ENFP 6w5 (The Complete Guide)

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The ENFP 6w5 is a balancing personality of some sort. Want to know more about them?

This article discusses who the ENFP 6w5 is and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ENFP 6w5?

ENFP 6w5s are cautious people with a fair chunk of curiosity. They are like a walking contradiction as ENFPs live and breathe adventure and optimism. On the other hand, type 6 is all about security and realism.

Type 6 is a normal enneagram type for all MBTI types. So, there are no real surprises there. However, its presence and that of their wing still change some typical traits of the ENFP, as we shall see.

ENFP 6w5s have an equal chance of being assertive or turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the ENFP 6w5?

The core desire of the ENFP 6w5 is to live in security. They try to balance or contain their ever-present adventurous spirit to achieve this.

What is the Core Fear of the ENFP 6w5?

The core fear of the ENFP 6w5 is to be insecure or vulnerable. To avoid this, this personality type avoids taking risks except when absolutely necessary.

How the 6w5 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the ENFP 6w5

1.   More Cautious

ENFPs are adventurous. They enjoy taking risks and living life to the fullest. However, ENFP 6w5s are different.

While they love a good adventure, they are more cautious. They weigh the risks before making a decision. Their cautiousness protects them from making terrible mistakes.

2.   More Loyal

Type 6 is famous for their loyalty. This also extends to the ENFP 6w5. They will be extremely loyal to those they care about.

Their loyalty means they’ll want the best for them. They’ll also do whatever they can to help them succeed. While this is true, this personality type will not risk their lives or security to help others.

It just doesn’t work that way.

3.   Better with Finances

ENFPs are not the best at managing their finances. They make impulsive decisions which lead to less thought-out purchases. This easily leads to debt.

With the ENFP 6w5, things are a little different. While still not the best budgeter, ENFPs are more interested in managing their money. This comes from a desire never to be financially insecure.

Very few things trouble type 6s more than being in debt.

4.   More Logical

ENFPs are idealists and feelers. This means they base a lot of their decisions on how they feel. This is further heightened by Fi, which focuses on their internal values.

ENFP 6w5s are different. They are more realistic when dealing with problems. Because type 6 belongs to the thinking triad, they are also more logical.

While their Fi is present, it sometimes mimics Fe as they put the people they love first.

5.   Better With Emergencies

Type 6s are usually great at managing emergencies. Here’s why. Type 6 is always worried about the worst-case scenario. So, they have prepared for it well in advance.

This allows them to be calm when there’s an emergency. If you are ever stuck or need urgent help, the ENFP 6w5 is one of your best bets.

New Weaknesses of the ENFP 6w5

1.   Fearful

Type 6 and type 5 are both in the fear triad. This means they access their emotions through fear. Thus, ENFP 6w5s are very fearful people.

Even when they seem courageous, it comes from a place of fear. While this can be good in some situations, it can hinder their growth in other circumstances.

2.   Distrustful

Trust is not something that comes easily to the ENFP 6w5s. They are usually skeptical of new ideas, plans, or projects. With their wing, they try to find loopholes where they can.

While this is a great trait, it can easily become a problem. ENFP 6w5s struggle to trust those they love. This extends to their romantic relationships.

So, they risk sabotaging their lives because of a lack of trust.

3.   Detached

Type 5 is known for being detached. ENFPs are introverted extroverts. Thus, ENFP 6w5s will need a lot of alone time. They will also have addictive hobbies.

This can make them spend a lot of hours by themselves. While they might be having fun, this can sever their connection with their family. This is especially true if their family or loved ones are not 6w5s.

The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

4.   Risk-Averse

Risks are not something ENFP 6w5s take lightly. They are terrified of it. They do not want to be the first to try a new idea.

This has several implications. This personality type will usually make little progress in their careers. They will also hesitate when given life-changing opportunities.

In worst-case scenarios, it can even be fatal. As always, the key is finding a balance.

ENFP 6w5 in the Workplace

ENFPs want a career and workplace that allows them to be innovative. They want to see their ideas implemented and respected.

While ENFP 6w5s also find this appealing, their main priority is financial security. So, they settle for most jobs that provide good income and job security. Because they are ENFPs, they might be able to move or change jobs if they find greener pastures.

To get the best out of the ENFP 6w5, ensure their role gives them stability and security. If it requires creativity, even better!

Best Careers for the ENFP 6w5

  • Librarian
  • Professor
  • Writer
  • Working for the government
  • Financial Manager
  • Animal Trainer
  • Psychologist
  • HR manager
  • Sales manager
  • Compliance officer
  • Lawyer

Worst Careers for the ENFP 6w5

  • Police officer
  • Dentist
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Crypto trader

Famous/Fictional/Anime Characters that are ENFP 6w5

  • Steve Smith (American Dad!)
  • Johannes Betzler (Jojo rabbit)
  • Pedro Pascal
  • Roger Ebert
  • Oliver Stone
  • Ludwig Dieter (Army of the dead/Army of thieves)
  • Sieglinde Sullivan (Kuroshitsuji)
  • Javier Garcia (The walking dead: A new frontier)
  • Winnifred Burkle (Angel)
  • Yukari Akiyama (Girls und panzer)
  • Dr. Edrisa Tanaka (Prodigal son)

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