ENFP Male- Optimism and Good Vibes

ENFP male

ENFP is one of the 16 personalities in the MBTI typology. They are very charismatic people and are open to change regardless of the situation. Most people love having ENFPs around because they often make the best of friends. However, the ENFP male is quite interesting, to say the least.  

ENFP men make up only 6.4% of the world’s population. Thus, they are somewhat rare. So what can you expect from an ENFP man?

Quick facts about the ENFP Male

1.    They Love to Enjoy Life

This doesn’t come as a surprise.

ENFP males know how to have fun because they are very energetic and full of life. They love seeing the positive side of everything, even when things aren’t going according to plan.

It’s not surprising then that a good number of ENFPs type themselves as enneagram 7.

ENFP males are great friends because they push people to leave their comfort zones and explore what life offers them. Today, they’re trying out the newest restaurant in town, tomorrow, they are getting a new hobby.

They’re never stagnant or tired. The ENFP male’s taste for luxurious things upgrades as their financial status improves

2.    They Don’t Hold Back Their Emotions

As mentioned earlier, ENFP males are very in touch with their emotions. Unlike other personalities who may want to hold back their emotions for fear of the unknown, ENFP males do the exact opposite. They delve in headfirst.

They know that they are emotional people, and if they fear rejection from a loved one, they are open about it. Sometimes, opening up can be difficult for them because it makes them more vulnerable, but they’d rather do that than soak up their feelings.


3.    Their Charm is Deceitful

ENFP males are very charming. They are energetic and social. This leads to admiration from the opposite sex. To some, this might even translate to flirting.

They can’t help it. They just enjoy making other people feel important and special.

Because of this, there are several misconceptions about them, especially when it comes to relationships. People automatically assume that they can’t stay faithful in a relationship. That is not true.

When they finally someone they actually care about, they are ready to commit.

4.    They are not as Fragile as People Think

Because they are in tune with their emotions, they can be very sensitive. People often perceive them as fragile and weak. But that’s not the case. They might go all out for someone when they have feelings, but that doesn’t mean they can’t move on.

If someone takes advantage of them (even though it’s their romantic partner), they can shut off their feelings and move on swiftly. However, they will feel a world of hurt from that betrayal.

They are strong individuals with a sense of self-worth and independence.

5.    They are very intelligent

Their constant interactions with people often make them very intelligent and knowledgeable. They also do a lot of research. This means that they always have something to contribute or discuss when they are with friends or family.

ENFP men and Careers

Their charismatic, energetic, and social nature creates a lot of career opportunities for them. They’d most likely go for jobs that are energetic and constantly dynamic. Monotonous jobs bore them to death.

Furthermore, they love having a sense of personal freedom and this comes when they are free to creatively express themselves. They hate being caged, trapped, or being in a situation they have no control over.

Best Careers for ENFP Males

Here are some careers that are great for ENFP males

1.    Entrepreneur

ENFP males are very passionate people. They are also quite persuasive and creative. This makes them exceptional entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur allows them to be innovative, take measurable amounts of risks, be in situations that they can control, and most importantly, have a sense of freedom.

They dislike routine and monotony. 

2.    Entertainer

This includes actors, writers, musical artists, music producers, DJs and much more. Since they hate structured and regimented jobs, they often fit perfectly into entertainment. It allows them to enhance their skills, formulate their personal style, and work on their terms.

It gives them freedom.

The individualistic feeling this line of business gives them is unmatched.

3.    Human Resource Manager

This is one of the best careers for ENFP males. It allows them to explore the dynamics of human relationships while providing value to brands and companies.

Their charismatic and social nature helps them understand how people operate. This makes them pretty good at assigning roles to employees.

They are also very good communicators. This also makes them good at coordinating their teams.

Other great career options for ENFP males include:

  • Brand Manager
  • Salesperson
  • Lecturer
  • Social worker
  • Designer
  • Social scientist
  • Sports therapist
  • Lawyer

Careers ENFP Men should Avoid

ENFP men should avoid certain careers because it makes them feel drained, stressed, or stagnant at a position. Routine jobs make them feel so incomplete and dissatisfied.

  • Financial advisor
  • Engineer
  • Lab scientists
  • Dentist
  • Physician

The ENFP Male and Dating

ENFP male and dating

Romance is such a huge part of an ENFP’s life. If you want to date an ENFP male, here are some things you should remember.

1.    ENFP Males are Consistent Partners

If you want someone that will love you consistently, ENFP males are your go-to. They give their all to relationships, especially to their romantic partners. In return, you have to be consistent in showing up.

Don’t ever make them feel like their energy isn’t reciprocated or they are wasting their time. Most times, ENFPs often date INFJs or INTJs successfully because they match their energy.

When you put in the effort to match up to their energy, they will love you more.

2.    Give them space

ENFP males hate being trapped or caged, either at work or in relationships. It’s easy for their partners to feel insecure because they are engaging, social, and charismatic people. But you shouldn’t.

Even though they are fiercely committed to a relationship, they won’t put down their personal development or social life because of their partner.

They are attracted to partners that are confident. Showing signs of insecurity will stress the ENFP. They crave healthy relationships that involve two people growing and evolving with each other.

3.    They Need Constant Communication

It’s super important for their partners to provide great feedback. They thrive on communication, and even when they want to make their partners happy, some of them don’t know how to.

It’s important that their partners talk to them about their desires. Communication is especially important if they are dealing with sensors or introverts.

For instance, an ENFP male may decide to throw an elaborate surprise party for his partner because his social and energetic lifestyle accommodates that, but his partner may want a private dinner for the both of them.

Communication is essential when dating an ENFP.

4.    They Don’t Flirt With Everyone They See

This is one common misconception that people have about ENFP males. Almost everyone accuses them of flirting because of their charm and romantic gestures. It will hurt them if their partners assume the same as well.

No, they aren’t flirting with the waiter. No, they aren’t flirting with the girl that moved in next door. Their charismatic nature and charm just push them to engage with as many people as they can.

5.   Physical Touch and Quality Touch

ENFP males usually have physical touch and quality time among the top three love languages. So, if you are dating an ENFP man, don’t hold back from physical touch. Even non-sexual touch is thrilling for ENFPs

Also, spending a lot of time have deep conversations will endear you even more to your ENFP.

ENFPs are fun to be around. That’s why we love them.

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