ENFP memes- 40 of the Very Best


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The ENFP is simply the most introverted extrovert in the MBTI world. However, this is just one of the many reasons we love the ENFP. Charismatic and compassionate, the ENFP can win the hearts of many without even trying. Hence, we have decided to give you the best ENFP memes we can find.

So, relax and get ready to be entertained.

40 ENFP Memes that will leave you smiling

1. ENFPs Hiding Feelings is Perfectly Normal

We all know how ENFPs are. Always hiding how they really feel and ranting afterwards. How about having a conversation with the person who hurt them? Not happening.

ENFP memes


ENFP memes


ENFP memes

4. Major Interrupters

If you have an ENFP as a friend, then get ready to be constantly interrupted. Don’t take it too personally. They simply cannot help themselves!

ENFP memes

5. ENFP Memes- Being Whatever They Wish

ENFP’s behavior toward extroverts and their behavior towards introverts are very different. It will definitely surprise you at first.


ENFP memes

7. ENFP’s Brain is Simply Hilarious

The ENFP’s brain is like a maze that you can never get out from. So many things happening all at once!

ENFP memes


ENFP memes

9. ENFPs Dig Physical Touch

If you are an ENFP, we are totally sure that physical touch is among your top two love languages. We know we aren’t wrong.

ENFP memes

10. Making Conclusions is their Hobby

If you are with an ENFP, get ready for the endless conclusions they are going to jump into. Preparing yourself might make it less annoying.

ENFP memes



ENFP memes

13. ENFP Memes- They can Keep Talking When they want to

ENFPs can keep talking forever if they are passionate about the topic being discussed. If you are just meeting them for the first time, you will definitely be surprised.


ENFP memes

15. Introverted Extroverts

ENFPs are the most introverted extroverts of all time. This can make it a little hard for them to fit in.

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16. Hyper-Active

Have you ever seen an ENFP out with friends? You should.


ENFP memes



ENFP memes

20. Wearing Endless Masks

Just like the ENTP, the ENFP wears a mask most times. However, the reason is usually to hide their emotional and insecurity issues. Welcome to the world of the ENFP

21. Misplaced Priorities

You want to see the ENFP diligent at doing something? Just give them work that is urgent but boring.

ENFP memes

22. ENFP Memes- They always have a lot going on

No matter when you meet an ENFP, they always have a lot going on in their lives. From heartbreak to betrayals, their life is simply a roller coaster. However, the ENFP will forever remain a hopeless romantic.



25. Private People

While the ENFPs might babble a lot, they are one of the most private people you are going to meet. If you are allowed into their inner world, you will be surprised about how much you don’t know about the ENFP.


27. ENFP Memes- Hopeless in Love

When an ENFP is in a relationship, they give everything they have. Plus, they will be absolutely obsessed with their partners.


29. INFJ and ENFP- A Perfect Match

The INFJ and the ENFP are simply the perfect match. They complement each other in ways that other types just won’t. If you are an ENFP, you have to get an INFJ in your lives.




33. ENFP Memes- Blazing Energy

There’s nothing that can energize an ENFP more than getting some alone time and being around the people they like. If this happens, the ENFP will absolutely be on fire.

34. ENFPs are People-Oriented

An ENFP might spend 10 minutes with someone and get them to open up about their entire lives. Yes, that is the power of the ENFP.

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35. ENFPs Live for Deep Conversations

ENFPs live for deep conversations. If you want to take your relationship with the ENFP to the next level, start with this.





40. ENFPs and Conversations

If you have an ENFP as your partner or friend, then get ready to get thrown out of your conversations the ENFP way.



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