Careers for INFP- Best and Worst Choices

Careers for INFP

Are you an INFP? If you are, then you are one of the 4-5% out there with this personality type. That makes you quite unique and rare. As with almost everyone, our career choices can take up most of our lives. So, you must get that part right. The best careers for INFP should surely be of interest to you.

What Do INFPs Look For in a Career?

INFPs are some of the most curious people in the world. They are inspiring and quite creative. Often viewed as one of the most idealist types, the INFP is all about creating unique happy experiences for themselves. Their need to be happy and satisfied with what they do translates often into their careers.

For the INFPs, the best careers for them don’t necessarily have to be the one that provides them with the most financial security. It has to be something they are quite passionate about. With passion comes the will to improve and progress in their careers.

INFP Careers- In the Workplace

INFPs often allow their personal values and beliefs to dictate their careers. This means that status will mean little to them. The INFP wants to be involved in projects or in a workplace that will allow them to have a vision or an end goal they are excited about.

For the INFP to be happy in their career choices, they have to work in a place that values innovative ideas and allows them to express themselves.

Here are somethings that INFPs will expect from their careers

1.      Autonomy

INFPs want to have control over what they work. They want to be able to complete a project with enough freedom. Just like other types like the ENTP and INTP, the INFP simply do not like to be micromanaged by others. They want to be able to express their thoughts and solutions. As they are great problem solvers, this is one way to get the best out of them.

2.      A Cooperative Environment

While the INFP is very happy to work alone, they can also achieve a lot of things when they cooperate with other people. This makes working in a group a fun experience for them. However, they would not make such an impact if they are not allowed to freely contribute to that group.

3.      Flexibility

If there’s any type who will be a strong advocate for the work from home trends, it would be the INFP. They simply want their work hours to be flexible. This allows them to work at their own pace and time. This does not mean that the INFP is lazy. Flexible hours simply mean more freedom to express themselves.

4.      Creativity

The best careers for INFPs are those ones that allow them to use a lot of creativity. INFPs can create something out of nothing most times. They need a job or career that can allow them to develop their creativity to the fullest potential. A boring rigid routine job will simply not do for an INFP. However, an INFP can sometimes make a routine job fun and creative for themselves.

What the INFP Does Not Want In the Workplace

1.      Detail-Oriented

The INFP wants to be creative in their jobs. Therefore, a workplace that requires them to handle projects with too many details can be counter-productive for the INFP. They will definitely not enjoy working on such projects.

2.      No Place for Creativity

The INFP wants to solve problems through innovative solutions. This requires a good dose of creativity. The INFP therefore would not do well in a place that does not allow creativity. They would feel unsatisfied and will eventually leave the organization for a better working environment.

Best Careers for INFP in Various Categories

Here are some of the best career options for the INFP. I have divided them into various industries. This will give you a good idea of where you might fit in. To get a good idea of the careers of the most famous INFP, you should click that link.

Careers for INFP- Arts and Entertainment


Careers for INFP
J.K. Rowling attends the Broadway Opening Day performance of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two’ at The Lyric Theatre on April 22, 2018 in New York City.

If there is a job that requires a ton of skills, it has to be writing. It gives the INFP a chance to express themselves. Most writing careers also allow them to work alone without the fear of being micromanaged. As a writer, the INFP can often be the best version of themselves. Famous INFP writers include William Shakespeare and J.K Rowling

Other jobs in this category will include

  • Film director
  • Actor/actress
  • Poet
  • Film editor
  • Photographer
  • Editor
  • Interpreter
  • Musician

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Science and Medical field


Careers for INFP

The INFP is in touch with their emotions and has a genuine need to make a difference. They also want to be creative and innovative in their careers. This makes psychologists one of the best areas for the INFP. It allows them to keep in touch with their emotions and help others in their life’s journey. It’s the perfect job for the INFP.

Other suitable careers in this field include

  • Veterinary technician
  • Nurse
  • Massage therapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Mid-wife
  • Mental Health Professional


Careers for INFP

Guidance Counselor

This job allows the INFP to meet a lot of people. It also gives them the chance to work on their own terms. By helping others to make the right choices in their lives, the INFP will feel they are making a difference in people’s lives.

Other suitable careers for INFP in this category include

  • High school teacher
  • Professor
  • Curator


blogging for INFP


If there is one business that can allow the INFP to express themselves, it’s blogging. However, to get the best out of this, they will need to write about the things that they are passionate about. Blogging for the sole aim of making lots of money will not be helpful for the INFP

Other suitable careers for the INFP in this category include

  • Human Resource Manager or Specialist
  • Fundraising manager
  • Design Technologist



swimming career for INFP

The best type of sports for the INFP will be sports that do not have a lot of contact or collision. The INFP will able to work alone and make the best use of their skills. This type is very idealistic. This means that they will always strive for perfection in whatever they do. Swimming is a sport that allows them to improve on themselves without having any contact with others. This is one sport that the INFP will excel in.

Other suitable careers in sports include

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Motorcyclist
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton

Other Career Options for the INFP

Apart from these options, the INFP can also try their hands on some of these careers.

  • Missionary
  • Social worker
  • Career or school counselor
  • Religious education
  • Clergy
  • Music Writer

Worst Careers for the INFP

While anyone can actually strive in any career, the INFP might struggle to adapt to the job requirements of these careers. Thus, I feel that the INFPs should try to avoid these career options. They include

  • Police officers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Systems analyst
  • Programmer
  • Judge
  • Auditor
  • Financial Analyst

The key for the INFP is to be able to enjoy their work. In research conducted by Truity, it was found that the INFPs are in the fourth lowest in terms of job satisfaction. It is important then for the INFPs to understand their career choices before making important decisions.

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