Enneagram 3 wing 2 (3w2) – The Ambitious Companion


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Are you an ambitious person? Do you want to climb to the top of the ladder? Despite wanting to be successful, do you often find time to help others grow in any way that you can? If you answered yes to a majority of those questions, then you are most likely an enneagram 3 wing 2. We’ll just call you 3w2.

In-depth Description of Enneagram 3w2

Every enneagram type will have two other types by its side on the enneagram chart. These types are called wings.

They influence the characteristics of the main type in various ways. Everyone has a bit of both wing in them.

However, one is usually dominant. The enneagram 3 wing 2 is the enneagram type where type 2 is the dominant wing.

These people are ambitious and driven. They are the popular students at school who manage to combine being head of the basketball team, future valedictorian, and other extra curriculum activities perfectly.

The presence of their wing also makes them people-oriented. Thus, they are often willing to help others attain heights not reached before. Because of this, people often feel inspired by this enneagram type.

3w2s are also very fashionable. They just have that ability to make everything they wear fit. To many people, they might appear to be the perfect person.

However, 3w2s also face struggles of their own. They want a lot of validation from people. Thus, these ones are often driven to do things that give them this validation.

This can make them workaholics or just chronic people-pleasers. However, 3w2s are often a source of inspiration for everyone.

Enneagram 3w2 in Stages

3w2s can often look very different from one another. This is often due to the varying strength of their wings. Generally, the wing of a 3w2 can either be pronounced, normal or weak.

3w2 (Pronounced)

This type will exhibit more traits of type 2. They will be more interested in helping others reach their potential.

While this may endear them to others, it might also leave 3w2s stressed out. This variant is also more likely to people-pleasers.

3w2 (Normal)

This type variant will show moderate traits of their wings. Thus, they will be a lot more driven and will only help others when they have the time.

These types would often have a balanced view of helping others and striving for success.

3w2 (Weak)

This type variant will show very few traits of type 2. Thus, they will be money-oriented and will seek to climb up the ladder as fast as they can.

This type variant is more likely not to care about others in their quest to reach the top.

What Is The Core Desire Of 3w2s?

The core desire of 3w2s is to be admired and loved. Thus, they go to extreme lengths to achieve all they can. To them, it’s all about the image and how people see them.

 They want to be accepted by people and this often drives them to do things for others.

This is often what drives them to the top of their career.

What is the Core Fear of Enneagram 3w2?

3w2s are afraid of failing to achieve something worthwhile. To them, if they cannot achieve things, people will never want to be around them.

They are also scared of not being in a position to help others in their time of need.

Strengths of 3w2s

1.      Confidence and Charisma

3w2s are extremely confident in their abilities. This confidence often spurs them to even greater heights.

It also has a profound effect on those that they are close to. People often feel inspired by 3w2’s ability to meet other people’s needs and still be wildly successful.

To others, this might just seem impossible.

2.      Great Leadership Skills

3w2s often make great leaders. Their ability and drive quickly take them up the ladder while their easy-going nature makes them connect with others.

What you get are people who are willing to be led by this personality type. Their leadership strength is based on their ability and how they care for those under them.

3.      Reliable and Hard Working

3w2s are suckers for how they are seen and viewed. Thus, they work really hard to make sure their self-image stays intact.

You can rely on them for the toughest of tasks. For 3w2s, what is at stake is their reputation and they will do all they can to get the job done.

4.      Loyal Friends

The presence of their wing makes them incredible friends to have. Just like type 8s, 3w2s can do a lot for the people they love.

They can help them achieve their goals. 3w2s also do not have a problem with teaching others. They make great teachers and people often run to them for help whenever something appears a bit too difficult to handle.

5.      Energetic

3w2s are energetic people. This contributes to their incredible work ethic. They work so hard to achieve both their own goals and to contribute to their community.

6.      Commitment

When 3w2s put their mind to achieving a goal, they usually remain committed to this cause for a long time. Most of them achieve their goal simply because they will not give up.

Except for type 8 and type 1, type 3 probably has one of the strongest willpower in the enneagram of personality.

However, their need to succeed is driven by completely different motivations and desires.

7.      Great Planners

3w2s are often great planners. They know where they want to be in the next ten years and they are going to work themselves into the ground to achieve this.

Because they are afraid of failures, 3w2s will often do whatever it takes to meet their plans. These plans are often well thought out to the very last detail.

Weaknesses of 3w2s

1.      Too Competitive

One of the biggest weaknesses of 3w2s is that they are just too competitive. This can become a problem if they are not winning.

They can turn to manipulation and can easily get angry. They always want to win. This can put a strain on established relationships with others.

It can give the wrong first impression to people who only know them from a distance.

2.      Overly Ambitious

It’s always a good thing to have a high level of drive and ambition. However, when it seems to be taking over your life, then it becomes a problem.

3w2s often have to battle with problems of balancing ambition. Because of their ambition and lofty dreams, 3w2s can often neglect their families, friends, and loved ones for weeks or even months.

3w2s need to find a balance between striving for more success and being there for those who love and look up to them.

3.      Too Much Emphasis on Self-Image

Type 3s and Type 2s both want to have a good self-image. Thus, a blend of both enneagram types will produce someone extremely conscious about how they look to others.

3w2s can brag or lie just to make themselves look good in public or when in the company of others. Understanding and putting self-image in its place will lead to a lot of growth for 3w2s.

4.      Lack of Identity

Because 3w2s are often striving for success and changing to adapt to the situation or to please others, they might struggle with self-identity.

3w2s might get too used to playing the role everyone expects them to and simply forget who they really are. Thus, I recommend that they take some time to actually understand their true motives and intentions.

5.      Low-Key People Pleasers

The motivation to do well comes from maintaining their self-image. Thus 3w2s might try to gain the approval of others by what they choose to do or achieve.

If 3w2s come from a family that are high achievers, 3w2s will do everything in their power to meet up to that expectation.

This might often mean choosing a path that they actually never really liked.

3w2 and Stress

Like any other enneagram type, 3w2s have some pet peeves. These things can really stress a 3w2 out. Here are some of them.

·         Bad Image

The number one stress point for a 3w2 is having a bad image. Usually, a 3w2’s version of a bad image is being incompetent in the work that they have done or losing.

Thus, 3w2s can beat themselves up if they lose or come second place. To them, this is as good as failing.

·         Disappointing People

Because type 2 is their wing, they want to help people. Thus, when they aren’t there for people they actually care about, this can really stress them.

It gets even worse if the person shows an obvious disappointment. 3w2s will feel it deep in their hearts.

·         Finding the Right Balance

3w2s are people who go to the very extreme. Just like 8w7s, they often don’t know when to stop. Thus, 3w2s will often struggle with finding the right balance in their relationships, personal life, workplace, and pretty much anything else.

This struggle can stay with them throughout their lives.

Enneagram 3w2 and Finances

3w2s are very money-oriented. While type 2s are often associated with not being motivated by money, the core type 3 simply is the opposite.

No matter how strong their wings are, 3w2s are money-oriented people. However, they are also very impulsive spenders.

While they are good with making money, 3w2s will often have a bad financial management record. If they can pull this part of their lives together, the sky is the limit.

3w2 vs 3w4

Wondering if you are a 3w2 or a 3w4? Here are some of the core differences

More ExtrovertedMore Introverted
ENFJ, ESTJ, ENTJ, ESFJs are more likely 3w2sINFJ, INTP, INTJs, ENTPs are more likely 3w4s
Core desire is to be seen as successful and helpful to othersMore interested in being seen as successful and unique.
More likely to be assertiveMore likely to be turbulent

3w2 vs 2w3

Wondering if you are a 3w2 or a 2w3? Here are some of their core differences.

Basic desire to be successfulBasic desire is to be helpful
More career drivenMore People-oriented
More CompetitiveMore of a Team Player

Enneagram 3w2 and Compatibility

The natural partners of 3w2s are type eight and type nines. 3w2s can also be compatible with type 6 and 4 to lesser degrees.

However, any two mature people can make a relationship work.

Fictional and Famous Characters Who are 3w2s

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Meghan Markle
  • Beyoncé
  • Tom Cruise
  • Reese Witherspoon

Best Careers for 3w2

  • Lawyer
  • Executive Director
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Financial Analyst
  • Surgeon
  • Event Planner
  • Professor

Careers to Avoid for 3w2s

  • Farmer
  • Paralegal
  • Compliance officer
  • Administrative Staff
  • Electrician

Growth Tips for 3w2

  • Not everything is a competition. Try to have fun sometimes. You do not always have to win. Sometimes, losing can be fun and memorable.
  • Do not treat big disappointments as complete failures. Chances are that you have learned something important from that disappointment.
  • Your successes and failures are not what defines you. You deserve all the love irrespective of what happens in your life.


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