ENFP and INTJ Relationship- Sailing Away With Love

ENFP and INTJ Relationships

The ENFP and INTJ relationship is a popular combination in the MBTI world. So, what happens when these two types get together?

Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

Are INTJ and ENFP Compatible?

Yes, INTJ and ENFP relationships are more likely to work for several reasons. One of them is their ability to enjoy conversations. This is down to both types leading with intuition.

However, just like any other relationship, things can also get messy.

Why the ENFP and INTJ Might Be Attracted to One Another

Here’s the ENFP’s version of things.

Why the ENFP Might Find the INTJ Attractive

1.    Their Structure/Organization

The ENFP will be attracted to how organized the INTJ is. They will marvel at the structure INTJs have. This is not something that most ENFPs have.

So, this realization and superiority will likely blow their minds. The INTJ will seem so efficient.

2.    Bluntness

ENFPs are feelers. So, this means they watch their words carefully even conversing. To see someone be blunt without a care in the world will be hot and appealing.

The ENFP will be attracted to their bluntness, charm, and sarcasm. They will also have confidence that the INTJ can protect them if necessary.

3.    Reliability

This follows the point about INTJ’s structure. ENFPs will believe that the INTJ is reliable. This might be a trait that they struggle to meet. Knowing that a potential partner will always be there for them will be a good feeling.

Even as friends, the ENFP will subconsciously learn to rely on the INTJ.

4.    Outward Confidence

INTJ usually appear extra confident in their plans and opinions. While some might suffer from a lack of self-confidence within, it usually doesn’t show.

This confidence in their opinions and the ability to assert themselves when necessary will appeal to ENFPs. They will always enjoy hearing the INTJ speak.

5.    Ability to Hold a Conversation

Both the ENFP and INTJ lead with intuition. This means they are more likely to be interested in the same topics and manner of conversations.

Thus, the ENFP will love to discuss this with the INTJ. Because they are thinkers, they will bring a new dimension to the ENFP’s world. This new dimension can be addictive.

Why the INTJ Might Find the ENFP Attractive

1.    Warmth

ENFP projects a lot of warmth. This is something not present in INTJs. They will be intrigued by it. This will also present a source of comfort for them when they are weighed down.

The warmth of the ENFP can break down the hardest exterior of the INTJ.

2.    Their Positive Energy

Just like the ENTPs, the ENFPs are usually very optimistic. Their optimism is also very contagious. INTJs are not the most optimistic people in the world. They are more of strategists.

To notice so much positive energy in the ENFP is refreshing to the INTJ. Even if they might not admit it, it gives them hope and some encouragement.

3.    Spontaneous Nature

ENFPs are spontaneous people. This is different from the INTJ’s often rigid structure. With the ENFP, the INTJ sees a lot of flexibility. This is a new and refreshing perspective.

It also allows the INTJ to relax their strict process and simply enjoy the moment. INTJs live for such moments.

4.    Love For Abstract Concepts

The ENFP and INTJ love abstract concepts. This is down to their intuitive side. Thus, the INTJ will find a worthy partner in the ENFP.

If they do get together or date, they can discuss these abstract concepts for the rest of their lives.

5.    Their Curiosity

ENFPs are very curious. They want to know how everything ticks. They want to go on adventures and experience life to its fullest. Their curiosity is intriguing to the INTJ.

It’s full of life and different from what they know. Most importantly, it’s very attractive.

Strengths of the ENFP and INTJ Relationship

1.   Great Conversations

Conversations are one of the most important parts of a healthy relationship. The ENFP and INTJ relationship have this firmly under their belt.

As earlier stated, they both lead with intuition. This means they love the same topics and ideas. They also find abstract concepts interesting and worth exploring.

This is further strengthened by their thinking and feeling differences. Thus, both types bring new perspectives into every conversation.

This makes the conversations more passionate. They are almost always on the same wavelength.

2.   Learning Experience

The ENFP and INTJ relationship can lead to immense development for both types. For the ENFP, they learn a lot about having a good structure and staying organized.

With that, they can forge ahead with their many ideas and projects. They also learn the importance of logic when making decisions. Not everything should be decided based on how you feel.

For INTJs, they learn how to be vulnerable and more sensitive to others. They also learn how to relax and stay optimistic. Not everything should have triple backup plans.

When both types are healthy, the potential of this partnership is overwhelming.

3.   Shared Love Languages

Both the ENFP and INTJ have quality time and physical touch among their top three love languages. This makes sense as quality time allows them to converse on a deeper level.

Physical touch is also a way to express warmth and physical intimacy. These shared love languages help them to keep the relationship moving in the right direction.

4.   Perfect Roles

ENFP and INTJ have perfect roles when they are out in the public. As you probably already know, INTJs are super introverts. This means they have a lower social battery. ENFPs are introverted extroverts.

So, in public settings, ENFPs will take the lead. This acts as a shield to the INTJ who prefer to keep to themselves.

So, ENFPs take most of the heat while the INTJ avoids feeling drained by constant small talk.

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5.   Shared Loyalty and Commitment

Both types value loyalty and commitment. They fight for those they love. When healthy, both types can expect the other to stay faithful to the relationship.

Their shared loyalty is an important blessing.

Weaknesses of the ENFP and INTJ Relationship

1.   Different Energy Levels

Their different energy levels might pose a problem. As earlier stated, INTJs are super introverts. So, while the ENFP is not a super extrovert, they still don’t have the same social energy.

Thus, there will be times when the ENFP wants to head out or just talk. During this period, the INTJ might not be in the mood. The ENFP will feel hurt or sad. The INTJ will feel misunderstood.

If this happens a lot without clear-the-air talks, things can easily go south.

2.   Different Approaches

The ENFP and INTJ approach life differently. For the INTJ, their life proceeds from a logical stance. They make decisions based on logic and are generally more realistic about their chances.

ENFPs, on the other hand, are idealistic and optimistic. This means that they not only have idealistic expectations. They are also positive that they can be met. Thus, if they believe the world or their relationship should be perfect, they believe this can be done.

ENFPs are also feelers. This means they make their decisions based on emotions. These differences can put a strain on their relationship with the INTJ.

3.   Structured vs Spontaneous

The differences in planning and organization will also be a sticking point. INTJs want their schedules and home perfectly structured and organized. ENFPs like a little bit of mayhem in their lives.

So, the INTJ will be frustrated that the ENFP cannot get their lives in order. Worse yet, the ENFP might extend their spontaneous lifestyle to the INTJ’s space. That will just make matters worse.

Sooner or later, things will reach the boiling stage.

4.   Communication Style

The communication style is also largely different. As earlier stated, INTJs approach with logic. This usually translates to bluntness. While ENFPs might admire this in some situations, it’s no fun when it’s directed at them.

ENFPs are not direct when discussing issues. This can make the INTJ annoyed or irritating. This might make them rush the ENFP to get to the point. They might also incorrectly assume that they know what the ENFP wants to convey.

The urge to approach relationship problems from a logical standpoint can be INTJ’s undoing in any relationship.

How to Improve the ENFP and INTJ Relationship

Respect Your Differences

Let’s be honest. Everyone is different. They come with their own quirks and weirdness. To make the ENFP and INTJ relationship work, you have to respect your differences.

This does not mean you have to condone or encourage bad behavior. You just have to understand that they have their strengths. So, don’t force them to be like you.

Focus on The Relationship’s Strengths

Your relationship has its strengths and weaknesses. You should focus on its strengths. When you focus on weaknesses, you are tearing down your relationship by yourself.

That’s something you don’t want.

Develop Yourselves Together

The ENFP and INTJ relationship give you a chance to work and learn together. Each partner has something unique to give.

You can use this opportunity to learn and become a well-rounded person. So, why not do that?

The INTJ and ENFP romance can work. You just need to put it in the work.

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  1. I think this is an interesting bit of information. I am and ENFP and I am dating and INTJ a get along we get on so well. I love my INTJ and feel like he is my soulmate.


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