9w1 vs 9w8- Similarities and Differences


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9w1 vs 9w8 can be confusing. Which wing is dominant? What type really spices up your dominant enneagram type?

If these are questions you have thought of, no need to fret. It’s time to answer them all. It’s 9w1 vs 9w8.

Enneagram 9 wing 1 (9w1)

9w1s are easy-going people with a touch of morality. They are calm and try to get along with most people. While this is true, they usually draw the line when it comes to doing what is right. 9w1s can have really high standards. This is because of their wing.

While this is true, they might never be able to reach them. This might affect their confidence levels. A classic example of a 9w1 is Ali Abdul from Squid Game.

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Enneagram 9 wing 8 (9w8)

9w8s are calm people with a touch of steel. They are easy-going and will naturally get along with most people. However, they will have firm boundaries in place. Because their wing is type 8, they will assert themselves to protect those boundaries.

This might make them look tougher and more intimidating than 9w1s. A great fictional character that’s a 9w8 is Harry Potter. 9w8s are more likely to be introverted.

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9w1 vs 9w8- Similarities

1.   Easy-Going

Both 9w1s and 9w8s are easy-going. This is probably because they share the core motivation; preservation of harmony.

Thus, both types are never going to seek out confrontation. They are going to avoid it like the plague. However, their reaction when pushed to the wall is completely different.

However, most people will see them as friendly and approachable.

2.   Natural Mediators

Both variants are also great mediators. They understand and see all perspectives of an issue. Depending on their MBTI type, people usually feel heard and understood by this type.

9w1s and 9w8s also find careers relating to mediation appealing. This includes mediators, arbitrators, and diplomats.

3.   Anger Triad

Type 9, 8, and 1 are in the anger triad. This means that the first emotion they access and feel is anger. Both variants are a combination of two types in this triad. This means that they have a lot of anger to give.

How they show and handle this anger is a different issue altogether.

4.   Indecisive

Both variants will struggle with making quick decisions. They don’t want to make a decision that causes excessive conflicts.

Thus, they might think long and hard about their options. Some might not even think about making a decision. They’ll simply distract themselves hoping the problem goes away.

9w1 vs 9w8- What’s the Difference?

Wants to be morally perfectMore flexible with morals
Desires perfectionDesires control of their lives
Prone to complacencyComplacent but much more active
Seen as nice and properSeen as intimidating and tough

1.   Dealing with Anger

As earlier stated, both types are very angry people. However, the difference is in how they handle their anger.

Type 9 represses their anger. Type 8’s anger is more confrontational while type 1 internalizes this anger. Type 1’s internalized anger makes them their worst critic. To fix this, they try to make sure everything externally is perfect and follows a particular order or system

Thus, while both types will first approach an issue by repressing their anger, 9w8s are more likely to explode. If their wing is strong, they will not be afraid of confrontation and will face it head-on.

This might make them look intimidating and tough.

For 9w1s, they’ll hardly confront the issue even when pushed against the wall. Inside, they will internalize the problem and blame themselves. When this happens, they demand more perfection from their environment.

Sadly, perfection is simply not possible. This might lead to a vicious cycle for 9w1s.

2.   Work Ethic

Type 9s are infamous for their complacency. They love the easy life. They might also feel that any extra effort has the potential to disrupt their inner peace. Despite this view, their approach to work is different.

9w8s are more active when it comes to their work. When they are part of an organization or team, they try to help as much as possible. This is down to their wing. Type 8s are probably the most hardworking type in the enneagram of personality.

Thus, if their wing is strong, you might even think that they are type 8s.

9w1s are different. They are more interested in making sure their actions are perfect and without blemish. The problem here is that perfection is not attainable. 9w1s are not also type 1s. So, they will never even get close to the standards they set for themselves.

This means that 9w1 will struggle with complacency and feelings of worthlessness. They might feel like they never do anything properly.

If this is how you feel, here’s an article that can help you overcome this problem.

3.   Morality/Ethics

9w8s are not big on ethics or morals. This does not necessarily mean that they are immoral or unethical. They just don’t care enough to make it one of their core values. Their wing is also a contributing factor.

Type 8 is known to have some vices. Just ask INTJ 8w7. Thus, 9w8s might be more flexible when it comes to their morals.

9w1s approach things differently. They are more ethical and want to do the right thing. Most 9w1s are religious. They are also deeply affected when they fall away from their values.

The major flaw with 9w1s is wanting perfection. Just like other traits, 9w1s want to be morally perfect. Yet, they are just not consistent enough to pull it off. Thus, 9w1s might want to do what’s right but end up doing the complete opposite.

4.   Independence

9w8s are fiercely independent. They have mastered the art of being independent while being at peace with others.

While this is true, they will not look for conflicts just to show how independent they are. However, when the chips are down, this trait will shine through. It comes directly from their wing’s need to control their life.

So, 9w8s will never allow themselves to be manipulated or controlled.

9w1s try to avoid conflict when they can. Their wing also wants to be seen as good. The combination of both desires makes them chronic people-pleasers.

They become more interested in avoiding conflicts and doing what others think is right. The problem here is that 9w1s are humans. They have their opinions. They also have vices they want to explore.

Because of their desires, they can be caught in a loop that never allows them to truly live.

5.   Appearance/Impression On Others

The way 9w8s and 9w1s are perceived are fundamentally different. 9w8s are seen as tough, intimidating, and a tough nut to crack. 9w1s are seen as nice, polite, and good people.

9w1s are also more likely to follow the societal norms that are in place. 9w8s are more likely to rebel.

Thus, people are drawn towards 9w1s. They just seem more approachable.


The 9w1 vs 9w8 debate comes down to their wings. While type 1 is interested in being perfect, type 8 wants to remain in control. That affects how they manage conflict and interactions in every aspect of their lives.


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