ENFP 7w8 (The Complete Guide)

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ENFPs are the campaigners of the MBTI typology. They bring good vibes and excitement that’s hard to ignore. You’ll also agree that their happiness and charisma can be infectious. It’s not a surprise then that most ENFPs identify as type 7 in the enneagram of personality. According to Thought Catalog, about 50% of that number identify as ENFP 7w8.

So, we’re going to focus on that side of the coin. What can you expect from the ENFP 7w8?

What would an ENFP 7w8 Look Like?

When paired with a type 7, the traits of the ENFP are fairly normal. Because they use extroverted intuition as their dominant wing, they will be very expressive and excitable.

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This type enjoys a good adventure and good conversations. They can also easily be the life of the party when they are excited.

However, having a type 8 as their wing makes things a bit interesting. Just like the ENTP 7w8, we see a lot of changes in this type of ENFP.

What is the Basic Desire of the ENFP 7w8?

The basic desire of ENFP 7w8s is to be happy. They try to achieve this by reaching their targets and having everything they desire.

To do this, ENFP 7w8 realizes soon enough that bringing their many ideas to life is extremely important. However, realizing this and perfectly executing them are two different things.

What is the Basic Fear of the ENFP 7w8?

The basic fear of the ENFP 7w8 is to be deprived. They never want to lack the things they want. Thus, they put in a lot of effort to make sure that they never find themselves in that situation.

How the 7w8 Changes the Natural Tendencies of ENFPs

1.      More Direct

ENFPs are feelers. This means that they use emotions as their first point of call. However, you get another vibe with ENFP 7w8s.

While they retain their emotional intensity, they can now express these feelings directly and clearly. This can make the ENFP better public speakers.

2.      Likely to be ENFP-A

ENFP 7w8 are more likely to be assertive ENFPs than any other type. I wrote an interesting piece on ENFP-A. You can click that link to read more.

Because they are more direct, they are likely to be seen as assertive or opinionated. This makes them seem more focused in the long term.

3.      More Disciplined

ENFPs and ENTPs are not known for their discipline. They are big-time procrastinators and this usually gets in the way of their plans.

While this trait is evident in the ENFP 7w8, it’s much more reduced. The extent of its reduction fully depends on the strength of their wing.

Thus, this personality type has more willpower to finish the tasks that they start. This can make them seem more reliable than core 7s.

4.      More Ambitious

ENFPs are adventurers and campaigners. While they want to want to experience life, ambitions and lofty dreams are not at the center of their lives. So, they don’t crave to be the richest person in the world.

However, this personality type places more emphasis on ambition. They realize that having money and power is one way to get the type of life they want.

Thus, ENFP 7w8s might put in the work needed to succeed.

5.      ENTP Look-Alike

ENFPs and ENTPs are cousin types. Thus, it’s only natural that they look alike. However, ENFP 7w8 will look a lot and behave like the ENTP to an extreme level.

They will be more rational, charismatic, and argumentative than your normal ENFP. Thus, a lot of ENFP 7w8 can easily misidentify themselves as ENTPs.

6.      More Focused and Determined

Their wing beings a steely attitude to the ENFP. Thus, they will be more focused and determined. This might show in school, the workplace, or even at home.

ENFP 7w8s are go-getters and will achieve their goals or get close to doing so. You’ll see a clear difference between this ENFP and the stereotypical ENFP you have probably heard about.

7.      Less Impulsive

ENFPs are not great at thinking things through. This means that they can be quite reckless and be terrible at handling their finances.

Depending on the strength of their wing, ENFP 7w8 will have better control over their impulsiveness. They understand the power of not being in debt.

So, while they will still make impulsive decisions and mismanage their money, it will be at a lesser rate.

New Weaknesses of the ENFP 7w8

1.      They have a Temper

Type 8s are known for being confrontational. So, no matter how soft and emotional this personality type might seem, they have this in them.

Thus, ENFP 7w8s can have quite a temper. This might only be displayed when they are pushed to their wall or when their feelings have been hurt.

It can be quite scary.

2.      Manipulative

This personality type will be more manipulative. Type 7 loves to have influence over others while type 8 loves power.

These two types blend to form an individual who knows how to control or influence people’s decisions.

While this is true, this does not necessarily mean that they might use this to hurt others. However, it is definitely part of their arsenal.

3.      Distrustful

There’s a lot of talk on ENFPs being naïve. While this personality type loves ideas and wants to trust others, they can be especially distrustful.

They realize that people might not be exactly what they sell themselves as. Thus, this personality type might play the fool but understand exactly what is going on.

You’ll probably know where you stand with them when the chips are down.

ENFP 7w8 vs ENFP 7w6

Wondering if you are an ENFP 7w8 or ENFP 7w6? Here are some differences that might help.

ENFP 7w8ENFP 7w6
More Concerned about being independentMore concerned about secure
More introvertedMore extroverted
Might have a temperMight be more fearful
More likely to be ENFP-AMore likely to be ENFP-T

ENFP 7w8 And Career Options

ENFPs have a lot of creativity to give. They love roles or jobs that allow them to be spontaneous and useful.

ENFP 7w8s perform best when they work on their own terms and under flexible decisions. It might also be important to keep all routine and mundane jobs away from them. You’ll bore them to death.

To get the best out of this personality type, place them in roles that keep them mentally stimulated.

Here are some of the best and worse career choices for ENFP 7w8s

Best Careers for ENFP 7w8

  • Lawyer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Blogger
  • Historian
  • Writer/Author
  • Psychologist
  • PR Manager
  • Economist
  • Graphic Designer

Worse Careers for ENFP 7w8

  • Compliance officer
  • Pre-school teacher
  • Administrative Staff
  • Paralegal

Fictional Characters who are ENFP 7w8

  • Fred Weasley (Harry Potter Series)
  • George Weasley (Harry Potter Series)
  • Peter Pan
  • Erin Hannon
  • Jake Peralta

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