Enneagram 2 in Love- What to Expect in a Relationship

Enneagram 2 in love

Enneagram 2 is known as the companion in the enneagram of personality. Their constant need to help others and be the perfect friend or companion makes them loved. While this is true, an enneagram 2 in love is a different beast from one that is simply your friend.

So, what can you expect from an enneagram 2 in love?

How Does Enneagram 2 Show that They Love You?

Our first stop is how to know that an enneagram 2 even fancies you. Here are some of the most telling signs

1.      Self-Sacrificing

Enneagram 2s are known for their self-sacrificing spirit. In relationships, this is taken to another level. Enneagram 2s will care for those they love with everything they have.

They will be there for you and will take on a lot of tasks just to make sure you’re happy. To them, helping you in whatever way they can is important.

2.      They Tend To Focus On You

Enneagram 2s will not compete for attention with you. When they love you, everything will be about you. They will want to talk about your problems, struggles, and happy moments. In a way, that makes them feel worthy.

So if you see an enneagram 2 very interested in you or your life, chances are that they are interested in you.

3.      Very Supportive

An enneagram 2 in love is a very supportive person. You can count on them to be there for you in your most stressful moments.

Thus, if an enneagram 2 actually cares about you, they will be your number one fan.

4.      They Will Find Ways to Spend Time with You

While this might a familiar trait to people who love their partners or have a crush on someone, it’s ever more evident with type 2s.

They will find ways to spend time talking to you. This can be in person, through texts, or through video calls. Type 2s will want to be around as much as they can.

It’s almost as if they just cannot get enough of you.

5.      You Will Be Their Priority

Here’s something else you are bound to notice with type 2s. Once enneagram type 2 cares about you, you shoot up among their priorities.

They tend to put your needs first above others. This might even include friends. However, because type 2s find it hard to say no, this might not be to a very high degree.

However, you are bound to notice their preferences.

6.      They Will Be Loyal To You

While the title of loyalist goes to enneagram 6, type 2s are very loyal to people they care about. They will do their best not to hurt you. In return, they will expect to be your number one person.

If you see a type 2 who is really loyal to you and sticks to you no matter what, you can be sure they are interested in you.

Struggles to expect when dating an Enneagram 2

While type 2s can be really amazing partners, there are some struggles you can expect when dating a type 2.

1.      Too Many Acquaintances

Type 2s can easily connect with other types. This often means they spend a lot of time talking to people. Thus, type 2s can expend a lot of their energy on their numerous friends and acquaintances.

This leaves little energy for their partners who they care the most about. This can be unbearable for their partners and be a big problem.

2.      People-Pleasers

Because their self of validation comes from being helpful to others, type 2s can find it hard to say no to others. They often want to help others in any way they can.

This can make them neglect their own families or partners.

3.      The Need for Constant Validation

While type 2s are very helpful, they also need a lot of validation. They want to know that they are appreciated for the shift they put in. When this does not come, an enneagram 2 in love will start to feel like they are not valued in the relationship.

This can cause unnecessary tension and strain in the relationship.

4.      Their Care Can be Overwhelming

Type 2s care a lot about their friends and partners. This is often a fantastic quality. However, for some types, this care or love can become overbearing.

For example, if a type 2 is with a type 8, this can even be interpreted as trying to control the type 8. Thus, it might be difficult for type 2s to leave matters that they are concerned about in the hands of their partner.

Who are the Natural Partners of Enneagram 2?

The natural partners of type 2s are type 9s and type 1s. They can also be compatible with type 8s and type 6.

However, any two mature persons can make a relationship work.

How to Love an Enneagram 2

Are you dating an enneagram 2? Here are a few things you can do to make sure your partner feels loved.

·         Appreciate them

The most important thing with type 2s is to give them validation. They want to know that you appreciate all that they do for you and they want you to tell them.

If you do this regularly, you can expect a lot of love from your type 2s.

·         Quality time and Words of Affirmation

Appreciating your type 2 partner is just one aspect of words of affirmation. Words of affirmation allow your type 2 to feel valued.

Thus, don’t hold back from telling them how much you really value them for who they are and not what they give.

You should spend quality time with your partner. This allows them to feel more connected with you.

·         Be Supportive

Type 2s give a lot to their partner and other people. The least we can do is to give something back. This is especially important if you are in a relationship with a type 2.

So, make sure you are supportive. Be there for them in their tough times. They will love you even more.

·         Be Interested In Them

Type 2s are always there for everyone. They are also interested in people and often find out everything they can about them. Because type 2s often offer a listening ear to others, people often forget to ask them about their own feelings.

Be different. If you have a partner who is a type 2, you will earn massive points for this.

How to Be Better in your Relationship as an Enneagram 2

An enneagram 2 in love will be able to improve their relationship by using some of these tips.

·         Be More Expressive

Sometimes, the problem might be your unwillingness to talk about what you really want. So, if you feel that your partner is not appreciative of what you do, make sure you express how you feel.

Not doing so will lead to passive-aggressive behavior. That will definitely not help your relationship in any way.

·         Spend Time with Your Partners

We know that you are something to everyone. However, you are number 1 to your partner. So, make sure you spend more time with them. Chances are that the people you also focus on have those they put as number one.

They don’t neglect them.

·         Learn to say No

If you are in a relationship, always remind yourself that you have your needs and wants. Thus, learn how to say no when things are not favorable to you.

We love you for your sacrificing spirit. However, we love your mental health more.

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