Enneagram 1 wing 2 (1w2) – The Idealistic Companion


Are you someone with big values and principles? Do you want to help transform and make the world a better place? Do you have big humanitarian goals and hope to change the world on a grand scale? If you answered yes to all or a majority of these questions, you are probably an enneagram 1 wing 2. We’ll just call you 1w2.

In-depth Description of Enneagram 1 wing 2  

Every enneagram type has at least a type on either side. These types are often called wings. Wings influence and add a bit of spice to the main type.

Thus, you can have traits of your main type and your wings influencing your decisions and judgment. Type 1 has type 9 and type 2 by their sides.

This article is focused on type 1s who have type 2 as their core wing.

These people are idealistic in life. They view life and decisions as to how things ought to be and not how it really is. The need to be seen as morally upright combine with the need to be perfect companions make them great friends.

However, it also means that they are going to struggle with people-pleasing. While type 2s can sometimes be manipulative when they don’t get their way, the blend of 1w2 takes that trait away.

1w2s want to be good and being manipulative to them just doesn’t cut it. 1w2s are going to have a grand vision for their lives and want to be an active role in the community.

They work really hard ensuring that everyone is taken care of without seemingly wanting anything in return.

They are very reliable and will place the needs of others over themselves. It’s not surprising then 1w2s often play active roles in their community or religious centers.

Just like type 1s, they are going to have very strong views and values. However, they will be way less judgmental than core type 1s.

The perfectionistic qualities of type 1s are amplified even further by the need to be there for others. Sometimes, that’s just not possible. This makes 1w2s feel like absolute failures.

1w2 in Stages

1w2s have different variants. They are largely based on the strength of their wing. Your wing can either be strong, normal, or weak.

1w2 (Strong)

This type variant is going to show strong traits of type 2. They are going to be much more interested in being helpful to others. 1w2s are also going to suppress their values and beliefs until it’s no longer possible to keep quiet.

They are also the most likely to become people-pleasers.

1w2 (Normal)

This type variant will only show moderate traits of their wings. They are going to be idealistic and big on their values. They are also going to have a humanitarian cause and stick to it.

Expect to find these ones volunteering whenever they have free time on their hands.

1w2 (Weak)

This type variant is going to look much more like the core type 1 with only bouts of type 2’s traits. They will be much more assertive of their values and beliefs.

This type variant is the least likely to be people-pleasers among 1w2s.

What Is The Core Desire Of Enneagram 1 Wing 2?

The core desire of 1w2 is to make a difference in the world by helping others. They want to know that they have influenced other people positively while being true to their values.

Because they are type 1s at their core, they also want to be seen as good people.

What Is The Core Fear Of Enneagram 1 Wing 2?

The basic fear of 1w2s is to be seen as unhelpful or manipulative. They genuinely want to help others and contribute positively to society.

Because they are type 1s, at their core, they will also not want to be seen as immoral or corrupt.

Strengths of 1w2s

1.      Good Sense of Justice

1w2s want to help and contribute to society. Thus, it makes sense that they have a good sense of justice. They want to see people get what they deserve after putting in the work.

This makes them fearless at times in standing up for what they truly believe in. if you have a 1w2 in your team, you can be sure that they will try their best to be fair in their decisions.

Having a good sense of justice also means that they are less likely to be seen as bad.

2.      Hardworking

The blend of type 1 and type 2 makes them big perfectionists. Thus, 1w2s will set pretty high standards for themselves. They work really hard to meet these goals sometimes even to their own detriment.

This makes 1w2s reliable and extremely hardworking. They are people you can count on to get a job done.

3.      Community Conscious

1w2s are very conscious of their community’s needs. They will also volunteer their services in their streets or religious centers when they can.

They are often regarded as people who are ready to be of help to others. If you want to know who a 1w2 is, look for the most popular people in a community.

4.      They Make Big Sacrifices

1w2s can often put the need of others before their own. When not done to the extreme, this can be a great strength.

Thus, they can make some big sacrifices for the good of the group. This might even mean giving up their career or plans just to ensure that the group and the ideals they live by are upheld.

5.      Always Willing to Help

Because they are so tuned into the feelings of others, 1w2s are always willing to help. Sometimes, they don’t even wait for you to approach them.

They ask you how they can help or what you need them to do. While this can be a strength, it’s easy for others to take this precious gift and manipulate it to their own advantage.

6.      Strong Values and Principles

1w2s are idealists. Thus, you can expect them to have well-developed values and principles just like the core type 1s. However, depending on the strength of their wings, they are going to be less pushy about it.

However, these values and principles will play an active role in deciding how their lives play out.

Weaknesses of 1w2s

1.      People-Pleasers

Because they are often so willing to help others, 1w2s can easily become people-pleasers. This is also possible when people around them try to use their eagerness to help to their own benefit.

However, the presence of type 1 makes it easier for them to pull away quicker than 1w9s. Both 1w9s and 1w2s are very vulnerable to people-pleasing.

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2.      Unintentional Trying to Control Others

Because they want to be so helpful, 1w2s are going to try to unintentionally try to control others. They want to tell you how to eat, how to make your bed and when to exercise.

While this isn’t done with bad intent, it can be overwhelming for others to deal with. For some types such as the enneagram 8, it definitely won’t end well.

They have to draw a line between being helpful and trying to control others.

3.      They Can See Them as Failures

1w2 is a blend of two types in different triads. While type 1s internalize anger, type 2s are more interested in their image and how they appear to others.

Both types criticize themselves but for two completely different reasons. While type 1s do this because they do not meet their own standards, type 2s do this because they feel that their self-image has been hurt.

This can also lead to a lot of problems with self-esteem and depression. 1w2s will often be their worst critic.

4.      The Problem of Self-righteousness

1w2s are type 1s at their core. Thus, there is a big tendency to become self-righteous. These types pride themselves on being good people and want others to know this.

This might lead to them criticizing others. However, they will do this in subtle ways rather than the usual aggressive pattern of core type 1s.

However, the extent of their criticism will depend on the strength of their wings.

5.      They Can Be Very Biased

1w2s have core values and beliefs. Thus, they are sometimes going to be biased about these core values. This can make them bend the truth or have subjective views about these issues without even realizing it.

If you want to see 1w2s stand up for themselves, attack one of their core values.

1w2 and Stress

Like all enneagram types, 1w2 has some specific situations that they find really stressful. Here are some of them

·         Being Seen As Bad

Since this is one of their fears, it has a huge tendency to stress 1w2s out. It also doesn’t allow them to help others the way they want to.

1w2s can get really frustrated when this happens. They need others to see them as good people. It’s just what they really care about.

·         Not Being Valued

Even though 1w2s don’t ask for anything back in return, this does not mean they do not want to be valued. On the contrary, 1w2s feel happier when they are valued by the group they belong to or by people they respect.

When this value doesn’t show, 1w2s will really feel stressed out and sad.

·         Not Being Helpful To Each Other

1w2s want to help others in any way that they can. Take this away and you’d have a very unhappy 1w2. Not being helpful can make them feel anxious or unproductive.

It might also make them feel insensitive.

1w2 and Finances

According to a study conducted by Truity, type 1s are more likely to save rather than spend. Type 2s, on the other hand, usually just want enough money to get the things they want and to be helpful.

The blend of these two types is a modest person who really just wants to save and have money for a rainy day.

Because type 1 is also one that likes control over their budget, this type will be able to manage their finances much better.

1w2 vs 1w9

Wondering if you are 1w2 or 1w9? Here are two differences which should make things clearer.

·         Core Motivations

If you are a 1w2, you are going to be interested in being helpful and being part of a grand vision. However, these types still have strong values and principles that hold them together.

If you are a 1w9, you are going to have strong values that you want to hold on to. However, you will not be pushy about them as you want to live in peace with others too.

·         Introverts and Extroverts

1w2s are more likely to be extroverts. This is because they interact with others more in a bid. This allows them to more helpful. 1w9s lean towards being an introvert. This is because they desire inner peace more than anything else.

1w2 vs 2w1

Once again, it all depends on their core motivations. If you put being helpful first over being idealistic, then you are more likely 2w1.

However, if you are more idealistic in your view of the world, you are most likely going to be 1w2.

Enneagram 1w2 and Compatibility

1w2s will be most compatible with 1w9s, 2w1s, and 7w6s. However, any two mature types can make it work. The enneagram of personality should not have the final say in your relationship.

Fictional and Famous People who are Enneagram 1w2

  • Anne Hathaway
  • Emma Watson
  • Judge Judy
  • Matt Damon
  • Jameel Jamil
  • Jessica Alba
  • Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series)
  • Captain America (Marvel)
  • Michelle Obama
  • Nelson Mandela

Enneagram 1w2 and MBTI Types

Enneagram 1w2s are more likely to be SJ than any other type. ESFJs and ENFJs certainly fall into this category. Here’s an article I wrote about ESFJ vs ENFJ.

Possible Careers for 1w2s

  • Religious Leaders
  • Missionaries
  • Social Workers
  • Nurses
  • Teaching
  • Judges
  • Politicians

Worse Careers for 1w2s

  • Sales Representatives
  • Administrative staff
  • Financial Analysts
  • Accountants

Growth Tips for Enneagram 1w2s

  • Not everyone is going to appreciate what you do. Try not to be stressed when this happens. Understand that not everyone will like you.
  • Try not to unintentionally control others. Be intentional about avoiding this.
  • Understand that people will have different goals and perspectives about achievements. Learn to accept that.

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