Best Enneagram Type 3 Careers

enneagram type 3

“The best enneagram type 3 careers are the ones that allow them to feel fulfilled and reach the highest levels of their career”

Are you success-oriented? Do you find success very attractive and charming? Do you enjoy pursuing endeavors that will put you in the spotlight? Are you a pragmatic, competent, energetic and ambitious person?

Then, you’re most likely a type 3

What are Enneagram Type 3s like?

Type threes are called “The Achievers” because they are very pragmatic and ambitious people. Healthy type threes believe they can achieve great things, and in most cases, they do. People often envy and look up to type threes because of their graciousness, personality, and accomplishments in their fields.

Healthy threes believe that their success depends on contributing their abilities and talents for the growth of human society. They develop themselves to the highest point and motivate others to do the same or even better.

They are regarded with high esteem amongst their peers and are very popular. These are the people that are often voted into positions like “homecoming queen” or “class president”. This is because people love associating with someone that looks like a better version of them. Their dreams and hopes are mirrored in these persons.

Threes are very ambitious people. So, they develop their capabilities and talents to the highest form. They embody socially valued qualities, so people see them as living role models. Threes want to be the best version of themselves, so they put in the work and effort.

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Enneagram 3 and Success

Threes define success differently. This definition is determined by their culture, family values, or social sphere. For instance, some families consider success as having lots of money, buying a new house or an expensive car, or acquiring some status symbol. Some see success as distinguishing themselves in their respective fields of endeavor.

Some people, especially in social circles, believe that success means becoming famous as an actor, model, musician, writer, etc. Communities that value religion may push the children to become ministers, priests, rabbis, or any other religious leader.

Regardless of how success is defined, threes make up their mind to not become nobodies. Because of this, they learn to do things or perform activities that will give them positive attention and praise. They learn from tender ages the sort of things people love seeing others do. Then, they do it repeatedly with all their might.

Now, don’t get this wrong. Everyone loves praise and attention. It’s a universal human need. However, type threes exemplify this need the most. Unlike other types, threes don’t just want success for the thing success can buy or the power it gives them. They crave success because they have built their self-worth around it.

They don’t want to fade into oblivion or have this feeling of worthlessness and emptiness. Without the attention, power, and the feeling of accomplishment success brings, threes fear that they may become nobodies soon. 

The problem type threes have is that they are too busy trying to gather attention and live for the praise gotten from others that they alienate themselves. They no longer know what they want or what their real interests are. They become vulnerable and are easily deceived.

The search to be of more value has now taken them further away from their true self. They depend so much on the praise and attention gotten from others and spend their time pursuing what others value, that they lose touch with themselves.

What kind of workplace do type 3 people thrive in?

Type threes aren’t called the achievers or performers for nothing. They practically depend and live on accomplishments. They won’t feel fulfilled if they aren’t in the spotlight one way or the other.

Therefore, the type of place they work is really important to their psychological and professional growth. If it isn’t giving them the right environment to thrive, they can become very disorganized and messed up.

What Kind of Workplace do They Thrive in?

Enneagram type 3 in the workplace
Enneagram type 3 excel in a work environment that gives them the chance to grow.

Type threes love working in places

1.   That Allows Them to Meet New People

Type threes enjoy working in places that allow them to meet people, win them over, and create strong social connections. Such workplaces allow them to be flexible and expand their circle of influence. This serves as a benefit to them in the future.

If you want to bring out the best in an extroverted type three, tell them to win new clients or to sell the vision of a company or brand to someone. As long as they feel it will help them improve, help them climb the career ladder, put them in their boss’s good books, and create new work relationships, they’d gladly do it even if it’s on short notice.

2.   That Give Them More Opportunities and Responsibilities

As mentioned earlier, type threes love being in the spotlight, regardless of how large that spotlight is. They thrive in places where growth opportunities are abundant. If their boss gives them more responsibilities and praises them for a job well done, they are bound to do more.

With time, employers will begin to notice that they overwork themselves, especially when they are trying to prove their worth in the organization. This will lead to more work-related opportunities.

3.   Where Their Subordinates Listen to Them

They love being seen as the authority in any given field. So if they are in a position of power, they love working in a place where their subordinates are submissive and readily adapt their ideas.

4.   Where Their Colleagues Admire their Work Ethic

Type threes love working in places that admire their abilities. This is why a lot of them don’t feel fulfilled in their work. Oftentimes, it’s not because they are not skilled enough. It’s because they don’t feel appreciated enough.

On the other hand, they perform badly in workplaces:

1.   That Ignore Their Abilities

Some organizations are very fond of limiting new personnel. If a type three works in a place and doesn’t get any form of reward (like recommendations or a salary raise), he/she will either do two things- overwork themselves to prove their worth or lose interest in the job completely.

If they have a negligent boss, they won’t perform well too.

2.   Have Uncooperative Colleagues

If their colleagues don’t easily accept their opinions or always criticize their modes of operations, they won’t work optimally. These colleagues play a major role in boosting their self-confidence and helping them improve.

Enneagram type 3 careers (Infographic)

Best Enneagram Type 3 Careers

1.   Entrepreneur

This is one of the best career paths for type threes to follow because it’s easier to get recognition and praise when you’re the boss. It also helps them to have some control of their life.

2.   Lawyer

If a type three is raised in a family that has high morals and values justice and fairness, they make excellent lawyers. They are ready to fight for those who are silenced and oppressed not really because they want to help in most cases, but because of the admiration and praise they may get from it.

3.   Politician

Type threes in the political space are very popular. Most times, they enter into politics for a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment, not necessarily because they want to help the masses.

4.   Marketer

Type threes love meeting new people, so marketing is a great job for them. They help to promote products and services and in turn, create strong social connections that will help them in the future.

5.   Surgeons

Type threes don’t enter the medical field to be “ordinary” doctors. They ensure that they enter complicated fields in medicine where there are several medical cases with relatively few experts.

6.   Actors/Writers/Film maker

There is no doubt that type threes excel well in the entertainment industry because that is one place that puts the spotlight on them the most. Most popular type threes are in entertainment.

7.   Life coach

Any type three that wants to make a mark in the world and also be popular will have a great career as a life coach. It is the perfect blend of both worlds.

Worst Enneagram Type 3 Careers

Bad enneagram 3 choices
Bad careers for enneagram type 3 can stifle their growth and self-image

1.   Retail Management

Type threes will get frustrated in retail management because it’s very monotonous. They keep doing the same things over and over again with no hope of change. Also, interaction with people is minimal

2.   Freelance Work

Type threes can only engage in freelance work for the short-term (that is, to raise money) because it lacks structure. This is because they can’t track their success or measure their progression, so it’s quite hard for them to feel fulfilled.

3.   Controlling an Online Store

Just like freelancing, type threes can only run an online store for the short term. This is because this kind of business requires patience and time for the full dividends to accumulate, and type threes don’t have the patience for that. Soon after, they will feel they have failed.


So, there you have it! While these are the best enneagram type 3 careers, you should not limit yourself. Everyone can achieve things if they set their minds to it.  

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