ENFJ memes- 40 Of The Very Best

ENFJ Memes

ENFJs are often considered to be the protagonists or the champions of the MBTI typology. They care about others and are often willing to help them reach their targets and goals. This is just one of the many reasons why we absolutely adore the ENFJs. To celebrate this personality type, we have gathered some of the best ENFJ memes we could find.

So, here are 40 of the very best ENFJ memes out there

40 Hilarious ENFJ Memes

1. ENFJs Can Destroy You

ENFJs can be extremely kind and helpful people. However, when you get on their bad side, they have what they need to hurt you.

They can actually be regarded as evil incarnate.

2. The Donkey in Shrek is ENFJ

Remember the donkey in Shrek? He was an ENFJ.


4. ENFJ Can’t Stop Talking Some times

ENFJs like to talk and express themselves. While they might simply intend to say something really simple, they could talk on for hours.

5. ENFJ Memes- ENFJs are Addictive

ENFJs are addictive. They are charismatic and people just love them. When they are not around, you can certainly feel their absence. Yes, they are that good.



8. ENFJ Love Physical Touch

ENFJs are big lovers of hugs and physical touch. They are always up for a hug every once in a while.

They are also good at it too.

9. ENFJ Memes- They want to Please People

ENFJs love to please others. While they might look very fearless at times, realizing people don’t feel happier around them can make them sad.

10. ENFJ Loves Home Made Items

An ENFJ I personally know once said that homemade items means that people put in effort and work just for you.

To ENFJs, that means a lot to them.

11. ENFJ and INFP are a Match Made in Heaven

ENFJ and INFP are really a match in heaven. INFPs are introverted and really try to stay out of the lime light. ENFJs are there to make INFPs open vulnerable.

It’s a classic pair.



14. ENFJ Memes- Extremely Kind

ENFJs are extremely kind. Once they sense someone is sad or going through a tough period, they are going to go in all guns blazing. It’s not wonder that some types depend a lot on the ENFJs.

15. ENFJ Memes

16. ENFJ Memes- Getting to Know Them is Difficult

As much as the ENFJs want to help others, it is incredibly difficult to know them. They are very private and will usually not ask for help. That’s one of the core traits of an ENFJ.

17. ENFJ and Fe

ENFJs lead with extroverted feelings. This means that they can feel how others feel and their tones.

Thus, if someone changes the way they behave around them, they are bound to take notice.

18. ENFJ Memes- They Also Want to be Appreciated

ENFJs give a lot to people who they love. While they might seem selfless, it wouldn’t be bad to appreciate the things they do for others once in a while.

it’d bring a smile to their faces.


20. ENFJs Want to Help

ENFJs want to help in anyway that they can. So, when they give instructions, its usually one that they feel will be beneficial.



23. ENFJ Memes

24. Personality Types Depend on the ENFJ

Without knowing it, ENFJs are often seen as reliable to other personality types. This includes INTPs and INFPs. It’s not a surprise that these are two great matches for the ENFJs.



27. Sarcasm At Its Best

ENFJs are great with sarcasm and memes. They are also excellent communicators. This means they can pass a sarcastic message without even trying.


29. ENFJs Like a Good Romance

ENFJs like a good romance. While not at the level of INFPs, they are deep romantics.

30. ENFJ Memes


32. They are Very Expressive

ENFJs are very expressive of their opinions and emotions. This means they are great communicators who can interact with people. This also applies when they are angry.

33. ENFJs are Introverted Extroverts

ENFJs are introverted extroverts. This means that they like to have some alone time even if they are extroverts.

If you want to know more about introverted extroverts, then you should check out that link.

34. ENFJ Memes




38. ENFJs Get Sad When They Are Not Valued

ENFJs really appreciate affirmative words. They want to know that they are making a difference in your life.

So when you have the chance, please reassure them.

39. ENFJ Memes


ENFJs have incredible qualities. They can help you overcome pretty much anything. Add this to their amazing personality and you know why we just can’t hate the ENFJ.

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