ENFJ 8w7 (The Complete Guide)


ENFJs are the protagonists of the MBTI. When compared with the enneagram, some identify as the ENFJ 8w7.

In this article, we’ll discuss who the ENFJ 8w7 is and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ENFJ 8w7?

ENFJ 8w7s are charismatic people with a truckload of willpower. Just like ENFJ type 3s, ENFJ 8w7s are goal-oriented and assertive. Because they are type 8, they are just as protective and inspiring as typical ENFJs.

Nevertheless, the presence of both type 8 and type 7 still changes many typical traits of the ENFJ. Type 8 is not the most popular enneagram for the ENFJ. While this is true, it’s also not uncommon.

ENFJ 8w7s are more likely to be ENFJ-A than ENFJ-T.

What is the Core Desire of the ENFJ 8w7?

The core desire of the ENFJ 8w7 is to control their lives. To achieve this, they ensure they are never in a position of weakness.

While this is admirable, it has flaws, as we shall see.

What is the Core Fear of the ENFJ 8w7?

The core fear of the ENFJ 8w7 is being controlled or vulnerable. They do not want to relinquish control of their lives to others.

This personality type gathers all the tools and resources needed to be independent to prevent this. This usually includes money.

How the 8w7 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies  of the ENFJ

1.   Stronger Willpower

ENFJs are strong personalities. This is heightened with ENFJ 8w7s. Their willpower becomes even stronger. This allows them to overcome obstacles and progress even in difficult situations.

It also makes their confidence rock solid. ENFJ 8w7s enjoy the same level of willpower as other 8w7s.

2.   A Balance of Brute Force and Soft Power

ENFJs use extroverted feeling (Fe). This is like soft power in the MBTI. Fe seeks to understand how others think or feel. Once this is achieved, ENFJ adapts accordingly.

This makes this type more influential and likable. ENFJ 8w7s also have this quality. However, because they are also type 8s, they can brute force their way to what they want.

Having both abilities makes them both talented and intimidating.

3.   More Protective

Type 8 is extremely protective of those they love. This is also present in the ENFJ 8w7s. They trust and believe in those they love.

This personality type doesn’t want to see their loved ones hurt or betrayed. So, think again if you’re thinking of hurting a type 8’s beloved.

4.   Less Sensitive

ENFJs are feelers. Thus, they predominantly make decisions based on emotions. Not this ENFJ. While feelings and emotions are a big part of who they are, they are also logical.

Thus, they can take criticisms and other emotional blows that a typical ENFJ will struggle with. Because they are less sensitive, they find it easier to strive in harsh environments.

5.   Less Likely to be People-Pleasers

Because of the presence of Fe, it’s easy for ENFJs to be people-pleasers. ENFJ 8w7s are a bit different. They will resist people-pleasing as they see it as a form of control.

Thus, they are more likely to create healthy boundaries. This is all down to the presence of type 8.

6.   Entrepreneurial Skills

ENFJs are born leaders. With the addition of type 8, they become really good entrepreneurs. Type 8 gives them grit and the determination to succeed at all costs.

The addition of their wing ensures their mind is always buzzing with new ideas. ENFJ 8w7s are amazing in this way.

New Weaknesses of the ENFJ 8w7

1.   Anger+Fear

ENFJ 8w7 accesses their emotions predominantly through anger and fear. Here’s why. Type 8 is in the anger triad, while type 7 is in the fear triad.

So, this personality type’s first reaction to annoying situations is confrontational anger. Their anger is swift and aggressive. Backing up that anger is hidden fear.

So, while the ENFJ 8w7s might seem tough and intimidating, they are really softies.

2.   Chronic Workaholics

Type 8 works really hard. This shows in the ENFJ 8w7s. Thus, there’s always the danger of this personality type becoming a workaholic.

They can be so engrossed in their goals that they neglect their family and health. While they enjoy working, striking a balance is key to a rewarding life.

If you’re struggling with being a workaholic, here’s an article that might help.

3.   Can be Impulsive

Because of their wing, ENFJ 8w7s can be impulsive. This usually happens when they get emotional or angry.

Their impulsive nature might also show in their handling of finances. When type 8 is in growth, they become generous. Backed up by type 7, this can lead to extravagant spending.

The good thing is that the presence of type 8 will limit the impulsive nature of type 7.

4.   Impatience

ENFJ 8w7s are big personalities because of the confidence they elude. Thus, people find it easy to look up to them. This means more questions and the need to teach others.

The ENFJ 8w7 might not have the patience for this new development. However, because they are ENFJs, it won’t be as bad as the ENTP 8w7 or ENTJ 8w7.

5.   They Can Be Excessive

Just like all type 8s, ENFJ 8w7s can be excessive when they want to be.

Discussing passionate topics, letting loose, or getting lost in their vices are classic examples. This personality type will likely struggle with addiction on some level.

However, because they desire control over their lives, things will never get so bad (as long as they’re healthy).

ENFJ 8w7 in the Workplace

ENFJs want a career that accepts their innovation and challenges them. They strive for leadership positions and are at their best when working within a team.

ENFJ 8w7s are similar. In addition, this personality type prefers careers that give them some control over their time. That’s why most ENFJ 8w7s like being their own boss.

Because of their grit and determination, they can excel in both 9-5 jobs and remote work. To get the best out of the ENFJ 8w7, ensure their role allows them to be innovative. If it gives them a measure of control, even better.

Best Careers for the ENFJ 8w7

  • HR manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Freelancer
  • Photographer
  • Director
  • Politician
  • Attorney
  • Sales Manager
  • Compliance officer

Worst Careers for the ENFJ 8w7

  • Bartender
  • Receptionist
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Chemical Engineer

Famous/Fictional/Anime Characters that are ENFJ 8w7

  • Tupac Shakur
  • Alita (Alita: Battle angel)
  • Grace Monroe (Infinity train)
  • Bria (The owl house)
  • General Radahn (Elden ring)
  • Daniel Hardman (Suits)
  • Mr. Win (Girl from nowhere)
  • Freddie Throne (Peaky Blinders)
  • Michael Burnham (Star Trek: Discovery)
  • Arianne Martell (A song of ice and fire)
  • Andrew DeLuca (Grey’s Anatomy)


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