ENFP 3w4 (The Complete Guide)

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Some people don’t believe the ENFP 3w4 exists. However, I beg to differ. While ENFPs are considered charismatic and free spirits, they are usually not linked with goal-focused and achievement-driven qualities. 

Well, those are just stereotypes. The ENFP 3w4 does exist. Here’s what you can expect from them. 

Who is an ENFP 3w4?

These are self-confident and ambitious ENFPs. They want to get work done and get it done now. While their ambitious nature is immediately evident, they are also interested in aesthetics. 

This influences their choice of fashion, creativity and so much more. ENFP 3w4s are more likely to be assertive ENFPs. Here’s an article that talks more about ENFP-As. 

Because they are type 3, a lot of ENFP’s stereotypical traits will be altered as we shall soon see. Their wing also plays an important role in their lives.

Here’s an in-depth description of enneagram 3w4.

What is the Core Desire of the ENFP 3w4?

The core desire of the ENFP 3w4 is to be successful and to be seen as successful. They want to achieve success in their unique way. 

For the ENFP 3w4, success is only sure when others acknowledge them as successful. To achieve their goal, this personality type uses their creativity and charm to hit their targets. 

What is the Core Fear of the ENFP 3w4?

The core fear of the ENFP 3w4 is to be unsuccessful and ordinary. To combat this, they are ready to work their butts off every day. 

They also strive to keep developing themselves. To them, constant growth is the foundation for success. 

How the 3w4 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ENFP

1. More Ambitious

ENFPs are charismatic and innovative. They have cool ideas and are happy to share their ideas with others. However, they lack a bit of drive in getting things done. Not this ENFP. 

This ENFP is driven and ambitious. They still have those amazing ideas because they’re ENFPs. The difference is in the execution. 

Because they crave success, they will strive to execute them to perfection. 

2. More Disciplined

Discipline is not something associated with ENFPs. Just like ENTPs, they have no problems starting new projects. 

The problem is in staying true to the course. They just get so excited over new, shiny things that they just want to keep experiencing the high it brings. 

In the end, they’ll have 8 projects open and complacency will take over.

ENFP 3w4s are different. They are more disciplined and efficient. Thus, they almost always complete what they start. It doesn’t matter how scattered they might be, they’ll get the job done. 

3. More Focused

This follows the last quality. ENFPs often find themselves doing so many things in so many industries. They find it hard to specialize. 

ENFP 3w4s are remarkably different. They know how to focus on their strengths and optimize them. Thus, they focus only on a few things. They also tend to be hyper-focused when they want to meet a goal. 

4. Less Sensitive

Sensitivity is something that all feelers have. While it will still be present in this personality type, it’ll be much reduced. Type 3s are famous for shutting out their emotional side in their quest for success. 

Thus, ENFP 3w4s will be less sensitive to emotional turmoil. This is true even though they have type 4 as a wing. You might only notice their sensitive side when they don’t have a lot of projects on their hands.

That’s rare.

5. Better Leaders

ENFPs can be inspiring leaders. However, ENFP 3w4s will be even better. Because they have type 4 as a wing, they’ll be more understanding while driving their team to success like a type 3. 

People will like working under them and will be truly amazed by their creative and management skills. 

New Weaknesses of the ENFP 3w4

1. Seeks People’s Validation

As earlier stated, ENFP 3w4s only feel successful when others think they are. Thus, they run a risk of living for others. They desperately want acceptance and approval.

Thus, they might become people pleasers or lose themselves in the process. If you’re an ENFP 3w4, it might be useful to take some time to reflect on your reasons for working towards a goal. 

If there was no other human watching, is it something you would still do?

2. Emotional Block

Type 3s block out their feelings and emotions to focus on achieving their goal. Other times, they do this to be more persuasive and adaptable. 

ENFP 3w4s use this a lot. While this may have short-term benefits, it also has its consequences. This personality type can start to lose their true selves to the facade they put up. 

If this continues, they might end up not recognizing themselves when they look in the mirror.

3. Self-Absorbed

Type 4 is notorious for being self-absorbed. While not at the forefront, you can sense a bit of it in the ENFP 3w4. They might be wrapped in their bubble. They might feel they are special or the world is against them. 

Naturally, what happens always has something to do with them. Of course, the extent to which this is felt will often depend on the strength of their wing. 

4. Less Energy

ENFPs are restless and hyperactive. They have tons of energy. You’ll notice this once you meet them. 

While definitely not sluggish, ENFP 3w4s have less energy. This is probably because of their wing. They are also introverted extroverts. Thus, they crave more alone time. 

Most people with this personality type have found that focusing on a few interests is generally the best way to achieve success. 

ENFP 4w3 vs ENFP 3w4

Wondering if you’re an ENFP 4w3 or ENFP 3w4? Here are some of their differences.

ENFP 4w3ENFP 3w4 
More IntrovertedMore Extroverted
More Concerned with being unique or differentMore Concerned with being seen as successful
More ComplacentMore Driven

For a more in-depth description of ENFP 4w3, you can click that link.

ENFP 3w4 in the Workplace

ENFPs love career paths that allow them to express their innovative ideas. They are burning with charisma and want to use it to solve problems. 

They also don’t want to work in a rigid environment. ENFP 3w4s have the same needs. They also want a career that offers them opportunities to grow. 

To get the best out of the ENFP 3w4, make sure their role involves creativity and is flexible. If there’s a chance for a promotion, even better!

Best Careers for ENFP 3w4

  • Executive
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lawyer
  • Actor/Actress
  • Musician
  • Politician
  • Painter/Artist
  • Writer
  • Professor
  • Psychologist
  • Model

Worse Careers for ENFP 3w4

  • Farmer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Paralegal
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Electrician
  • Mechanic
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Electrical Engineer

Famous/Fictional Characters that are ENFP 3w4

  • Malcolm Elliott (Malcolm and Marie)
  • Justinian I
  • Keira Metz (The Witcher)
  • Cameron Monaghan
  • Napoleon III
  • Megan Rapinoe 
  • Tony Prince (GTA)

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  1. Oof, this missed the mark, at least for me as a 3w4 ENFP. Maybe it’s because I’m Sx or disintegrated to 9…? I read Cher, an Only Fans Star, and a YouTuber were 3w4 ENFP!

  2. This is so spot on! It’s really nice to see me reflected! I’ve always struggled with how much all the underlying workings of my mind are ENFP to a tee ( I can’t see myself as anything but as having the ENFP operating system) but the descriptions of the ENFP person doesn’t fit me. They always describe a person who doesn’t care about prestige, money and success. But I care deeply about these things!!

    What I loved most was how you specified between 3w4 and 4w3. Even though I want to be special, it wouldn’t mean anything unless I can be very successful. In other words, my career progression has been very unique but with always a driven focus to succeed bigger and better. Hehe

    Anyway, thank you for this profile!!

  3. This is so spot on! My entire career has been all about relentlessly pursuing bigger and better prestige, money and success with a very unique journey that felt true to me! Thank you for writing this!

  4. Hi, no clue if you’ll see this, but I’ve always been really interested in psychology and wanted to see how my personality tests ended up synergizing– I can’t really tell if this applies to me well, in part because I’m a very unusual three. I definitely lean a lot more in the direction of the ENFP side of things here, and I wanted to ask if you had any insight on these things:

    I am not a particularly driven, ambitious, disciplined, or focused individual. This is due to a myriad of factors– I am twice exceptional, I was raised in a family where moral character was far more important than achievement, I was homeschooled until highschool so I never had chance to really become your typical “3” due to limited opportunity to achieve things, etc.

    Naturally, this makes me question whether I AM a 3w4 at all, or if I’m something else entirely, but I share lots of similarities, and the core attributes of 3s, such as basic desires, fears, the integration and disintegration tendencies, the social skills, the creative aspects of my supposed 4 wing, and generally a good deal of the deeper level analysis is a really solid fit.

    So, any thoughts? Am I truly a 3w4? Am I something else entirely?

    • Hi, enneagram types are mostly a product of our childhood experiences. If you grew up in a house where moral character was more important than achievement, you could be a type 1. Type 1 and 3s share determination, ambition, and the need to be perfect. In type 1’s case, ambition is always tempered by the need to do the right thing.

      So, you need to ask yourself how far you’re willing to go to be successful. Can you use charm and even deceit to get ahead of the game? Or do you prefer to play things by the book?

  5. Hello, I’m enfp, and I’d like to know which one is me, 4w3 or 3w4. Although I like art, I place the most importance on living realistically. In addition, there is a greater desire to take advantage of normalcy, not to be treated as a “strange person” than to be recognized by others and pursue something different from others. However, I’m an honest person and hate to show people false appearances. He is also lazy and individualistic. Do you look like a lazy perfectionist? Are you a pessimistic romantic? We share about half the characteristics of 3w4 and 4w3, so I’d like to ask

    • Hey Pabb, you sound like an ENFP 5w6 or 5w4 to me. Perhaps you should also check those subtypes out!


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