ENFP 2w3 (The Complete Guide)

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ENFPs are charismatic and fun-loving people. They bring such good tidings to any environment. When compared with the enneagram of personality, a sizable number of this type identify as ENFP 2w3.

So, what can you expect from the ENFP 2w3?

What are ENFP 2w3s Like?

ENFP 2w3s are confident and generous people. They like giving back to people and their friends. They want to help others and find themselves giving whatever they can.

ENFP 2w3s are still ENFPs. Thus, general traits such as having a million ideas, expressiveness, and crazy intuition will still be present.

However, the presence of type 2 and type 3 will alter some of their traits significantly. Depending on the trait, this can be a positive or negative development.

What is the Core Desire of the ENFP 2w3?

The core desire of the ENFP 2w3 is to be appreciated. They want to hold a big place in the lives of those they care about. They also want to see people happy and reach their potential.

Thus, ENFP 2w3s try to achieve this by using their numerous ideas to help others. This can be by teaching or simply providing solutions.

What is the Core Fear of the ENFP 2w3?

The core fear of the ENFP 2w3 is for their efforts to go unappreciated. This applies when dealing with friends or in their workplace.

To reduce the likelihood of this ever happening, this personality type will try their best to be there for everyone and every task. We all know that’s impossible.

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How 2w3 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ENFP

1.      More Disciplined

The first thing you’ll notice about this personality type is their discipline levels. It’s far more than your usual ENFP.

ENFPs are infamous procrastinators who hardly get things finished. However, this is different with ENFP 2w3s.

This personality type has the drive to meet the expectations of the many ideas they have. Thus, they are more disciplined than other ENFPs.

However, the extent of their drive will often depend on the strength of their wing.

2.      More Extroverted

ENFPs are widely considered to be introverted extroverts. This is also true with ENFP 2w3. However, expect them to be slightly more extroverted than other ENFPs.

This personality type is clearly people-oriented and wants to interact with others. Their wing is also interested in gaining success through their social and networking skills.

ENFP 2w3 has no choice but to be cheerful and persuasive.

3.      More Grounded

ENFPs are often considered to be flighty. This stereotype probably applies more to the ENFP 7w6 or ENFP 7w8 than other types.

ENFP 2w3s are more grounded for obvious reasons. First, they hold their friends and relationships in higher regard. Thus, they are more interested in building relationships that last forever.

So, they are more likely to settle for a long-term relationship than other ENFPs.

4.      More Ambitious

ENFPs always have exciting ideas and are ambitious people. However, this is even higher with the ENFP 2w3. If their wing is strong, ENFP 2w3s might do exceedingly well in whatever they do. This might include academics and other activities.

For this ENFP, being successful is one of their highest priority. While this is true, they will still place their friends and family on a higher pedestal.

5.      Stronger Attachment to Norms

ENFPs are non-traditionalists by nature. They love to think out of the box. Being micromanaged or sticking to norms doesn’t appeal to them.

However, ENFP 2w3s will be different. While they will still not yield completely to norms and traditions, they will be more tolerant.

In some cases, they might understand its importance and be willing to follow these norms.

New Weaknesses of ENFP 2w3

1.      People-Pleasers

It gets really hard for this personality type in this department. ENFPs are infamous for their people-pleasing issues. Things just get worse.

Type 2s have a craving to be accepted and liked by their peers. This combined with the ENFP natural inclination to please others creates a big problem.

This type can be manipulated and run over by others who want something from them. It can be extremely difficult to say no.

If you are having people-pleasing problems, here’s an article that might be of help.

2.      More Sensitive

ENFPs are in touch with their emotions. This is also true of ENFP 2w3s. They are cheerful and polite people who might never be rude to you.

So, hurtful remarks and criticism will hit them hard. It can take a while for this personality type to get over hurtful things said to them.

In extreme situations, it can affect their mental health.

3.      Prone to Manipulation

Type 2 and type 3 are two types that can easily fall to manipulation for varying reasons. For type 2, it’s all about getting the attention and appreciation they deserve.

For type 3, it’s about climbing up the ladder or being seen as successful. Thus, ENFP 2w3 might become manipulative if they feel the need to.

While this is possible, ENFP 2w3 can be healthy enough to avoid these traits.

4.      Spreading Themselves Too Thin

People-pleasing and the need to help others can lead to ENFP 2w3 spreading themselves too thin. This can leave them exhausted and stressed. This also has several implications.

First, they will have lower productivity levels. They will also struggle to meet their targets. It can also make them pay less attention to the things and people that matter.

In this case, ENFP 2w3s will look and behave like the ENFJ.

ENFP 2w3 and the Workplace

ENFP 2w3s value the same things that an ENFP values. They want a job that offers them the creativity and flexibility they desire. Also, ENFP 2w3s want a job that allows them to build relationships with others. If the job allows them to help others, even better!

Just like other ENFPs, this personality type likes to constantly grow and improve themselves. Their wing demands they climb up the ladder.

Thus, ENFP 2w3 will not want a job that does not offer them future growth.

To get the best of the ENFP 2w3, make sure that their role offers them lots of creative opportunities and a chance to grow.

Best Careers for ENFP 2w3

  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Social Worker
  • Counselor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Librarian
  • Childcare worker
  • Interior Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Psychologist
  • Lawyer

Careers ENFP 2w3 Should Avoid

  • Farmer
  • Factory supervisor
  • Financial Manager
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer

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