Best Careers for Enneagram Type 5

enneagram type 5

“The best careers for the enneagram type 5 are those that allow them to keep improving in their knowledge of the world”

Are you always alert and curious about happenings around you? Do you always find yourself solving complex problems or proffering solutions to tough issues? Do you often detach yourself and focus your thoughts on imaginary constructs? Are you struggling with nihilism and isolation?

Then, you’re most likely a type five. In this article, we’ll focus on the best careers for Enneagram type 5.

What are Enneagram Type 5’s like?

Type fives are known as “The Investigators”. This is because they always want to find out why things happen the way they do. They are curious cats, always wanting to understand how the world works. It can either be about the cosmos, plant or animal kingdoms, or human interactions. They always want to know more and explore.

Type fives love asking questions and delving deeper into things. They don’t stop at taking other people’s opinions or observations or solely accept doctrines they don’t understand. They’ll try to test the truth of assumptions before accepting them to be correct.

Type fives relentlessly pursue knowledge because they have deep insecurities about their relevance in society. They are often worried about how to thrive in this world.

Type fives usually feel that they are not as good as others. So, instead of engaging in activities that increase their confidence, they take a step back to allow their minds to think of the next step and feel ready.

They believe that they will figure things out from the safety of their minds before taking up tasks.

Type fives spend a lot of time meditating, contemplating, and observing. They find interest in things that people deem as unnecessary. These things could include paying attention to the winds’ sounds or examining people’s walking steps.

Their observations give them confidence and they absorb this information. Within a short time, they’d go about telling people what they observed about people’s walking steps and their significance. If these people verify what they say or understand their point, it confirms their competency, intelligence, and insight.

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How to Spot an Enneagram Type 5

Type fives highly value knowledge and understanding. They love having the best ideas or being seen as someone who always says (or does) the right things. It’s quite easy to spot a type five. They don’t like accepting or associating with what is usual or familiar. They love exploring unknown fields, or better still, questioning what is generally acceptable.

This allows type fives to carve a niche for themselves because they believe that only then can they attain true confidence and independence.

To boost their self-confidence and worth, type fives feel that they must be an expert in one area so that they have what to talk about or connect to the world with. They develop intense focus in a particular area. It can either be in classical music, mathematics, rock and roll, science fiction, etc.

Note that not all type fives are scholars or have PhDs, but a good number of them master their chosen areas intensively, depending on available resources and mental capacity.

Type fives do not seek social validation. One thing they fear the most is conventionality. If people accept their ideas too quickly, they begin to lose their self-confidence. The downside of type fives, however, is that they get too absorbed in the complexity of their thought processes and socially isolate themselves.

What kind of workplace do type 5’s thrive in?

Best careers for Enneagram Type 5

Type fives thrive in careers that require critical and analytical thinking. They love working in spaces that will help them learn, and are not saturated or popular by general demand. This makes them appear more intelligent and attractive.

Type fives love working in environments

1.   That are unconventional

Type fives love being the originator of ideas. In whatever field they’re in, they love being the pioneers of a concept or an idea. When they bring up an idea, they want people to be wowed and impressed by their thought process. They want to be perceived as geniuses.

Any workplace that can’t provide this will leave them dissatisfied with the job.

2.   That allows them to learn new things

Several fields are stagnant or have a fixed set of rules. You are only allowed to be creative within a certain space or boundary. Types fives can’t thrive in such environments. They need to be in industries and workplaces that thrive on constantly evolving their practices.

3.   That have appreciative bosses

Remember that type fives value praise and appreciation for their insights so much. They can only thrive in workplaces where their suggestions are sought after and whose bosses genuinely appreciate their work. It pushes them to do better.

4.   That have obedient and submissive subordinates

This is not connoted in a negative light. Type fives love springing up new ideas, so they enjoy when their subordinates listen to them, give reasonable feedback or carry out their plans effectively. Anything short of this pisses type fives off.

On the other hand, type fives hate working in places:

1.   That has a fixed set of rules

Type fives can’t work in places with a fixed set of rules. It’s either this way, that way, or either way. Type fives can’t observe in such professions because they already know what will happen. That certainty leaves them dissatisfied.

2.   That have disapproving bosses

When their bosses don’t acknowledge their brilliant ideas or appreciate their good work, they don’t perform effectively.

Best Careers for Enneagram Type 5

Type fives will perform excellently well in any field that requires investigative, analytical, or critical skills

1.   Medical scientists

The medical science field is intense, complicated, and ever-changing, so a type five would find such careers very intriguing and welcoming. They are inspired by such careers to make an impact in the world.

Also, they thrive better in such fields because medical science requires scientists to always come up with creative and bold ways of doing things. Being an expert in this field gives them so much confidence.


2.   Detectives/Police officers

They don’t call type fives investigators for nothing. These people make the best detectives because they are always curious. They won’t rest until they get to the bottom of whatever case they’re working on.

They value knowledge and always try to satisfy their curiosity, so they make dedicated detectives and police officers compared to other types.

3.   Building inspectors/construction workers


Type fives can maximize their curiosity by ensuring that they follow up their grand plans and meet up regulatory safety requirements. That will ensure that no life is lost.

4.   Engineers/Mathematicians

It’s no surprise that the best engineers and mathematicians are often type fives. This is because they are very inquisitive, always finding new ways to solve problems and make society better for everyone.

5.   Market research analysts

Because of all the knowledge they’ve acquired, type fives can foresee things. They can see trends that will happen in the market way before other types catch up. Their predictions come to pass most times.

If you want to have a near-accurate prediction of the future of the market, meet a well-learned type five.

Best careers for enneagram type 5 Infographic

Worst Careers for Enneagram type 5

Enneagram 5 careers
It can get bad with the enneagram type 5

1.   Small business owners

Type fives can’t survive running a small business. This is because small business owners need to have a definite plan and be confident in it. Type fives always have self-doubts especially at the initial stage of any project, so it may disrupt their business if not handled properly.

2.   Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants don’t work closely with their clients. This is unhealthy for type fives because they can easily detach from others. They need to work closely with other people to boost their self-confidence and not fall victim to self-defeating thoughts.

3.   Teaching

Type fives love socially isolating themselves, so teaching may not be a good career path for them. They’d want to learn about human interaction, but wouldn’t want it to be a major part of their lives.

4.   Acting

For a type five, Acting is a no-no because they love isolating and immersing themselves in their thoughts. It puts the spotlight on them which may not be healthy at some point.


So, are you a type 5? If you are, then consider your options carefully before choosing a career. You are smart and your biggest asset is your brain. Make sure you’re happy.

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