Enneagram 3 memes- 35 of the Very Best


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Enneagram 3s are the doers of the enneagram of personality. Their core desire is to be successful and to be seen as successful. We love type 3s for all they do in our world. So, we have compiled the top 35 enneagram 3 memes we can find.

So, here are the very best of enneagram 3 memes.

Enneagram 3 Memes that will Leave You Laughing

1. They Always Have Something to Say

Type 3s always have something to say. They can keep a conversation going all by themselves.

Thus, it always seems like they have something better to say. I promise you it’s not intentional.

2. Type 3s are Competitive to the Core

Type 3s want to be the best. So, everything is a competition to them. This is even true when you say it’s just for fun.

They need to win and that statement is never going to stop them.

3. Enneagram 3 Memes

4. It’s All About Winning to Type 3s

This follows the point about competitiveness. Type 3s are sore losers. It doesn’t matter where they are or what they are doing.

They always want to be or be seen as the winner.

5. Never Say Never

Type 3s do not like failure nor will they admit that they have failed. They will try to make sure it doesn’t stick.

This can be admirable until it is taken to the extreme.

6. Enneagram 3 Memes

7. Everything they Do is to Draw Attention to Themselves

Type 3s love to hug the limelight. They want to be known as the best. Yes, even when it involves karaoke.

8. Enneagram 3 Memes

9. Funny or Flirting?

The biggest problem type 3s face is being called a flirt. While some are, others aren’t.

This belief comes from type 3s trying too hard to be funny or get the spotlight.

10. Type 3s Are Suckers for Statistics

11. Work Ethic is Through the Roof

Type 3s have a great work ethic. It doesn’t matter what personal issues they might be facing.

If they need to work and be productive, they’ll get it done.

12. Core Desire Plus Words of Affirmation

One of the core desires of the enneagram type 3 is to be seen as successful. They are also big suckers for words of affirmation.

Thus, type 3s feel on top of the world when they are complimented. This doesn’t mean they’ll let you know.

13. Getting Approval and Validation is Important to Them

Type 3s love being appreciated and validated. This is especially important for 3w2s.

Being appreciated by everyone is an impossible feat. Good luck type 3s.

14. The Lure of Being Seen as Successful

15. Enneagram 3 Memes

16. Identity Crisis

As you probably know, type 3s try to get ahead of the game. To achieve this, they pretend to be someone else just to fit in with others. This is easier when they use the extroverted feeling function (Fe)

Type 3s are so good at playing this game that they usually forget who they really are. This can easily lead to an identity crisis.

17. Type 3s Like to Live Up to Their Hype

18. Enneagram 3 Memes

19. Wannabe Private People

Type 3s desperately want to be private people. However, all you need to do to know more about them is to show them attention.

They just can’t resist.

20. Type 3s Follow the Bag

21. Type 3s Can’t Take Breaks

Type 3s find it impossible to take a break from work. They are always working on a thousand projects. Push them hard enough to take a break and they’ll carry their work on vacation.

22. Enneagram 3 Memes

23. Type 3s Find it Hard to Ask for Help

While 3w2s are big helpers, most type 3s find it really hard asking for help. First, it defeats the image that they have everything figured out. It also means that they were not successful.

They’ll rather stay up all night trying to solve the problem.

24. Impulsive Buyers

Type 3s buy a lot of things on a whim. Let’s just say that they are not the best financial planners in the world.

25. Enneagram 3 Memes

26. Enneagram 3 Memes

27. Type 3s Do Not Like Criticism

Criticism is not something type 3s love to get. This reduces their self-esteem and brings them back to reality.

This also makes them feel unsuccessful. If you want to spoil a type 3’s day, all you have to do is criticize them.

28. Type 3s Are Always Busy

29. Type 3s are Usually Scatter-Brained

30. Enneagram 3 Memes

31. They are Very Adaptable

Type 3s are social chameleons. They are happy to study a room and the behaviors of those around them.

Once they can do this, they can easily mimic them and fit in effortlessly. It’s magical to watch.

32. The Struggle Between Success and Staying Genuine

Success is incredibly important to them. So, they are constantly faced with the struggle of being themselves or fitting in to accelerate their path to success.

Trust me, this is a really tough battle. Success usually wins.

33. Enneagram 3 Memes

34. Networking is their Bread and Butter

Type 3s are excellent at networking. They know how to identify people who can impact their lives.

So, they strive to only maintain contact with them. That is their bread and butter.

35. It’s All For the Glam

So there you have it! Those were the best enneagram 3 memes we could find. We hope you had a blast.


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