ENFP 8w7 (The Complete Guide)


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When you think of 8w7, ENFP is not the type that comes to mind. Yet, they exist. The ENFP 8w7 is one heck of a combination.

In this article, we’ll consider who the ENFP 8w7 is and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ENFP 8w7?

These are assertive and confident people. ENFP 8w7s are extremely driven in accomplishing their goals. While they maintain the spirited nature of the ENFPs, they are fine-tuned to manage the obstacles they face.

Type 8 is not the most popular enneagram type for the ENFP. That title goes to type 7. However, this combination is still possible. It will have significant effects on their extroverted intuition (Ne) and introverted feeling (Fi).

The presence of type 8 as their dominant Enneagram type changes some of the stereotypical traits of the ENFP as we shall soon see.

ENFP 8w7s are usually assertive.

What is the Core Desire of the ENFP 8w7?

The core desire of the ENFP 8w7 is to maintain control. Unlike other thinking types, their need for control is centered around their emotions and values.

Thus, this personality type is extremely protective of their emotions and feelings. They will also exert control in other parts of their lives to a lesser degree.

What is the Core Fear of the ENFP 8w7?

The core fear of the ENFP 8w7 is to be controlled, manipulated, or deceived. How they choose to achieve this will depend on the particular individual.

How the 8w7 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ENFP

1.   More Domineering/Assertive

Type 8s have intense energy and a domineering spirit. ENFP 8w7s is no different. This personality type will be pushy and assertive.

They also won’t have any problems being leaders. To some personality types, this might be seen as bossy. However, ENFP 8w7s are just born leaders. They can inspire their team to greatness and usually get the job done.

2.   More Driven

ENFPs are known to have big ideas with a clear lack of discipline. Not this ENFP. ENFP 8w7s are driven to accomplish their goals and targets.

This usually comes with a lot of self-determination and grit. Thus, you can expect this type to achieve whatever they set their minds to do.

Their willpower is very strong, to say the least.

3.   Better Work Ethic

This follows the last point. Because they have more discipline, this will translate to a better work ethic. Unlike the ENFPs who are usually attracted by shiny things, they can stay the course and see a project to its finish.

Because they have type 7 as their wing, they will still not be the most efficient workers. However, they will get the job done. In the end, that’s what counts.

4.   Enhanced Ne+Fi

As you probably already know, ENFPs lead with Ne and Fi. Fi allows them to internalize their feelings. Thus, their responses and decisions are usually based on their internal values. Ne allows them to express those values and feelings clearly.

With ENFP 8w7s, things are heightened. ENFP 8w7 might become more passionate about these values. In the best case scenario, these values can inspire others to greatness.

In worst-case scenarios, they can be seen as rigid and inflexible.

5.   More Realistic

ENFPs are idealists. Thus, they might be too optimistic for their own good. They might look at the world as it ought to be and not what it is. However, ENFP 8w7s are different.

They are more realistic with their goals and plans. This is probably one reason why they are more successful than typical ENFPs.

This also allows them to have multiple backup plans. In this regard, they might look a bit like the ENTJ or INTJ.

6.   Entrepreneurial

ENFPs, just like the ENTPs are blessed with a creative mind that never runs out of ideas. This is also present in ENFP 8w7s. This time, they are able to narrow their endless ideas down to just one.

They also have the drive, grit, and willpower to pull it off. This makes them great entrepreneurs. Their willingness to take risks just consolidates this new strength.

New Weaknesses of the ENFP 8w7

1.   Anger+Emotions

ENFPs are feelers. Type 8 belongs to the anger triad. Thus, ENFP 8w7s will be confrontational. That’s not all. They will also be very sensitive about these confrontations. This will be more pronounced when it’s about their core values.

Because they are more emotional, their anger can come with burning resentment or a need for vengeance.

The presence of type 7 as a wing means that they might also be a bit anxious, fearful, or vulnerable. The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

2.   Workaholics

Their newfound discipline and work ethic might very well make them workaholics. This is more pronounced when they are working on a project they love.

ENFP 8w7s are just like other 8w7s. They work hard and also party hard in their own way. While this means they get to do all the fun activities they love, their body is the biggest losers. Unless, of course, their fun activities include exercise.

3.   Big Spenders

The presence of type 7 means that their impulsive spending will still be present. Type 7s want to have fun and experience pleasure. Thus, their wing might push them to spend more.

While this is true, the presence of type 8 will limit this problem. Thus, ENFP 8w7s will never find themselves in overwhelming debt.

4.   Too Fixated on their Values

As earlier stated, ENFP 8w7s have stronger values than other ENFPs. While this might be inspiring, it can also have its downsides.

This personality type might become fixated on these values and start seeing the world as black and white. This might hinder their growth and disrupt their relationship with others.

It’s crucial that this personality type remains balanced.

ENFP 8w7 in the Workplace

ENFPs want an environment that allows them to be creative and explore their imagination. They perform best when their schedule is flexible. ENFP 8w7s are similar.

Because they are type 8s, they are big on their careers. You can count on them to put in the work. ENFP 8w7s also do well in leadership and managerial positions.

To get the best out of the ENFP 8w7, make sure their role is creative, flexible, and ensures career growth.

Best Careers for the ENFP 8w7

  • Entrepreneur
  • HR manager
  • Politician
  • Freelancer
  • Consultant
  • Writer
  • Executive
  • CEO
  • Financial Analyst
  • Economist
  • Attorney

Worst Careers for the ENFP 8w7

  • Paralegal
  • Bartender
  • Secretary
  • Administrative Staff
  • Customer service representative
  • Mechanic

Famous/Fictional Characters that are ENFP 8w7

  • Josephine Jo March (Little Women)
  • Frederick the Great
  • Lucien Carr (Kill Your Darlings)
  • Zoey Pierson (How I met your mother)
  • Sophia Marlowe (Girlboss)
  • Lucie Hernandez (Moxie)
  • Heidi Priebe (Enneagram and MBTI enthusiast)
  • Marco Inaros (The Expanse)
  • Richmond Valentine (Kingsman)


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