ENFP 9w1 (The Complete Guide)

ENFP 9w1

ENFPs are the campaigners of the MBTI. When compared with the enneagram of personality, some might identify as ENFP 9w1.

In this article, we’ll look at who the ENFP 9w1 is and what we can expect from them.

Who is the ENFP 9w1?

ENFP 9w1s are chill and easy-going people. Unlike the INFP 9w1 who focuses more on the introverted feeling (Fi), ENFP 9w1 has more emphasis on Ne.

They know how to talk and interact with others. Your first impression of this personality type is that they are friendly, cheerful, and positive. However, there’s more to the ENFP 9w1.

Type 9 is a fairly common type for ENFPs. However, its presence combined with type 1 as a wing will change some of the typical traits of the ENFP as we shall soon see.

ENFP 9w1s are more likely to be ENFP-Ts.

What is the Core Desire of the ENFP 9w1?

The core desire of the ENFP 9w1 is to have inner peace and harmony. To achieve this, they try to stay away from conflicts.

If their wing is especially strong, you might only see their assertive side when their values are challenged.

What is the Core Fear of the ENFP 9w1?

The core fear of the ENFP 9w1 is to have their peace disrupted. They don’t want to be consistently in the trenches.

To avoid this, they’ll try to avoid anything that disrupts it. In some cases, this might mean putting less effort into an idea or project.

How the 9w1 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the ENFP

1.   A True Mediator

ENFPs are not particularly known for their mediator skills. However, the ENFP 9w1 is different. Here’s why. ENFP 9w1 is consistently looking for ways to maintain harmony.

They subconsciously know that if they can maintain harmony externally, internal harmony becomes possible.

So, they strive to resolve conflicts in the best possible way. This makes them excellent mediators. The fact that they also try not to hurt people’s feelings makes them even better at it.

2.   Ability to See All Perspectives

Just like the INFP 9w1, this personality type can see all perspectives of a matter. So, they usually understand why people act the way they do.

This might make them more accepting of others. This particular trait also aids them when meditating.

3.   More of a Talker

ENFPs are introverted extroverts. This means that while they get externally stimulated, they still love their alone time. They talk less when compared with super extroverts.

ENFP 9w1 might be a bit different. They will talk more than your average ENFP. However, it still will not be enough to classify them as super extroverts.

They might be more dramatic or chit-chatty with others. This will happen even when they want to be left alone. They’ll do anything to maintain harmony.

4.   More Easy-Going

ENFP 9w1s are friendly and easy-going. In most situations, they prefer to go with the flow. They do this to avoid needless conflicts.

They also try to get along with everyone. While this is almost impossible, ENFP 9w1 gives it a real go.

5.   Higher Ethics

Type 1 is known for their desire to do good and be good. Thus, ENFP 9w1s have this craving but in smaller quantities.

Thus, they want to do the right thing. Because Fi is one of their main functions, doing right might mean staying true to themselves.

While their love for morals and ethics is unmistakable, having the resolve to keep up is a different story.

6.   The Craving for Perfection

This also emanates from type 1. ENFP 9w1s have really high standards and expectations. They want to do things perfectly. To them, making a mistake is a disaster.

While this is true, they will not beat themselves up the way a core type 1 would do. The extent of their perfectionism depends on the strength of their wing.

New Weaknesses of the ENFP 9w1

1.   More Complacent

Type 9’s complacency issues are well documented. Thus, it’s not a surprise to see it come to the fore. ENFP 9w1s will struggle with complacency throughout their lives.

Complacency is a major reason why they never reach perfection. They might also never reach the level of morality they crave.

It is also the reason why they struggle to reach their goals. They will struggle to maintain consistency and a high work ethic over long periods.

2.   People-Pleasing

Because of their need to avoid conflict, ENFP 9w1s will be people-pleasing. They will find it harder to say no and might not push back when people cross their boundaries.

Let’s be clear though. They know that you have crossed their boundaries and are not particularly happy about it.

However, they are willing to let it slide. If you eventually push them to the wall, they will fight back.

ENFP 9w1s have to learn how to say no.

3.   Indecisive

ENFP 9w1s try to avoid conflict. This also affects their decision-making process. They want to make a decision that everyone agrees with.

While this might earn them admiration, it’s not always easy. People have preferences and personal interests.

Because of how difficult it can be, ENFP 9w1s might struggle with indecision. This can affect even the smallest parts of their life such as selecting a dish from a menu or picking a restaurant for lunch.

4.   Doubts and Low Self-Esteem

As earlier stated, ENFP 9w1s have high standards that they struggle to meet. This struggle can affect them negatively. They might start to feel that they are not good enough.

Some might even feel they are not talented at anything. The doubts wreck their self-confidence. It can be a real struggle for them.

ENFP 9w1 in the Workplace

ENFPs want a career that offers them the chance to be creative. They have big ideas they want to implement. They also want a flexible workplace. ENFPs are one of the types that are likely to prefer remote work.

ENFP 9w1s are similar. In addition, they also want a harmonious workplace. They want colleagues that appreciate the work they do. ENFP 9w1s also want gentle feedback or criticism from their boss.

To get the best out of the ENFP 9w1, place them in a role that is creative and flexible. If it’s in a harmonious environment, even better!

Best Careers for the ENFP 9w1

  • Mediators
  • Diplomats
  • Ambassadors
  • Financial Analyst
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacists
  • Writer
  • Freelancer
  • Artist

Worst Careers for the ENFP 9w1

  • Attorney
  • Electrician
  • Law Enforcement
  • Entrepreneur
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer

Famous/Fictional Characters that are ENFP 9w1

  • Mirabel Madrigal (Encanto)
  • Mavis Dracula (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Mobius M. Mobius (Loki)
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Lily Collins
  • Brittany Pierce (Glee)
  • Winston Bishop (New girl)
  • Dorothy Gale (The Wizard of Oz)

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