Best Careers for Enneagram Type 6


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“The best careers for enneagram type 6 are those that offer security and interaction with trusted colleagues”

Are you overly concerned about your security? Do you foresee problems faster than other people and proffer solutions? Are you often anxious and defensive because you stress over things so much?

Then, you’re most likely a type 6

What are Enneagram Type 6 Like?

Enneagram type 6
Enneagram type 6 are loyal and happy people

Type Sixes are called the Loyalists because they are very loyal to their friends. They are ready to fight for their relationships through the good, bad, and ugly times more than other types.

They are also very loyal to ideologies, belief systems, and values. Not all sixes conform to the status quo, though. Type sixes are also called skeptics because their beliefs can rebel or go against the popular or perceived opinion of the populace.

Regardless, they are ready to fight for what they believe in or fight for their family members or community more than they’d fight for themselves.

Type sixes have one basic fear. They don’t want to be left alone or abandoned, which is why they put all their energy into fighting and sticking their necks out for their loved ones. Most of them lack self-confidence. They believe that they can’t handle life’s challenges on their own. So, they seek solace in external structures, beliefs, and allies.

Type sixes hardly go to their inner self for guidance because they lack confidence in their judgments. Now, don’t get this wrong. This doesn’t mean that type sixes don’t think for themselves or make decisions on their own. They think and worry about a lot of things, but they are quite unstable.

They fear making very important decisions that could affect their lives, but they don’t want others to make these decisions for them. Type 6 don’t like being controlled, but they fear taking responsibility that might harm them or adversely affect their lives.

Enneagram Type 6’s Need for Trust

Type sixes know that they get anxious all the time, so they build social security structures that can give them some degree of confidence. If it crashes, they become anxious and afraid again. If type sixes don’t know how to support themselves and trust their inner guidance, they’d struggle to find solid ground for a very long time.

Type sixes love to construct a network of trust for themselves because they know that their lives are filled with unsteadiness and fear. They are always anxious, so they try to bring up several reasons for this anxiousness. When they need something solid and defined in their lives, they spring up with all sorts of explanations as to why they haven’t gotten it yet.

Type sixes believe that their “belief systems” are instrumental to their physical, mental, and emotional stability, but it takes a long time for them to achieve deep-rooted beliefs. Once they do so, they don’t question it or have any other person do so.

This also affects their personal lives. Once they build a trustworthy relationship with someone that acts as a worthy friend, mentor, guide, or counselor, they can go any length to maintain connections with that person. They’d do everything they can to ensure that they don’t lose the relationship.

Finally, type sixes are very reliable, hardworking, and trustworthy people. Click here for an in-depth description of type 6

What kind of workplace does Enneagram 6 thrive in?

Type sixes thrive in jobs that give them some form of security and stability. They do well in careers that offer progression opportunities. These are jobs that enable them to climb ladders and excel.

Also, they love jobs where they can give some form of security as well.

What kind of workplace do they thrive in?

Type 6’s thrive in workplaces that:

1.   Allow them to climb a career ladder

Only a few type sixes love taking the entrepreneurial path. Most of them love working in stable careers that will allow them to grow in the field, work with other people, and gain stability from them.

The worst thing you can do for a type six is to place in a rotary or fixed/monotonous job with no form of support whatsoever or a job that has nothing to look forward to. They’d quickly get agitated and resentful.

2.   Have understanding bosses

It’s one thing to be in a progressive workplace, but it’s another thing to have an understanding boss. Type sixes need to work in places with bosses that encourage growth, but also give them some form of security.

No harsh words should be used on them, and they shouldn’t feel that their loyalty to the organization is a waste of their time because once they turn their back, that’s the end.

3.   Supportive colleagues

Type sixes crave emotional support in all forms. They need to work in environments that are filled with people seeking to help each other grow. This is because type sixes lack emotional stability and security to stay by themselves.

If they work with toxic people, they won’t perform in their best capacity. They need to work with people that will help them become the best versions of themselves, not the other way around.

4.   Productive Environment

Type 6 do well when they feel that they are contributing to a good cause. While not at the level of type 1, type 6 derives a lot of satisfaction knowing that they have achieved all that is possible in a given project.

5.   Feed Back

Type 6 often has doubts. This can however be cleared with some positive or negative reassurance. The best enneagram careers for type 6 are those ones where they have clear and straight feedback from their employers.

Best Careers for Enneagram type 6

Places where the Enneagram Type 6 Will Not Thrive

Enneagram Type 6 in stress

On the other hand, type sixes hate working in places that:

1.   Are not progressive

Type sixes already have so much imbalance and insecurity hovering over their lives. They do not need a monotonous or unprogressive career. They can’t work in places where they’d feel like they aren’t growing or becoming the better version of themselves.

2.   Doesn’t allow them to interact with people

Type sixes can’t work in a place that doesn’t allow peer-to-peer interaction. They don’t thrive in isolation, so working alone is not healthy for them. Even if they need to work alone to complete a project, it’s recommended that they are paired with one or two people to enhance stability.

3.   Have toxic bosses and colleagues

Type sixes can’t work in places that have toxic or overly critical bosses or colleagues because they need stability and security from these people. Working with a toxic person will decrease their self-confidence and question their abilities.

4.   Constant Change

Type 6 is all for security and balance. Thus, they are not very happy when things are constantly being changed or adjusted. To get the best out the type 6, they must work in an environment where everyone knows the rules.

5.   Lack of clear-cut guidance and expectations

Type 6 can be very anxious people. They are much better when they have clear instructions on how to proceed. This removes any doubt they may have in their minds. An enneagram type 6 that has little to no doubt can move mountains.

Possible careers for Enneagram Type 6

Type 6 will do excellently well in the following careers

1.   Environmental specialists

As mentioned earlier, type sixes believe so much in their ideas and passions that you can’t tell them otherwise. They will make good environmental specialists by pouring out their passions into saving the planet and doing something for the good of society.

They’d make great environmental activists too.

2.   Paralegals

Being a paralegal is a straightforward job that has a lot of benefits. Type 6s excel in this type of job as it offers them both progression in their careers and a safe environment to work. Plus, the world will always need paralegals!

3.   Teachers

Once type six agrees with an idea or belief, they’re ready to go miles to defend it. They also value knowledge and creativity. This makes excellent teachers. After all, they are very loyal people dedicated to seeing others become the best version of themselves.

4.   Security guards/personnel

They also love offering security as much as they require it, so they’d make excellent security guards. They are very loyal and reliable people, so they’d ensure nothing happens to you or your loved ones on their watch.

5.   Caretakers

They make excellent caretakers because they are reliable, honest, trustworthy, and loyal people. You can leave your belongings in their possession and be assured that nothing will happen to them.


6.   Vet Doctors

Type 6 can also make great vet doctors. They can connect with the animals most beautifully. This job requires a lot of interaction. This is one area that the enneagram type 6 excels in.

7.   Executive assistants

Type sixes make great executive assistants because they are loyal, and their loyalty is undoubted. Top people in organizations will feel comfortable sharing details about their professional (and sometimes personal) lives with them.

8.   Police Officers

Type sixes have a knack for always perceiving trouble. This can make them excellent police officers. They will always have a sure hunch on where and how to deal with criminal problems. They are simply no match for the type 6

9.   Dentists

Being a dentist is a good career option for the type 6. It offers them solid career progression and a good way to help people in need. To top it up, it also gives them the needed interactions to keep themselves stimulated.

Enneagram 6w5 will likely shift a bit towards career options that allow them to make research and learn new things. This might include scientists, professors, and medical doctors.

Worst careers for Enneagram Type 6

1.   Accountants

Do you want to frustrate a type six? Give him/her an accounting job. This is because type sixes love working directly with people and making an impact so that their lives could have some form of meaning, despite the instability.

An accounting job won’t make an immediate change in people’s lives that they see, so they’d feel that their work is futile.

2.   Programmers

Because of the nature of their work, programmers often dwell in isolation. This is not healthy for a type 6. They are better off working in careers where they can interact with other people regularly.

3.   Software Engineers

Software engineers are not a career choice that resonates well with the type 6. The best careers for enneagram type 6 are those that allow them to interact with others. A career in software engineering won’t necessarily fill that void.

4.   Stock Broker

The enneagram type 6 wants a stable environment. The stock market is simply too volatile for a type 6. This will make them more anxious and will slowly affect their mental health.

Choosing the Best Careers for the Enneagram Type 6

If you are a type 6, we simply love you for your loyal love. We hope you find the career of your dreams.


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