Enneagram 1 Memes- 40 of the Very Best

enneagram 1 memes

Enneagram 1s are famous for their strong sense of right and wrong, overthinking, and perfectionistic standards. If you are an enneagram 1, we have the best enneagram 1 memes you can find right here.

So, here are 40 of the very best enneagram 1 memes right now!

40 Best Enneagram 1 Memes Right Now

1. They Don’t Joke with their Responsibilities

Enneagram 1s are one of the most responsible people out there. They take their responsibilities seriously and want to do them perfectly.

They don’t care if this means they never have any fun.

2. Enneagram 1 and Self-Criticism

Type 1 is part of the anger triad. However, they don’t pour out this anger on people. Instead, they internalize it. What this creates is one angry person. Who are they angry at? Themselves!

3. Enneagram 1 Memes- The Need to Be Perfect

Perfection is the ultimate goal of enneagram 1. They never want to make a mistake.

Well, they will and that includes waking up late.

4. Enneagram 1 Memes- Who’s Enneagram One in “The Office Series?”

6. Words of Affirmation is Important to Them

While this cannot be generalized, a fair chunk of enneagram 1 will love words of affirmation.

So, if you are in a relationship with them, you know just where to start.

7. The Problem of Being Judgemental

Type 1s have really strong values. They believe in these values completely. So, imagine their shock when you assert that you have different values.

Let’s just say they get their judging caps on.

8. The Rules are there for a Reason

Type 1s are big suckers for the rules. If they are religious, this trait goes through the roof. Just give up. You can’t make them break those rules. You’re on an impossible quest.

9. Enneagram 1 Memes- Back with the Self-Criticism

10. Enneagram 1 Memes

11. The Problem of Overthinking

Type 1s are plagued with the problem of overthinking. This is probably because of their need to be perfect. Some type 1s have anxiety issues and can be very distrusting.

Well, you are definitely facing an uphill battle here.

12. Order is Important

A first look at that picture and you probably won’t realize what’s wrong. Their partner opened the bag of chips upside down.

Now, disorganization is a big no for type 1s. You have to do things the right way and that includes how you open up the bag of chips.

13. Yes, they Can also Be Evil

14. Enneagram 1 Memes

15. Enneagram 1 is the Full Package

Enneagram 1 is really the complete package. They are great with academics, have a great sense of right and wrong and quite experienced for their age.

They usually know what they want and can be quite caring. Welcome to the world of type 1

16. Anxiety and Impatience

Enneagram 1s have a truckload of anxiety and impatience. Thus, calming down is a big victory for them. Because of their impatience, they are usually stressed over the little things.

17. Enneagram 1 and Growth

As you probably know, the enneagram chart is fluid. This means that all enneagram types move and look like another type when in growth. For this type, they look like a type 7.

That explains why type 1 wish they can just let go and take life less seriously.

18. Perfectionists to the Core

Type 1s are perfectionists. They want things to be perfect. While this is admirable and is crucial in fields like medicine, it can be a hindrance in many other situations.

Type 1s are right in the middle of it.


20. The Problem of Wanting to Be Right

Type 1s want to be right. Thus, they find it hard not to correct people or tell them when they are going wrong. This is true even when their actions can lead to other problems.

It’s a battle they must overcome.


22. 1w9 and 9w1 Have it Tough

Type 1 and type 9 are very opposite types. Thus, when they combine, it becomes a big problem.

They want to be perfect, yet don’t want to disrupt their inner peace. it’s a wild journey for them.

Click these links to read more about enneagram 1w9 and 9w1


24. Enneagram 1 Memes- Enneagram 1 Are Often Neat Freaks



27. Enneagram 1 Wants Your Full Attention

Listening to them when they talk is important. Don’t listen to them and they can have a meltdown. So, if you’re in a relationship with a type 1, better give them your undivided attention.



30. Enneagram 1 Have Insecurity Issues

Because of how much they criticize themselves, type 1s can have insecurity issues. This can take a toll on their mental health.

32. Grammar Nazis

Type 1s are especially conscious of grammar and spelling errors. They just cannot resist the urge to point it out.

For this reason, career paths as editors and proofreaders will be perfect for them.




35. The Need to Be Perfect


37. Enneagram 1 Do Not Want to Be Idle

You might see a type 1 complain about how they need some time off. Guess what? They don’t enjoy it. They also believe they always have something that needs to be done.

If there’s none, they probably forgot about it.

38. It’s Hard to Please a Type 1

Working for a type 1? Have fun!



So there you have it! Those are 40 of the best enneagram 1 memes we could find. We hope you had a blast.

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