Best Careers for Enneagram Type 8

enneagram type 8

“The best careers for enneagram type 8 are often the ones are often the ones that allow them to fulfill their greatest desire. The desire of being free and independent”.

For most people, building a career for themselves is super important. It’s even more important for a type 8. With the right career, type 8s can finally be free from the shackles of control.

So what are the best careers for an enneagram type 8?

First, let’s talk briefly on who type 8s are.

Brief description of Enneagram Type 8

It’s no wonder that they are called the Challengers. They love proving themselves worthy of any position they are called to, so they enjoy taking up tasks that prove that worth.

Type 8s are also very charismatic people. They can easily persuade people both physically and psychologically to do things that they want. This can be anything, from doing basic household chores to getting supporters for a political campaign. This is why they often have a lot of followers.

Type 8s are very strong-willed people. This is why they love exercising their powers in the world in whatever capacity. They use their willpower to effect changes not only to protect systems and the environment but also to prevent and protect people from hurting if they can.

Because they have intense strength, willpower, and endurance, they’re most likely to look out for people compared to other types.

Type 8s hate being controlled or allow people control or have power over them. It doesn’t matter if this power is financial, sexual, emotional, or even physical. All their actions are geared towards retaining and increasing the power they already have.

This is why they love being in high positions regardless of the organization or system.

Amongst all the types, type 8s are the most independent. They can stand alone with their beliefs and ideologies. They don’t bow down to peer pressure or accept social convention easily, and can bear the consequences of their actions without shame. The opinions of others don’t matter to them.

However, they fear being controlled or disempowered more than their fear of physical pain. They are also very industrious and hardworking people, but it makes them lose emotional contact with family, friends and loved ones in their life.

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Type 8 and the Workplace

What kind of work environment will help a type 8 thrive?

1.   They Will Thrive In an Environment That Keeps Them Busy

Type 8s love working in challenging and ever-changing work environments. The best way to keep the mind of a type 8 working is to keep him/her constantly busy.

They love being in control and feeling like their work is making a positive impact in the world, so the worst thing that can be done to them is to deprive them of that feeling.

2.   You Need To Earn Their Respect

Because type 8 hate being controlled or being a subordinate to anyone, they will always question leaders that are placed above them. Type 8s will feel bad if someone who they are better than is placed in a position of authority above them.

Earn their respect by genuinely being good at what you do.

3.   Make Use of Their Confidence and Energy

If a type 8 is working for you, make good use of them especially in activities that require tough negotiation. Do you need someone to network with others, make tough marketing decisions, or persuade people to buy into an idea?

A type 8 is all you need.

4.   The Work Environment Should Be Supportive

No matter how confident and assertive they look, a type 8 will only thrive in a supportive environment. Their bosses should help them grow, and in turn, they’d most likely want to lift and encourage other people.

5.   The Work Should Be Dynamic

A type 8 hates working in places that don’t constantly change their modes of operation. If they bring up an idea that will push the brand forward and it’s not received, they get demotivated very easily.

What kind of work environment will not be suitable for a type 8?

1.   One that micromanages them

So many people crave autonomy at work, but the only thing a type 8 wants at work is autonomy. While it’s true that too much independence at work may not be good for the company, the only way to keep them busy and productive is to give them a small sense of independence.

2.   One that allows them to dominate the team fully

It’s important that you give them a voice at work, but the same should be done for every other staff. When a type 8 convinces other people about their values and ideologies, they may tend to stray off the original ideals.

There should be a power balance.

3.   One that doesn’t guide them

The bitter truth is that type 8s don’t always know what they are doing. It looks like they do because their natural confidence and assertiveness always shine through. But they should be in an environment that guides them, especially at the start of their careers.

4.   One that expects perfection from them

This is closely related to the previous reason. Because they are naturally confident, assertive, and decisive, people normally expect too much from them. They want them to always do things the right way, but they are humans first before anything else so that’s never going to happen.

5.   One that relegates them to the background

Just like type threes, type 8s love being in the spotlight or being seen as one of the most hardworking people on the team. Any environment that pushes them to the background reduces their productivity drastically.

careers for enneagram type 8

Best career options for Enneagram 8w7

This particular set of people have similar behaviors with type sevens. They are very enthusiastic about things that interest them, very energetic, and strong-willed. They can handle conflicts better than the other wing.

Best careers include:

1.   Lawyer

What better job requires strong will, persistence, and endurance to make a positive impact in people’s lives today than being a lawyer?

2.   Executives/directors

They hate being controlled and love taking up new challenges and tasks, so they make great executives/directors. However, they have to work with people that understand and support them.

3.   Entrepreneur

They love proving their work to people by the kind of projects they initiate. So, they often make excellent entrepreneurs regardless of the industry.

4.   Politician

Being at the helm of affairs? Check. Inspiring and promoting change? Check. Not being micromanaged visibly? Check.

5.   Military careers

Type 8s can also have great military careers because of their courage, assertiveness, and ability to make tough choices within a limited time.

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Best career options for Enneagram 8w9

This set of people have a blend of enneagram type 8 and 9 characteristics. They are calmer and more patient than the other wing. They are also very confident.

Best careers include

1.   Judge

Type 8s have a strong sense of inner justice because they look out for other people more. This makes them excellent judges.

2.   Activists

Type 8s will make good activists because not only do they get to inspire people, promote change, and look out for others, but they also have autonomy over their work.

3.   Counselors

Since they are the calmer type 8s, they will use their strong will and decisiveness to help people make the right choices in life. Their life advice always comes in handy.

4.   Firefighter

Type 8s look out for people more than other types, so they will be ready to stake their lives to save another’s in a fire outbreak

5.   Financial advisors

They make the best financial advisors because their strong will and inner desire to prove their worth to people often help them to make the right choices.

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Worst Careers for Enneagram Type 8

1.   Editors/producers

Type 8s may not really thrive in this area because they may feel their work isn’t making an immediate life-changing impact. It can also drain them, leaving them unable to handle criticism.

2.   Technicians

Technicians are always micromanaged, so a type 8 can’t be that.

3.   Administrative/clerical staff

This set of people are not only micromanaged, but their work is often stagnant. Also, they don’t relate with so many people daily.

How to Get the Best out Of Type 8’s As an Employer

If you have type 8s as your employee, here are something you can do to get the best out of them.

  • Give them dynamic responsibilities
  • Place them in positions of authority. However, don’t allow them to impose their ideologies on other people.
  • Give them tasks that place them in the spotlight
  • Be supportive of their work and constantly encourage them.

The best careers for an enneagram type 8 will see them reach the very top of their ladders without even trying. After all, they are the alphas of the enneagram of personality.

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