Best Enneagram Type 1 Careers


“The Best Enneagram Type 1 careers involve teaching and humanitarian services”

Do you believe in fairness and equity? Do you have a deep sense of right and wrong? Are you always organized and orderly, and ensure that others do the same? Do you have a strict and disciplined schedule on when and how you want things to be?

Then, you’re a type 1. Enneagram Type 1 careers options are a lot. Before we go on to talk more about them, let’s talk a little about the Enneagram Type 1

What are Enneagram Type 1 people like?

Type ones are called the “Reformers” or “Idealists” because they have a deep sense of right and wrong, good and evil. They are very conscientious and try their possible best to do things according to ethical codes or standards.

Type ones believe that they have a sense of mission. This makes them want to make the world better in different ways, regardless of the level of influence they have. They are very quick and persistent when it comes to overcoming moral adversities, so that their good nature can shine through in society.

If you look at the world’s history in different fields and the people that impacted, you’d realize that it is filled with type ones. These people are ready to leave comfortable and quiet lives to do something out of the ordinary or to obey a calling that is higher than them.

Just look at it. Mahatma Gandhi forsook his family and life as a successful lawyer to advocate for Indian independence, even at the cost of his life and personal freedom. Joan of Arc was ready to leave her family and village to eliminate the English from France and restore the throne to the rightful owners.

To learn more about this type, you can read the in-depth description of the enneagram type 1 by clicking on that link.

Enneagram Type 1 is Truly Inspiring

The idealism of type ones is truly inspiring and satisfying to watch. They believe in practical actions. They try to be useful in society because of a personal sense of mission. In the workplace, they are usually the most honest and trustworthy set of people to work with.

However, with all types, type ones also have their disadvantages. Their strong sense of mission and purpose often compels them to explain their every action to themselves and people. This is why type ones can spend several days or weeks thinking of the consequences of their actions.

They also come up with clever ways on how to do things that will prevent them from acting contrary to their beliefs and values. Type ones believe that they are rationalists and their actions are based on objective truth and logic.

But what many of them fail to realize is that they come up with reasons that justify what they believe they should do, not necessarily what is obtainable everywhere.

They try to stay true to their principles so much that they tend to resist new ideas or patterns of thinking. Their instinctual drives prevent them from thinking or expressing themselves freely. They often battle with repression, aggression, and extreme resistance.

Type ones are strict with themselves because it makes them feel that their actions and the way they relate to other people are justified. In trying to be perfect, they create a prison for themselves. They rely so much on their exaggerated ego and mindset, instead of seeking guidance or help.

What kind of workplace do Type 1 people thrive in?

Type ones are very realistic people with a pragmatic value system. They try to create order and maintain control in any organization or industry they find themselves in, especially if they have the power to change existing processes.

What kind of workplace do they love?

Type ones work better in places that:

●    Value fairness and justice:

Type ones have a strong value system, so they can never work in places that don’t reflect these values, or at least, encourage it. For instance, type ones can have deep moral values and are against any form of bribery and fraud.

If they rise to a top position or have the power to change things, they will destroy every structure that aids those practices in a matter of months.

●    Values their counsel and advice:

As mentioned earlier, type ones like to leave an impact regardless of their level of influence. They love working in places that value their opinion or see them as authority figures in that field.

If you work with a type one, the best way to get the person genuinely interested in the conversation is to ask for their opinion on certain sensitive professional issues, especially those that will involve their moral values. They get fired up immediately.

They also love working in places where their colleagues love and value their advice, not just the bosses.

●    People working under them do high-quality work

Type ones love following a strict and disciplined pattern. They enjoy doing high-quality jobs according to ethical standards, regardless of the field and the profits involved. They thrive in businesses when their subordinates follow their moral principles and do work according to how they want it.

Poor-quality work reduces their ego, destroys their professional reputation, and makes their moral values mistaken for foolishness. They hate that.

On the other hand, type ones perform poorly in places that:

●    Are filled with jealous and insecure colleagues:

Type ones love to do great things based on a moral and fair standpoint, but when surrounded by pessimistic colleagues, they lose their motivation. These colleagues may see them as too meticulous or overly critical. 

●    Have a boss that disregard their ideas

They will revolt in places that disregard their ideas, especially places that carry out projects or activities with a wrong motive.

Best Enneagram Type 1 Careers
Best Enneagram Type 1 Careers

Possible Enneagram Type 1 Careers

Any job whose success depends largely on moral and ethical values works perfectly for type ones. They are:

1.   Legal jobs:

Everyone understands the importance of the legal and judicial system in every country, whether to the government, masses, or large corporations. Type ones feel fulfilled in such positions when they can render justice and strike fair deals that will go well for the right parties involved.

This is why the best judges are usually type ones. 

2. Doctors:

Type ones love making an impact. So, what better way to impact lives than saving them directly? These people work in medical fields in various capacities. They love going to stringent medical practices that require time and effort. They also love carrying out medical duties outside their workplace.

3.   Guidance counselor

Guidance counselors are those that love assisting people (especially students) in any way possible. This is why type ones thrive in this job because they assist people based on their moral and ethical values.

They give professional and ethical knowledge and services to people on educational training, orientation, and development.

4.   Social worker

Type ones are perfect as social workers. This is because social workers believe that their jobs include helping humanity or the planet. They do these things for the greater good.

5.   Politicians

Type ones that get elected into political offices or are given political positions tend to make laws or enforce policies based on their ethical and moral values. If they believe that something is wrong, they will do everything in their power to change it.

6.   Journalists

Journalists risk their lives everyday to get the truth to the public. Type ones that get into the journalism space are ready to put their lives on the line to do the right thing, especially when they feel that journalism is their higher calling.

7.   Teachers/professors

Type ones are very orderly and organized people. They love to uphold high standards, and that enables them to climb academic ladders in higher institutions.

Being specialists in different fields helps them to impact undergraduate and graduate students and inspire them to influence the world through that field.

Worst Careers for Enneagram Type 1

enneageam Type 1 Careers
It can get really stressful if you are in the wrong profession

1.   Accountants:

One of the worst careers for type ones to undertake is accounting. This is because they become too fastidious and make several mistakes. Even if they want to delve into this job, they shouldn’t do it at the beginning stages of their career.


2.   Administrative assistants

Administrative assistants are saddled with so many responsibilities that it’s very easy for them to make mistakes. Type ones are too concerned about not making mistakes, so every mistake bothers them dearly.


3.   Retail managers/representatives

Type ones love careers that allow them to create meaningful and immediate impact. Jobs like retail management don’t give them this opportunity, so type ones will soon become very frustrated and resentful without knowing why.


Enneagram Type 1 career options are a lot. However, with a little effort, There is no profession you can handle. Just make sure you play your game according to your strengths.

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