A great fictional character that’s an 8w9 is Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders.

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Enneagram 9 wing 8 (9w8)

9w8s are calm people with a touch of steel. They are easy-going and will naturally get along with most people. However, they will have firm boundaries in place. Because their wing is type 8, they will assert themselves to protect those boundaries.

This might make them look tougher and more intimidating than 9w1s. A great fictional character that’s a 9w8 is Harry Potter. 9w8s are more likely to be introverted.

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8w9 vs 9w8- Similarities

1.   Love For Diplomacy

Both types have a clear love for diplomats. Type 9 has the gift of seeing all perspectives before making a decision. They are mediators in their own right.

This gift is evident in 9w8s. They will be tactful when dealing with others and be willing to reach compromises. 8w9s will also have such inclinations. However, the extent to which this applies to 8w9s will depend on their wing.

However, one thing is clear- 8w9s won’t be as aggressive and confrontational as their 8w7 counterpart.

2.   More Likely to be Turbulent or Laid Back

8w9s and 9w8s are more likely to be chill or laid back. They will take life less seriously and will generally be less agitated.

Their turbulent nature also means that they will be more likely to listen to people’s opinions. It will also make them seem more considerate. For 9w8s, this means people might find it easier to talk to them. For 8w9s, it might mean that they will be better leaders.

This particular quality also depends on the individual’s MBTI type.

3.   Both Introverted

9w8s and 8w9s will be less extroverted when compared with 8w7s and 9w1s. This means that they are comfortable keeping to themselves. This is one of the main reasons why people mistype one for the other.

However, 9w8s are always slightly more introverted than 8w9s. 8w9s are more inclined to assert themselves in confrontational situations.

4.   Both Accommodating

Both types are accomodating of people’s views. The main reason for this is to avoid conflict. While this is true, 9w8s are much more accomodating.

8w9s are more likely to assert themselves when their boundaries have been crossed. 9w8s are more likely to assert themselves when they have been pushed to the wall.

9w8’s pushback will largely depend on the strength of their wing.

5.   Protective

Both the 9w8s and 8w9s are very protective of what they consider to be their territory. This might include their friends, romantic partners, or family.

Trying to harm these ones is like poking them with a stick. They will respond and trust me, you will not like their response.

8w9 vs 9w8- What’s the Difference?

1.   Handling Anger

The first difference between both types is how they manage anger. For 8w9s, their first impulse is confrontation. However, they can also repress their anger. 9w8s are more likely to repress the anger for long periods.

When they do let it out, it’s just as swift and hot as a type 8’s. 8w9s will let out small bits of their anger and repress the rest. This makes them unpredictable as you can never quite gauge how angry they are.

2.   How They View Money

According to research done by Truity, type 8 is highly motivated by money. While this is true, type 9 is not one of the types that are motivated by money. They simply view money as a way to satisfy their needs.

This is a clear difference between 8w9s and 9w8s. 8w9 wants to have a lot of money. They view this as a tool to have more power. However, 8w9s might not risk conflict just to reach this goal.

9w8s want money to satisfy their needs. They also want money to avoid being controlled. However, they don’t have grand plans on building an empire with their wealth. They just want to be comfortable.

3.   Core Motivation

The core motivation of both personality types is the fundamental difference between 8w9s and 9w8s.

The core desire of the 8w9 is to have control over their lives and resources. They put this first and are willing to have conflicts to assert their control.

However, the core desire of 9w8 is to be at peace with everyone. They put this first over having full control over their lives.

4.   Work Ethic

Both types work really hard. However, 9w8s are more likely to slack. They are also going to have issues with complacency. This is more pronounced if they have a weak wing.

8w9s are hard workers. They work with grit and determination. Because their wing is more likely to be complacent, they will usually focus on only a few projects.

No matter how strong their wing is, their work ethic is usually higher than a 9w8. The individual’s MBTI type will also play a role here.

5.   Emotions and Sensitivity

9w8s are more emotional than 8w9s. They are also more sensitive to criticism than their counterparts. Again, this is all down to their dominant Enneagram type.

While their sensitivity is higher, it is not at the same level as other enneagram types.

6.   Integration and Disintegration

The integration and disintegration of both types is also a major difference. When in growth, 8w9s look and behave like 2w3s. Once this happens, they become more helpful and generous.

When they are in stress mode, they look and behave like 5w6s. When this happens, they withdraw and become more anxious.

9w8s will look like a 3w2 when in growth. When this happens, they become more ambitious and inspirational. In stress mode, 9w8s behave and look like 6w5s. When this happens, they become more skeptical and paranoid. They are also likely to withdraw during this period.


9w8s and 8w9s are two amazing personalities. So, which are you?


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