ENFP and INFJ Relationship- A Striking Partnership


ENFP and INFJ pairing are just as popular as the INFJ and ENTP relationships. Here’s why. These two types seem to be more compatible than most. 

Here, we’ll talk a closer look at the ENFP and INFJ relationships and what you can expect. 

Why ENFP and INFJ Might be Attracted to Each Other

Here are some reasons why both types might be attracted to each other. First, we start with the ENFP. 

Why the ENFP will be Attracted to the INFJ

The Sense of Mystery

Intriguing people and situations are what ENFPs love for. They want to figure things out and love the process of doing so. INFJs offer them that thrill. 

There are a few or no type that’s as mysterious as them. Quiet and full of introverted intuition, it can be a rush of fresh air for the ENFP. They’ll be in love before they know it!

Deep Conversations

Intuitive types are suckers for great conversations. Nothing makes them happier than baring their souls in a conversation or talking about things they are passionate about. 

Having the INFJ as a partner gives them this opportunity. INFJs value authenticity. They don’t just want deep conversations. They want to have genuine ones. 

It’s not hard to see how this appeals to the ENFP. 


INFJs are full of creativity. When they are type 4s, this is even more obvious. ENFPs love that. Just watching what their creativity produces can be a huge appeal. 

ENFPs are in love with new or innovative ideas. That can only be made with a truckload of creativity. 


ENFPs are not the very best at staying organized. Thus, seeing someone else who does this seamlessly will be attractive. Introducing the INFJs. 

They live a very structured life. They are also very punctual. Most times, they work with a planned schedule. These are things most ENFPs will struggle with throughout their lives. 

Having an INFJ by their side will surely make the process easier. 

Unconventional Mind

INFJs have a vivid imagination. Thus, it’s normal for them to have interesting thoughts that border on intimacy and the whole bunch. 

ENFPs are also very imaginative. So, they’ll absolutely love the fresh unconventional ideas that INFJs bring to the table. 

Why the INFJ will be Attracted to the ENFP

Positive Attitude

ENFPs are very positive people. They always look at the bright side. This is unlike INFJs who are more pessimistic about their lives. 

So, ENFPs can raise their pessimistic spirit and provide a new perspective for the INFJ. Whether they know it or not, INFJs desperately need that sometimes. 

ENFPs provide this in abundance.

Care-Free Spirit

ENFPs also come with a care-free spirit. They approach life with enthusiasm and want to enjoy it. It’s really no surprise that they usually are type 7s in the enneagram. 

ENFPs are free spirits and want to see life on their terms. INFJs certainly find this very intriguing. In the ENFP, they’ve found a partner that can go on their wild trips with them.

There’s nothing better than that. 


Just like the ENTPs, ENFPs have a lot of charisma. This is possible because of their dominant extroverted intuition (Ne) function. 

This function is followed by the introverted feeling (Fi). This gives them a unique way of expressing themselves. Do they make a lot of sense? 

You should probably ask an INFJ that question. They seem to love it that much.

Brings Them Out Of Their Shell

INFJs are introverts. Most times, they are also really shy people. ENFPs are not having any of that. They have a way of bringing the INFJ out of their shells. 

With them, the INFJ finally feels like they can express themselves without any fear of judgment. 

That really means a lot to them. INFJs find this attractive about the ENFPs. 

Strengths of the ENFP and INFJ Relationship

1. Great Emotional Connections

Both types are intuitive feelers (NF). This certainly helps. They see the world through the same lenses. Thus, ENFP and INFJ relationships are usually characterized by a strong emotional bond. 

Both types understand each other on a truly emotional level. This has certain benefits. First, it becomes more difficult to misinterpret each other. 

They know that their partner is also sensitive. So, they know what to expect. This allows them to give each other the benefit of a doubt. 

They also can be much more intimate with each other. This can serve as a foundation for a long relationship.

2. Good Conversations

As earlier stated, ENFP and INFJ relationships are built on great conversations. INFJs are great conversationalists. Their extroverted feeling function (Fe) also makes them great listeners. 

Simply put, they know how to make their partners feel heard. They also know how to express themselves when necessary. 

Because the ENFP is an introverted extrovert, they won’t overwhelm the INFJ. They also love their air of mystery. So, if the INFJ is talking, they’ll listen. 

Their conversations are one way to spot the profound respect between these two types. 

3. Both Idealistic

Both types are idealistic in their perspective about the world. They see unfairness and cruelty as inherently wrong. 

Better yet, they want to help. So, there won’t be any conflict here. Their career choices might also reveal how idealistic they are in their goals and passions. 

It’s always a huge plus to be on the same page with your partner. 

4. Love Languages Blend

Love languages allow you to love your partner the way they want to be loved. For most ENFPs, physical touch, quality time, and acts of service are important. 

For the INFJs, physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation are the three top love languages. 

Thus, there’s a good blend of love languages. Both types do not necessarily have to learn a new love language. It all comes effortlessly. 

5. Fewer Conflicts

Because ENFP and INFJ relationships have a lot of things in common, it’s harder for conflicts to arise. This is probably backed up by a few other things. 

As earlier stated, both types are feelers. Thus, there is a lot of understanding between both parties. It also removes the possibility of insensitivity. 

This creates a really open and affectionate environment for both types to thrive in. 

6. Communication Style is Great

Their skills while conversing with others also extend to their communication style. They are patient with each other. This is probably because of how much they respect themselves. 

So, they can take the time to discuss their relationship issues without any tension. It’s all just very cozy if you ask me. 

Weaknesses of the ENFP and INFJ Relationship

1. Energy Levels 

The first weakness is their energy levels. There’s just a huge gap between both parties. ENFPs can be hyperactive and the life of the party. 

They have this energy in abundance even though they are introverted extroverts. INFJs have the energy to socialize. However, their social batteries are nowhere near the ENFPs. 

So, you get a situation where the ENFP wants to talk and have outdoor fun while the INFJ just wants to watch movies or read books. 

The ENFP won’t be happy. The INFJ might notice but won’t budge. There’ll be frustration in the air and a bit of dissatisfaction. 

2. Structured/Unstructured Issues

It was always coming, wasn’t it? Judgers and perceivers usually clash when it comes to structure and planning. The ENFP and INFJ are no different.

INFJs are super organized. They keep their things at a particular location and take pride in how clean their environment is. 

ENFPs are not dirty. They are just more disorganized or unstructured. Thus, they won’t obey the INFJ’s strict rule that socks should be kept on the left-hand side of the wardrobe. 

In fact, they’ll think the INFJ is too rigid. INFJs will usually take on more responsibility. This likely includes cleaning duties.

Slowly, they’ll get tired of doing this. ENFPs won’t notice. They’ll tell them in a not-so-positive way. ENFPs will defend themselves. There’ll be a huge argument. The rest is history.

3. ENFPs Can be Unreliable

This continues from the point above. ENFPs will be highly unreliable. The problem isn’t that they are lazy or complacent. The problem here is that ENFPs are spontaneous. INFJs are not. 

This means that ENFPs prefer to work in quick bursts of energy while INFJ prefers a planned schedule. 

So, the ENFP might make an appointment with the INFJ at 4pm. The INFJ will happily add this appointment to their schedule and plan their day around it. 

The ENFP will miss the deadline by an hour. The INFJ won’t be happy as their day has been thrown into chaos. ENFPs won’t mind. 

This will make the INFJ more frustrated. If things are not handled quickly, the situation can escalate. 

4. INFJs Can be Stubborn

INFJs are defined by their core values and principles. Just like any other person, your core values can be wrong sometimes. However, INFJs are usually too stubborn to acknowledge this, at least immediately. 

ENFPs are more adaptable and flexible. This stubbornness extends to other things such as the way they do things. INFJs might not want to change their routine regardless of the situation. 

It can be difficult for the ENFP who’s a lot more open-minded. This can put a significant strain on the relationship. 

5. Idealism Can Be a Problem

Yes, we mentioned that being idealistic was a strength in this relationship. However, it can also be a big problem. 

When both partners see each other as perfect or when they expect to have a problem-free relationship, that’s where things go wrong. 

So, they might both feel like having issues is a red flag. Thus, a very good relationship can crumble because both parties didn’t put in the right effort. 

How to Make the Relationship Work

1. Be More Realistic

There’ll be issues in a relationship, serious issues. You need to be realistic with this inevitability. Thus, removing any idealistic views you had on how relationships work will help this relationship in the long run. 

2. Finding the Middle Ground

Like in most relationships, it’s all about finding the middle ground. This can be done with a few compromises. For example, the INFJ might learn to be more flexible. ENFPs can learn to be more organized and punctual. 

With a little bit of work, they can pull it off. 

3. Just Communicate

The communication lines between both parties are already great. So, all you have to do is to communicate more. Here’s an article that talks about communication skills in a relationship. 

You might find it useful. 


Overall, the ENFP and INFJ relationship face fewer issues than many other combinations. Improving on their weaknesses can make this relationship even stronger.

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