Enneagram 1 in Love- What to Expect in a Relationship

Enneagram 1 in love

Enneagram 1s are known for their need to be good. They want to be perfect and be above all forms of corruption. When healthy, type 1s can become wonderful people capable of helping others in so many ways. However, what can you expect from an enneagram 1 in love?

While we know how wonderful type 1s can be, it’s a different situation when you’re in a relationship with them.

We’ll consider this in full detail.

How does an Enneagram 1 Show they love you?

1.      They Make Time for you

A typical type 1 is always busy. Usually, they have a project or some activity that takes up a lot of their time. Type 1s want to do this activity perfectly.

However, an enneagram 1 in love with you will still make out time for you. They will carve out lots of time from their busy schedule just to talk to you.

If your type 1 does this for you, then chances are that you are making progress.

2.      You Become a Priority

When type 1s love you, they will make you a priority. You won’t have to wonder if they are interested in you or not.

They will shift and play with their daily schedules just to make time for you. So, once you begin to notice type 1 making you their priority, you are in.

3.      They will strive to Meet Your Standards

Type 1s expect a lot from their partners. Thus, if their partner is excellent at what they do, type 1s will want to meet their levels.

Most times, type 1 might take steps to improve and become better people. All this is done to make sure that the person they like is comfortable.

4.      Extremely Supportive

Type 1s are extremely supportive of those they love. Thus, if they are ready to stand by you and help you through tough times, that’s definitely a good sign.

Type 1s won’t usually stick around if they feel you are not worth their time.

5.      They Actually Relax

Most times, enneagram 1 is often the worst critic of themselves. Because they hold themselves to very high standards, it can be very difficult to bring out their playful side.

However, an enneagram 1 in love with you will be willing to do just that. You will see a side of them that nobody usually sees.

This often spreads to other parts of their lives. When type 1 is in love, their unhealthy traits usually reduce which is a good thing!

6.      They Want to Commit

Enneagram 1s hardly do casual dating. So, when they like someone, they are often looking for a committed relationship.

Thus, type 1 won’t just get close to anyone if they don’t see them as a potential long-term mate.

Struggles to Expect when Dating an Enneagram 1

Just like any other enneagram type, you are bound to face some problems when dating or married to a type 1. Here are some of the most common ones.

1.      The Problem of Wanting to be perfect

Type 1 wants to be perfect. However, perfection is something that none of us can achieve. Hence, they often beat themselves up or become too obsessed with it.

When this happens, nothing anyone does will be good enough for them. This can make their partners feel inferior or put a strain on their families.

2.      The Problem of Always Being Right

For enneagram 1s, they often live and die by a code of conduct. To an unhealthy type 1, their code is right and every other person is wrong

Thus, this can be a problem if type 1s take this to heart. To them, their way of doing things is right. You can obviously see where the problem starts.

The issue is really how it all ends.

3.      Judgmental

As stated above, they have their own set of morals. They just don’t want to follow it. They want everyone close to them to also abide by these rules.

When people choose to follow their own path, this can make type 1s critical of these persons. They might even become downright judgmental. This trend follows even when it happens to be their partner.

Who are the Natural Partners of Type 1?

The natural partners of enneagram 1 are type 9 and type 7. Enneagram 1 can also be compatible with type 2s.

However, any two mature persons can make any relationship work.

How to Love an Enneagram 1

·         Follow their Morals When You Can

If you want to show how much you love type 1s, follow their code of conduct when it doesn’t conflict with yours.

To type 1s, this makes you more appealing and attractive. It also shows how supportive you are. Thus, type 1s derive great pleasure from knowing that their partner shares the same beliefs with them.

·         Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service

Type 1s are always under a lot of pressure. Thus, they often think that they are not doing well enough. Thus, a word affirming their efforts can work wonders for type 1s.

If you are dating a type 1, you should integrate this into your relationship. They also love when people do things for them.

Type 1s often feel like they have to carry all the load and be the responsible ones. So, it’s often a relief when their partner steps up to help.

·         Don’t Point Out their Flaws

If there’s any type that’s acutely aware of their flaws, it’s type 1. They know where they have done wrong and often beat themselves up for it.

They really do not need their partners to remind them about it constantly.

So, when you feel like they are stressed and making mistakes, it might be better to find ways to make them relaxed. Giving them some constructive criticism will do more harm than good.

·         Be More Accountable

Type 1s are often very responsible and accountable people. Thus, you can take some pressure off them by being more responsible and accountable.

So, make sure that you do the things you promised. When you do this, they will come to trust you even more. That will really solidify your bond.

·         Find ways to make them relax and have fun

Type 1s hardly have any fun. So, when they are with you, make sure that they take time out to actually relax and have fun.

Doing this will keep their stress levels and will them refreshed. You’ll have a better relationship in the end.

How to be better in Your Relationship as Enneagram 1

Are you an enneagram 1? Here are some things you can do to become a better person in your relationship.

·         Understand that People are different

Just like you have some incredibly strong views about certain issues, others do too. Thus, people are different. So, don’t expect your partner to agree with everything that you do.

·         Try to Relax

Most times, you have a mini-meltdown when you are stressed. So, make sure you take out some time to have a bit of self-care.

Going on a vacation or just taking a break from work is a great way to achieve this.

·         Your Partner isn’t perfect

As an enneagram 1, it’s normal for you to have pretty high standards. However, always remember that your partner isn’t perfect.

Thus, they will not be able to meet all the expectations you had for them. Worse yet, they might not even be aware you have these expectations.

Overall, type 1s are unbelievable people who just want the best for those they love. If you have an enneagram 1 in love with you, then you have a truly supportive partner.

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