ENFJ 9w8 (The Complete Guide)

ENFJ 9w8

Good vibes with a solid backbone. These are perfect words to describe the ENFJ 9w8. Yet, there’s more. You’re in the right place if you want to know more about the ENFJ 9w8.

Let’s go!

Who is the ENFJ 9w8?

ENFJ 9w8s are calm people laced with doggedness. They seek harmony and peace wherever they find themselves. This is further strengthened by the presence of their extroverted feeling function. Thus, ENFJ 9w8 will not only seek peace, but know how to promote it effectively.

Because of the presence of their wing, they’ll also be independent and strong-willed. However, this really depends on the strength of their wing. Type 9 is not the most common enneagram type for ENFJs. That title goes to type 2.

Thus, you can expect type 9 to change some of the typical traits of the ENFJ. ENFJ 9w8s are more likely to be turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the ENFJ 9w8?

The core desire of the ENFJ 9w8 is to have peace and harmony. To achieve this, they try to avoid anything that can disrupt their peace.

What is the Core Fear of the ENFJ 9w8?

The core fear of the ENFJ 9w8 is to always be in conflict. To prevent this, ENFJ 9w8s try their best to spot situations that can lead to conflict a mile away.

How the 9w8 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ENFJ

1.   More Chill/Laid Back

ENFJs are chill people with good vibes. It’s probably even more noticeable in the ENFJ 9w8. They become even calmer and less open to conflicts. This is a direct consequence of their enneagram type.

Thus, people often see them as more relaxed and easy to get along with. They are also less likely to assert themselves unless it matters to them.

2.   More Tactful

ENFJs are tactful people. This is why they are considered the protagonists. ENFJ 9w8s take this to another level. They know how to make people feel heard and understood.

They also know how to avoid conflicts with others except when necessary. This gives them the perfect balance moving forward. People usually have little or no reason to hold grudges against them.

3.   Even Better Negotiators

This follows the last point. Because they often have a clear idea of people’s boundaries and how to avoid conflict, they become good negotiators.

People often find their negotiation skills to be firm yet compromising. They tend to aim for a win-win situation with other parties.

4.   More Protective

ENFJs are not particularly known to be protective. ENFJ 9w8s are slightly more protective. This is because of their wing. Thus, this personality type will become assertive and forceful regarding their loved ones.

The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

5.   Quietly More Stubborn

ENFJs are not stubborn people. They are more flexible and adaptable. ENFJ 9w8s are slightly different. Type 9 has a lot of anger issues that they keep hidden. Thus, when they’re angry and against a particular decision, things get a bit dicey.

ENFJ 9w8s will not outwardly express their dissatisfaction with the problem. However, passive-aggressiveness will show they are against the idea. They will drag their feet if you try to force them to do anything they dislike.

6.   Even More Adaptable

ENFJs are super adaptable. ENFJ 9w8s are super super adaptable. They are always ready to bend or compromise to people’s demands. Their only objections might come when it affects their loved ones. Even then, that depends on the strength of their wing.

Their adaptability shows up even in their careers.

New Weaknesses of the ENFJ 9w8

1.   More Indecisive

Type 9s are very indecisive people. Here’s why. They do not want to have any conflicts or issues with people. Thus, when ENFJ 9w8s have a decision to make, they’ll often ponder over it for long periods. They want to make a decision that makes everyone happy.

This delay might make them seem indecisive and even unreliable. However, when the chips are down, expect them to make quick decisions. This particular trait depends on the strength of their wing.

2.   Slightly Lower Work Ethic

ENFJs have a good work ethic thanks to their perceiving function. However, this reduces in the ENFJ 9w8s. They simply want to preserve their harmony. Putting too much effort and working extra hard can mess up their inner peace.

Thus, ENFJ 9w8s might unconsciously take a breather just to ensure they stay peaceful. This is also one of the reasons why type 9s are not that interested in financial success.

3.   Se+ Lower Anger Combo

ENFJ uses extroverted sensing as their tertiary function. Type 8 (their wing) is in the anger triad. Unlike type 9, which suppresses anger, type 8 confronts it. The presence of Se makes this anger more explosive and violent.

Thus, ENFJ 9w8 might suppress anger for long periods. However, when they let it out, it can easily lead to violence.

The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

4.   Conflict-Averse

As mentioned earlier, ENFJ 9w8s are not big fans of conflict. While this has its own benefits, there are also significant drawbacks. ENFJ 9w8s might be unable to communicate effectively in their relationships because of fear of conflict.

They might also not be able to make enough progress in their careers because of this trait. As with most things in life, the key is finding a balance.

ENFJ 9w8 in Love/Compatibility

1.   Compatibility

ENFJ’s natural partners in the MBTI are the INFP and ISFP. Type 9 gets along with all Enneagram types. Thus, there are plenty of options on the table for the ENFJ 9w8.

While this is true, the MBTI and Enneagram should not be the main factor when choosing a partner. Any two mature persons can make a relationship work.

2.   Love Languages

This refers to the way we like to give and receive love. ENFJ 9w8s will have physical touch and words of affirmation among their top three love languages.

So, try to reassure your partner about how you feel about them. Ensure they know you respect them and their opinions. Don’t be scared to throw in a slice of intimacy.

3.   Create a Safe Environment

This follows the last point. Creating a safe environment for them to express their feelings and ideas is important. This is because ENFJ 9w8s will recoil and withdraw when they feel a conflict is brewing.

They only let go when they feel their partners are okay or willing to indulge them. So, do just that.

4.   Communication Style

ENFJ 9w8s prefer soft, tactful communication over harsh words. Thus, make sure your words are seasoned with salt when you communicate with them.

Criticism or feedback expressed harshly will only make them withdraw. Do this often enough and your relationship will be over.

ENFJ in the Workplace

ENFJs are great at inspiring people. They are also good at managing people and excel at problem-solving. ENFJ 9w8s are similar. They enjoy career paths that allow them to influence people’s decisions. ENFJ 9w8s enjoy both remote, hybrid and traditional work settings.

Because of their wing, they might like a bit of control or flexibility in their role. Ensure their job does not bring them in direct contact with constant criticism to get the best out of the ENFJ 9w8.

Best Careers for the ENFJ 9w8

  • Mediators
  • Arbitrators
  • Attorney
  • Diplomat
  • Ambassador
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Counsel
  • Therapist
  • Politician
  • Financial Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Professor
  • High School Teacher
  • Blogger



Worst Careers for the ENFJ 9w8

  • Mechanic
  • Auditor
  • Bartender
  • Carpenter

Famous People/Fictional/Anime Characters That Might Be ENFJ 9w8

  • Suki (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Shanks (One Piece)
  • Morpheus (The Matrix)
  • The Lorax (The Lorax)
  • Darling Charming (Ever After High)
  • Jamie Fraser (Outlander)
  • Kang Daniel
  • Daniel LaRusso (Cobra Kai)
  • Jared Padalecki
  • Richard Webber (Grey’s Anatomy)
  • Maxon Schreave (The Selection)

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