Best Enneagram Type 7 Careers

enneagram type 7 careers

The best enneagram type 7 careers are often those that are exciting and adventurous. It must be jobs that can help them try out new concepts, focus on their talents, and become the best versions of themselves.

But before we delve into the best enneagram type 7 careers, who are type 7s?

Brief description of Enneagram Type 7

They are called the Enthusiasts or Optimists. This is because they are very enthusiastic that interests them. They are very adventurous people who are curious and optimistic about things. They always anticipate good things happening to them, and most times, it does.

Type 7s always think deeply, but it’s not very evident because they are always involved in multiple projects at the same time. One of their superpowers is that they can predict events with near accuracy. This makes it easy for them to allocate more time to interesting things.

Their minds move very quickly from one concept to another, so they are good at synthesizing and analyzing information as they come.

Type 7s are very fast learners. They learn manual skills very fast and absorb information in form of ideas, languages, and facts faster than other types. When it comes to mind-body coordination, type 7s are second to none.

However, their wide interests, curiosity, and fast learning abilities can pose problems for them. Because they know a lot of skills and can learn things in a short period, they often don’t know the path they are to delve into. So, they don’t value the abilities they have because they look unfocused.

If a type 7 settles down, stick to their major strengths and outsource their weaknesses, they can achieve extraordinary things in a short time.

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Type 7 and the Workplace


What kind of work environment will help a type 7 thrive?

1.   They Work Perfectly with Short Deadlines

If type 7s work in a contract-based company that sets different deadlines, they will work excellently. This is because they are highly self-motivated.

They love working on projects and because their enthusiasm and zeal start waning off towards the end, they’d try to complete the project fast. 

2.   They Are Very Flexible and Enjoy Variety

Type 7s hate monotonous jobs. They treasure variety in the workplace. The easiest way to kill a type 7’s work zeal is to give him/her repeated projects.

When they handle several creative projects simultaneously, they get more creative ideas and explore more concepts.

3.   They are Experts at Brainstorming

Do you want to achieve the best results when it comes to idea and concept formation? Hire a type 7 to do the job. They let their imaginations run very far and wild. They derive so much joy from toying around with ideas, so they are very innovative.


4.   They Attract People and Bring Them Together

Because type 7s are very innovative and smart people, they tend to attract so many people to themselves. They are the fun of the party and are oftentimes made team leads.

They not only socialize on fun days, but they also bring people together for networking purposes.

5.   They Love Adventurous Jobs

Any job that can take a type 7 out of his/her comfort zone is the best. They hate stagnancy. They want to explore their full potential, so they need to go around different fields and find out which is suitable for them.


What Kind Of Work Environment Will Not Be Suitable For A Type 7?

1.   Type 7s Hate Slow-Moving And Conventional Organizations

If a type 7 gets employed in a company that has a conventional pattern of doing things and always claims “that’s how it’s done around here”, their enthusiasm will quickly deflate and they will be less productive.

That won’t be a good thing for the company, especially if the person plays a key role.

2.   Type 7s Hate Slow And Stagnant Meetings

Do you want to get a type 7 easily irritated at work? Let the meetings be boring and slow.

Type 7s love fast action. They love engaging in several projects at the same time, so they hate one project sucking up the little time they have. The fastest way to suck up the time is to have stretchy meetings. 

3.   They hate micromanagement

A typical type 7 loves being the boss because they hate being told what to do. This is especially if they have nice and creative ideas that could push the brand or company forward.

4.   Type 7s Hate Positions And Hierarchy

They don’t like working in secure careers that have a definite career progression ladder. If they are more knowledgeable than the person claiming to be their superior, they may tend to do things their way and create trouble for all parties involved.

5.   They Hate Secluded Jobs

Any job that doesn’t allow people to interact with others isn’t good for a type 7. They love bringing people together, networking, and organizing conferences and summits that will impact and change people’s lives.

Any job that keeps them secluded will make them feel dissatisfied.

Best career options for Enneagram 7w6

enneagram type 7 careers

Type 6 are very loyal and responsible people, so when they combine them with type 7 traits, they form multi-layers of self-confidence and top-notch motivation.

Best careers include:

1.   Chef

This is one career a type 7 can go into and blossom because it allows them to try new ideas and concepts with ease

2.   Interior Designers

A type 7 can look at your home and discover a thousand and one ways of making it look absolutely gorgeous.


3.   Event Planners

Remember, type 7s love working on a tight schedule and meeting a deadline. With the hassle and stress that comes with planning an event these days, let a type 7 take the stress off of you.

4.   Pilot

This is especially good for a type 7w6 because this set of people are spontaneous but value a bit of stability in their lives. Being a pilot gives them the best of both worlds.

5.   Personal Trainers

This is another great job for a type 7w6 because it helps them network with other people, gives them some form of stability, and allows them to incorporate their ideas also.

enneagram type 7 careers

Best Career Options for Enneagram 7w8

Type eights are called the challengers, so a blend of type 7 and 8 traits helps them to become confident leaders and take tough decisions

1.   Marketing

A type 7w8 will make a great marketer because of the blend of both traits. It helps him/her to interact with people and make tough choices that will boost brand awareness.

2.   Sales

This is the best job for highly extroverted type 7s. It gives them the chance to make money and connect with like minds respectively.

3.   Travel agents

Type 7s love adventurous jobs, so nothing could be better than being a travel agent. They’d know the best travel destinations at the most affordable prices.

4.   Bartenders

Ever been served a drink at a bar and got amazed by the combination? The bartender was most likely a type 7. Their imaginations help them to make the craziest and best drink combinations possible.

5.   Entrepreneurs

Type 7s hate working for people or in places with a conventional career progression ladder. Because they know what they want to do, they’d make great entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Worst Enneagram Type 7 Careers

1.   Librarian

A type 7 can’t make a good librarian. They’d be bored to death.

2.   Doctors

Type 7s rarely make good doctors because they have a regimented schedule with little to no space for creativity. They might only derive joy working in accidents and/or emergency wards.

3.   In-house Lawyers

The same thing applies to being an in-house lawyer. Type 7 rarely makes good in-house lawyers because it can get conventional and boring after some time. Little to no room for creativity.

4.   Customer Service Rep

A type 7 will be so dissatisfied being a customer service rep because they’d deal with similar problems all day long and have little to no human interaction

5.   Administrative assistant

The monotonous nature of this job is unfit for a type 7. This also applies to secretarial work, clerk, or any other type of office duty.

How to Get The Best Out of An Enneagram Type 7

  • Be very friendly and open with your type 7 employee
  • Don’t limit their job description to just one role. Rotate them around various departments.
  • Your company shouldn’t have a rigid career structure
  • Be open to new ideas from them.
  • Your staff meetings shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes.

At the end, the best enneagram type 7 careers are those careers that allow type 7s to do use their creativity to the full.

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