Best Careers for Enneagram Type 4

Chef as a career option for Enneagram type 4

“The best careers for enneagram type 4 allows them to use their uniqueness to contribute to a worthwhile project”

Are you reserved and self-aware? Are you very creative and self-conscious? Do you honest with your emotions? Do you always withdraw from people because you’re afraid of being vulnerable to them?

Then, you’re most likely a type 4.

What are Enneagram Type 4’s like?

Type fours are called the ‘Individualists’ or the ‘Creatives’. They love to maintain their identity by trying to be different from others. Fours believe that they are special people with unique sets of experiences. So, they feel no one can love or understand them to their taste.

They believe that they are very unique and possess special and extraordinary gifts. However, a lot of them also realize that they are flawed in so many ways. Compared to other types, they are conscious of their flaws and deficiencies.

Fours try to be honest with themselves. They observe their feelings a lot. Type fours can weigh their contradictions, motives, and conflicts without passing the blame to another person, whitewashing it, or justifying their actions. They might not like what they discover, but they don’t run away from the truth as well. 

They’re not afraid of seeing themselves for what they truly are.

Fours are very comfortable with revealing certain personal and private aspects of themselves. This is because they want to discover who they are and why they act the way they do. They try to understand the background behind their experiences and behaviors. They express themselves fully so that they can understand their emotional history.

Type fours can endure suffering quietly. When they have learned to express themselves and come to terms with their emotional past, they can endure suffering that would naturally overwhelm other types.

Missing Identity

However, fours often claim that their lives are missing something, but they can’t really identify exactly what is missing. Do they need social ease, emotional tranquility, peace, or willpower? They can’t tell. They see all these things in abundance in other people, but can’t see it in themselves.

With time, they realize that certain aspects of their self-image are missing. They realize that their identity is unclear and unstable.

Even though fours try to distinguish themselves from others, they detest being alone. They are socially awkward and self-conscious, but they also want to connect with people and relate better with them.

Romantic type fours wish for someone to waltz into their lives and appreciate the being that has kept himself/herself away from the world. When that doesn’t happen, they focus their energies on understanding how “different” they are from everyone else or justifying why certain things can’t happen to them because of who they are.

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Problems Associated with Enneagram Type 4

Type fours have low self-esteem and poor self-image. They try to patch this up by creating a false and idealized self-image in their imaginations. Instead of working hard to actualize their dreams, they sink into these imaginations and get depressed further.

These people base their identities on feelings and emotions. They can try on different identities for size, preferences, or qualities they think people may like, but deep down, they don’t know who they are or what they lack.

What kind of workplace do type 4’s thrive in?

Enneagram type 4

Type fours are very creative people. They like working in environments that allow them to be creative while remaining autonomous. They also enjoy working with other creative people and expressing themselves fully.

What kind of workplace do they thrive in?

They love working in places

1.     That have understanding bosses

Type fours are very emotional and sensitive people, so they need to work in places that have understanding bosses. They need to work under superiors that understand them and assign functions to them that match their strengths.

2.     Allow them to express themselves fully

Type fours try to discover themselves, so they love engaging in activities that help them express themselves fully. They thrive in companies and/or organizations that allow them to express themselves, either by speaking out in meetings, bringing creative ideas to the brand, or managing a project.

Type fours love carrying out activities that will help them understand themselves better.

3.     Where their subordinates listen to their vision

Type fours love to express themselves, so it pains them when their subordinates (or people they work with) don’t buy into their idea without a good reason. It makes them feel less of themselves, especially when they’re trying to discover who they are.

4.     Where their colleagues are attentive and open-minded

Type fours can’t work in places that are averse to new ideas or ways of doing things. They need to work with people whose creative juices are flowing constantly.

On the other hand, type fours hate working in places

1.     Where they can’t be creative

Do you know what is worse than death for a type four? Staying in an uncreative or monotonous job. It cripples life out of them. Type fours are constantly on a journey of self-discovery. So even if they have a high-paying monotonous job, they will feel very empty and incomplete.

2.     That have demeaning and overly-critical bosses

Type fours can’t work in places that have overly-critical bosses. These are people that are either so used to doing it in a particular way that they don’t see new ways of doing it faster, or they are scared of new people.

These bosses are ready to trample on any creative ideas. Such an environment is very toxic to type four people. Overly-critical and distant colleagues can also affect them.

3.     Their subordinates don’t believe in their vision

They are constantly bringing new ideas in their workplace. Thus, they succeed better when their subordinates believe in them and work hard to achieve it.

When they don’t, type fours feel underappreciated and will perform less effectively.

Possible careers for Enneagram Type 4

Type fours will do excellently well in any artistic or creative field

1.     Actor/Artists

Acting and other forms of artistry are versatile and multi-dimensional. People are allowed to be whoever they want to be, regardless of their background or social status. This is perfect for type fours.

2.     Writers

As mentioned earlier, type fours have very vivid and strong imaginations. They need a platform to express their thoughts and feelings, so writing is the best way to give these imaginations a touch of life.

3.     Hair-stylists

Type fours in the hair-styling industry are doing exceptionally well. One key feature that helps them excel is their imagination. When channeled to the right source, they can produce beautiful and creative ideas.

4.     Personal trainer/Dance instructor

One area that type fours haven’t fully explored is the fitness and dance industries. If they can channel their thoughts into exploring new dance moves and creative ways to help people keep fit, they will do well in these industries.

5.     Designing/Photography

Whether it’s fashion or art designing, type fours are masters of such fields. They are on a journey of self-discovery. This field allows them to express themselves in the best way possible.

6.     Chefs

Can type fours make excellent chefs? Of course, they can! This is especially true if they decide to major in food art. Their creative ideas will spring to life speedily.

Careers for Enneagram Type 4

Worst careers for Enneagram Type 4

careers for enneagram type 4

Here are some of the worst careers for enneagram type 4.

1.     Executive assistants

This is not a good job for type fours. This is because they perform better in individualistic roles. They might also excel when they are managing a team based on their passions and strengths. However, working in rigid workplaces won’t do them any good.

2.     Financial analysts

This job is too monotonous and uncreative for type four. They will not interact with as many people as they want to, and they can’t spice things up in their mode of operation.

3.   Paralegals

The job of a paralegal is often very routine. It involves a lot of paperwork and simply lacks any real creativity. Type fours are always looking to be creative and unique. Being a paralegal will not fulfill these cravings

4.   Police Officers

Being a police officer might appeal to other types such as type 1 or 8. However, it lacks appeal for the type fours. They prefer to work in places that allow them to express themselves and not in rigid structures.

5.   Stock Market

Predicting the stock market focuses completely on the accumulation of money. Type fours like to be unique. They like to do things for other reasons aside from gathering wealth. This means that trading in the stock market might not be a first-choice career for them.


If you are a type four, you have a lot to offer the world. So, make sure you do what is right for you and allows you to remain unique.

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