Best Enneagram Type 2 Careers

Best Enneagram type 2 careers

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“The best enneagram type 2 careers are where they can help people and make the world a better place”

Do you always look for ways to help other people? Are you empathetic and warm-hearted? Do you love being generous and self-sacrificing to other people even when it’s very inconvenient?

Then, you’re most likely a type two.

What is the Enneagram Type 2 like?

We all have that friend that is willing to go the extra mile to help us when we’re in need. Most times, it’s not because they love us so much. They help because it’s just who they are. They’d render the same type of help to someone else, regardless.

Type twos are known as “The Helpers”. These people are very empathetic, warm-hearted, and sincere with their emotions and intentions. People that are friends with type twos often regard them as the best of friends.

Type twos believe that the best way for them to live meaningful and impactful lives is to help others genuinely. They love investing in other people so that they can feel helpful. When they do well and show care and love to others, they feel good with themselves. For the in-depth description of type 2, click here.

Type 2 are Great Friends

The best people to be friends with are healthy type twos. When they are in balance and grow in great and healthy environments, they are very loving. Type twos are also very generous, helpful, and compassionate people. When unhealthy, their need to help can become even higher.

They love helping people to see positive qualities in themselves that they might not have noticed initially. They will shower you with praises and appreciate you so much for the little things that you do.

In summary, type twos know how to be human.  

However, type twos have their bad sides just like other types.

Type twos have a shadow side. It’s easy for them to be filled with pride and be self-deceived because of the good they have done for others. Also, unhealthy twos can use the good they’ve done to effectively manipulate you to meet their emotional needs.

It’s very hard for type twos to accept this. Transformational work requires people to see their dark sides, and type twos have done so much good that those sides are never obvious to them.

One of the biggest problems that face type twos, threes, and fours is the feeling of worthlessness. These types fear that they don’t have much value by themselves, so they need to do extraordinary things or be so good to people to retain their value or goodwill.

Generosity is good. However, it becomes bad for type twos when they portray an image of generosity and selflessness so much that it looks like they don’t need any form of compensation or pay off. In reality, they have several emotional needs that people fail to meet.

What Kind of Workplace Do Type 2 People Thrive in?

Type twos are very empathetic and selfless people. This means they can thrive in careers that have to do with helping others. It doesn’t matter how small or big the association or organization is. They would gladly work there as long as they are helping people.

What Kind of workplace Do They Love?

Type twos love working in places that:

1.   Have a Humane Work Ethic

Type twos can only work in places that value people’s lives and wellbeing. They’d rather choose a lesser paying place that values people than a big corporation that dehumanizes them. Healthy twos are very soft and tender people. So, they don’t stay in places that guilt trip them for long.

2.   Values their advice

As mentioned earlier, type twos love helping people as long as it’s within their reach. They love working in places that value their advice or appreciate the help they render. It will make them feel appreciated and their lives will become more meaningful.

This doesn’t just apply to their job. They also love helping their bosses and colleagues outside the workplace. People are more willing to trust type twos with their secrets.

3.   Are Empathetic

A type two can’t survive in a place with little or no empathy. They will feel dehumanized instantly.

If type twos are working in a place under a boss that does not regard his employees’ feelings or talks rashly to his/her subordinates, It can be a big problem. A type two will most likely stand up to him/her or resign. Their mental health is quite important to them. Thus, they can’t stand abusive places for long.

4.   Does Social Good

Type twos are ready to do any type of social work as long as they believe that it’s for the greater good. When it comes to big societal challenges like climate change or child trafficking, type twos are willing to go out of their way to get justice.


Bad Working Environment for Type 2

On the other hand, type two performs badly in places that

1.   Disregards Human Rights

Their bosses and colleagues don’t have to be as caring as they are. However, type twos show a certain respect for people’s lives. If a type two works in a narcissistic environment, they won’t work effectively.

2.   Are Too Mechanical

What are mechanical workplaces?

These are places with a fixed set of rules and operations. Type twos will not thrive in workplaces that have a fixed way of doing things. These workplaces will also have little meaningful interactions with customers. This does not appeal to type 2.

Possible Enneagram Type 2 Careers

Some of the possible careers for enneagram type 2 includes

1.   Psychotherapist

You have to be very empathetic to be a good psychotherapist. Psychotherapists are people that help others go through traumatic stages in their lives or give a listening ear to people’s issues.

You can’t survive in this career if you don’t have genuine intentions to help others. Type twos do well in this field because they love helping people.

2.   Teacher

Type twos thrive very well in education. They feel drawn to it because they can force meaningful, face-to-face interactions with people. It is also a great way to create a lasting impact. They believe that the impact they will make on children or adults will outlive them (and it often does).

3.   Non-profit founder

Since type twos deeply care about other people, they have an intense urge to change the world. They usually have at least five societal problems that they care about and they pursue them relentlessly.

4.   Social worker

A career in social work for a type 2 makes complete sense because it allows them to help people in a way others can’t. If you’re struggling with things like substance abuse, child trafficking, or family abuse, the best person to relate to is certainly a type 2.

A career in this field isn’t easy, but serving in this capacity gives them fulfillment.

5.   Life coach

This is one of the best careers for a type 2. They love helping people by giving good and tangible advice. So, it’s easy for them to step into other people’s shoes and trust their instincts and guts more than other types. They love being depended on by other people.

6.   Politicians

People who have a genuine interest to make other people’s lives better would thrive excellently in politics. However, most type twos don’t enter politics because of how our world has flipped it. If type twos do enter, the world will appreciate them because they will help people on a larger scale.

Worst Enneagram Type 2 Careers

Enneagram Type 2 Careers
Enneagram Type 2 might not excel in careers with little human interactions

1.   Accounting

Accounting jobs are very plastic and mechanical. This job will not allow for much interaction with others. It might also be draining to the type 2. They might feel like their work isn’t influencing so many people.

2.   Advertising

This job doesn’t help type twos relate to as many people as possible. They only work for large corporations and get paid.

3.   Retail management

You’d argue that they will meet people in their daily work, but how much will they interact with them or help them?

Retail management feels plastic for most type twos.


It’s important to remember that any person can work in any profession. It’s all about your passion and what you want to achieve. So, don’t allow your enneagram to hold you back from your dream!


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